I’ve reached 3000 followers, and as a special thank you, I wanted to make a follow forever. These blogs are amazing and never fail to brighten up my dash. I love coming on tumblr and finding like-minded people who enjoy the same things I do, and this site wouldn’t be the same without all of you.

Antara’s Follow Forever

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intheendtheworldalwayswins replied to your post: psst what show should i watch now

No female leads, but Star Trek? I’m watching TNG (which has more female characters than TOS)

pondses replied to your postpsst what show should i watch now

wonderfalls (i’m not sure if you’ve watched it, i think from 2001, awesome female lead, lesbian sister, LEE PACE(!) and talking stuffed animals/etc) (shh didn’t you know we are total bros)

ahhh thank you!!