Isn’t it funny, many hate the Kardashians for doing nothing but being famous for their reality tv show, yet alot of those people seek out Youtubers who do the same thing, making them millionaires because they enjoy their daily vlogs! Hating reality tv on TV, but loving reality tv on Youtube! How… how, 2010.

I’ve been catching up on person of interest, still not caught up, but I know something bad is on the horizon, because spoilers (not sure who though, avoided that much).

Anyway, all that to say I am a rinch shipper and so many things make me happy with how the show plays with that for the fans. But one confusing thing for me is that I rarely enjoy fan fiction about the two of them.  I just can’t place why I don’t like it, but still very much like the thought of the two of them.

That moment when you have to decide if you speak your mind and probably start a fandom war or if you just shut up, take a deep breath and move on....


Okay yes sort of. 

I’ve been contemplating for awhile now (like idk maybe a few weeks), and I’ve come to the decision/realization that I don’t really care for floppy lupiren-quad Lo anymore. She doesn’t really fit me as much as she used to and despite my attachment to the design I really want a revamp. If anything I’ll def keep that Lo as an alternate-Fursona in case people would prefer that one. 

But now! 

I’ve always had ideas to make a Blacorite sona, never really took any ground until today I just randomly doodled one and gave her glasses and a scarf and I was like woah I actually really like this. For awhile I was thinking of leaning more towards a human persona, but all the ideas just didn’t click and didn’t scream ‘me’. I tried to associate the designs with things I like (Art, space, sci fi, yanno) and then today drawing this I realized OH Blacorites are all of that??? And it makes the sona more personal considering Blacroites are a personal species to me. So yeah Lupiren Lo was a personal species tho but she’s really only a few alters away from being just a dog/wolf. 


I’m not sure 100% if this is the design I’ll use, I dunno if I want shorter sensors or not (cause short hair) but I kind of like the crazy whacky look. And purple is my favorite color :I And like said, even if I start using this design I don’t think I’ll ever entirely scrap the other Lo, I’ve had her for yeeeeears with the basic concept of stripes and chizz. I can just treat it like an AU (ie. Blacorite Marty/Human Marty)

i feel like this is an appriopriate time to say that this is not a politically correct blog

i will have dark clan lore, will write about dark stuff, and will only tag the “general” triggers like death, murder, rape, nsfw stuff, etc. if someone comes up to me and asks me to tag something specifically for them, chances are i wont do it. 

feel free to unfollow/do whatever. respect my decisions and ill respect urs, bruh.

Archibald name changes!

I pondered this and decided to go through with it so from now on;

Instintine is now Governess
Belshezaki is now Zeraki
And Oxitolinde is Merging Day

It was a tricky decision, but I feel like it’ll help with the clarity with jargon words and I feel a lot more satisfied with them opposed to jibberish. (and thank you alfafilly for helping out with my decisions!)