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Criminal (m)| one-shot

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Pairing| Jungkook x Reader

Genre| Smut

Word Count| 5,168

Summary| As a rogue werewolf, you know the dangers of trespassing on a pack’s territory, but you don’t really have a choice.

A/N| Here is the better-edited reupload of Criminal! Hope you all enjoy~

You hadn't planned on getting caught. You had hoped for the exact opposite, actually.

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Misunderstandings Pt. 4

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3

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Member: Got7 Yugyeom x reader x Bts Jungkook

Genre: Angst, Fluff


“I like you..”

3 words is all it takes, really. 3 simple words can change everything, anything. Whether it be a certain relationship with another. Where you live, who you meet. Basically in general, words may change your life. But sometimes, it’s not necessarily words or actions, it can simply be the presence of someone. That someone??  

Kim Yugyeom.

A/N: Omg. Its been a month and pt 4 is this short. LOL. Im sorrrrrrry School is hard but luckily thanksgiving break is approaching soon so that will hopefully give me time to write quicker. In the meantime, Enjoy! <3

Weeks have passed before the incident and Yugyeom sat in his room, tapping his foot on the ground while blankly staring out the window.

“She’s way better”

“She’s not you.”

Why is he so stupid? Who was he to treat you like that? He didn’t want you to suffer, you did nothing wrong. It should’ve been him, he thought. It should’ve been him to suffer like this. He should’ve been the one who would feel this pain, because he could take it. He can withstand the problems thrown at as long as he knew that you were ok.

A groan escaped his lips as he thought about his dumb mistakes in the past. Suddenly, a ding followed by a vibration disturbed the silence. Hopping to his feet, Yugyeom dashed across the room, expecting a text from you, but his face fell when he read the contact number. It was the last person he wanted to get a text from. He sighed, opening his phone to skim over the text.

Soyoung: Did you tell her yet?

He froze, peering down on his phone to reread the text again before replying

.Yugyeom: Yes, now can you leave me and her alone? 

Soyoung: Not until she’s completely gone.

Yugyeom felt like a slave, working for an evil person who’s willing to destroy lives to get what they want. Soyoung met Yugyeom in his first year of high school. You and him were awfully close at the time and you were some sort of barrier to Soyoung, stopping her to get to Yugyeom. As time flew by and everyone graduated, she found the perfect timing to dive in and take a stand, finally attempting to get closer to Yugyeom. But of course, school, or anything really, couldn’t stop you two from being away from each other. Yugyeom would reject Soyoung for you, saying something like “I’m studying with Y/n” or “Y/n needs me right now.”

Oh how she despised you. She found it hilarious yet odd how someone so handsome and perfect could be best friends with someone who was, as she described it, “revolting”. Day after day, Soyoung would observe your actions toward the young boy, especially the small details, finally coming to a conclusion:

You were in love with him.

She knew from the moment you stepped in the room and your frown flipped from it’s position when you saw his face, waiting for you. That couldn’t stop Soyoung, instead, she turned the problem into an advantage. Maybe, just maybe, if she could convince Yugyeom into doing something absolutely horrible to you, you may leave him, leaving a huge gap for Soyoung to slide right in and take the chance.

When she heard about the situation going on between you and Yugyeom, Soyoung jumped to her feet, not wasting any time. Yugyeom set his phone down, running over to his closet and slipping anything on. He kept running over to the lobbies of his quarters and passed by the majority of his members, who were confounded by his activities,in any case, he couldn’t have cared less. All he pondered about was you.


Recalling that you were with Jungkook, Yugyeom dashed to his quarters, avoiding honking cars and befuddled individuals. He got to the entryway thumping irately while winded. At the point when the entryway opened he anticipated that would see your common delightful face yet rather it was Jungkook, who’s face turned red once he saw who was emerging the doorway.

“Leave.” Jungkook murmured, teeth gritting. Yugyeom continued to stand still, not sure what happened to Jungkook. “W-what? , Kook, I have to see Y/n, this is no time for play.”

“You believe I’m playing right now Yugyeom? If you don’t mind, go. Y/n truly wouldn’t like to see you.” Just as Jungkook was a couple of inches of closing the door, Yugyeom immediately halted it with his foot.

“No. This is really important and I know she is in there. Is there any valid reason why you won’t let me talk with her?” He developed increasingly desperate by the second, his heart beating, however Jungkook once again, refused. “You wanna know why, Yugyeom? You hurt her. You hurt her to such an extent. Even though I couldn’t see what occurred between you two in the practice room, just observing her fouled up expression is now enough. She’s awful Yugyeom. She’s been getting less rest, she’s not eating, she’s not her happy, unsteady self. For hell’s sake, she even remains in the room for who how long? This is all a because of you. So kindly help me out and take off. Do this for my purpose and hers.”

Yugyeom stepped back, unsure of his words. Were you that hurt? Were you healthy? He ran his fingers through his hair as he stumbled over the sidewalk. Stupid, stupid, stupid, he kept repeating. How stupid he must be. At last surrendering, Yugyeom pivoted and strolled back to his quarters, mind humming with unanswered questions. He wanted to apologize. He didn’t want to lose his so-called friendship with you. Heck, he wanted to confess to you as well, yet he knew its perils. If Yugyeom says a word about his feelings towards you, Soyoung will find a way to wreck Y/n, and that is the exact opposite thing he wants to happen.

A couple of days later, Yugyeom remained locked up his dorm, either sleeping or pretending to sleep. His members would check up on him from time to time, however he wasn’t in the mind-set to answer.

“Gyeomie.” He heard Mark’s stern voice go into the room. The kid wrapped himself in a sleeping burrito, protecting himself against the older member. “Go away~” He murmured, irritated. He felt hands snatch the sides of his shoulders and lifted him up and sitting him straight. Yugyeom regularly didn’t tune in to his hyungs, particularly Jinyoung, however Mark knew how to break him, and the thought intimidated Yugyeom.

“You have to see her.”

“Hyung, I told you already, I can’t. She hates me. I bet bet you by now she’s out with some better looking person, not even having the time to think about me.”

"That is a lie. You know her. All of us do. She loves you. And only you.”

Yugyeom slammed into the cushions followed by a muffled shout.

“Its confusing hyung. I want to confess to her, however Soyoung will figure out how to hurt her. I can’t do anything, whichever way she will get hurt. I’m such an awful friend aren’t I? I’m supposed to be beside her, comforting her but she wouldn’t even look at me.” A tear slipped down his cheek. He wanted to see you, he wanted to let you know everything. You had the right to know everything. He wanted to warn you about Soyoung. He just didn’t know how.

Not every person you meet is going to be working on bettering themselves. You don’t need to force them to grow. If you’re trying to become a better person, then just leave them. They aren’t worth your time, no matter how much you care about them.

Ok guys…this is my first EVER fanfiction and I’m extremely nervous releasing it because there are parts I’m still not exactly sure about.  However – here it is.  Please be gentle!  

Ready to Run

#ChoicesCreates Round 21

Prompt :  What if…

 Book: The Royal Romance

 Rating: T

 Genre: Angst

 Pairings: Drake X MC 

 Words: ~4000 (I got a little carried away…)

Summary: This scene takes place in the MC’s room at Applewood Manor after Drake has just kicked Tariq out of the MC’s room.  I kept some of the dialogue from the original scene, but expanded it to include some of the confessions between Drake and MC in the Beaumont Study.  My MC’s name is Cabren Middleton.

Still shaking, Cabren breathes a sigh of relief as she wraps her arm around the rail at the foot of her bed and leans her head against it.  

“Thank you for coming, Drake.  I’m afraid of what would have happened if you hadn’t walked in when you did.” The fear in her voice still apparent, she gazes down at the floor trying to comprehend what just happened.  Why did Tariq think she wanted something more?  Who had told him that she did?  Being an outsider in this place, Bertrand told her that she must win everyone over…the council, the king and queen, the press, the public…even the other suitors, including those who were continually rude and condescending to her…IF she was to be queen.  She had tried very hard to be warm and friendly, as well as proper, to everyone she interacted with.  Had she been too friendly to Tariq?  Was it her fault?  Subconsciously, she pulls her robe tighter around her waist almost if she was trying to cocoon herself from anyone else getting too close.    

“Aw, shucks, Middleton. Don’t go getting soft on me now.” Drake grins, hoping to make her smile and lift her spirits.  He could see the fear in her eyes.  It was the same wide-eyed deer look he had seen in the stables as the horse reared up on her right before the derby.  Thank God he was there to intervene before she got hurt.  He longed to pick her up, throw her over his shoulder and walk out of manor to get her away from these toxic people. He hates some of them for how they treat her and he hates feeling helpless, just as he did when his sister, Savannah, got hurt and left suddenly.

“I mean it.  You were there for me when I needed you.” Cabren’s eyes rose to meet his as she smiled softly. She couldn’t help but notice his normally dark, steely eyes had softened as he watched her.  

“I’ll always be here for you…I mean, for Liam’s sake, of course.” Drake stammers.  “Liam would never forgive me if something…bad…happened to you.  And you know what? I’d never forgive myself either.” The urge to pull her into his arms overwhelms him and he shoves his hands into his jean pockets to keep himself from reaching for her.  “Are you okay?” He asks gently.

“I’ll be fine.” Cabren answers, knowing for a fact that she will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

“Well I should get out of here before we really cause a scandal.”  Drake teases, the corners of his mouth curving into a facetious grin before he turns towards the door.  Cabren grins back at him, pleasantly surprised at his second attempt to make her smile.  Normally Drake gives nothing but doom and gloom warnings to her, but tonight he was different…the way he looked at her, his tone of voice.  It was a tender side of him that she had not seen before.  As he reaches the door, he winces and grabs his ribs where Tariq had punched him.

“You’re hurt!” Cabren cries and starts towards him, her hands instinctively pulling his shirt up to inspect his ribs.

“Nothing a few shots of whiskey won’t fix.” Drakes says sarcastically and grabs her wrists, pushing her hands down.  “You trying to get me to take my shirt off, Middleton?” He teases her as he looks down into her eyes, still holding her wrists.  Shit, she’s so close to him right now…the soft skin on her wrists and the scent of her perfume is intoxicating, making him feel almost drunk.  What was it about her?  When she had first come to Cordonia, he kept telling himself that she was probably just some crown-chaser like the other women he has seen at court. However, he could see Liam was starting to fall for her and he committed to himself that he would be there for Liam once Liam realized Cabren was just like the others and broke his heart.  He was determined to keep her at a distance, but also keep a watchful eye out for his best friend.  However, the more time he spent with her, the more he realized that she was different from the others.  He found himself seeking her out at each event of the social season, hoping for a few moments to talk to her and to hear her laugh.  After a while, those few moments were over too quickly and he found himself asking her to sneak out for a drink down in Olivia’s cellar just so he could spend more time with her.  

He had also begun to notice things about her over those past few weeks that he had never observed before: the way the auburn flecks in her dark hair shimmered in the sunlight, the way she would throw her head back and laugh when she was really tickled at one of his lame jokes, the way she would chew on her bottom lip when she was deep in thought, the way the room seemed to light up when she smiled… Was he falling for her? No, he can’t fall for his best friend’s girl.  But he knew it was already too late. He was in deep…way too deep.  

As he feels his willpower begin to dissolve, he quickly looks away and abruptly releases her wrists.

“I just want to help.” Cabren says quietly and she steps even closer.  

“I’m fine. Save your fussing for someone else.” He says flatly.  Refusing to look at her, he turns towards the door…anxious to put distance between them before he does something stupid.

Cabren quickly moves between Drake and the door, cutting off his escape.  She crosses her arms and glares at him. “Drake, you got hurt for me. I’m not letting you leave this room until you let me take a look at you!”

Oh no…she has that look. He’s seen it several times before when she has put him in his place and he knows she is not going to back down. “You can start by taking off your shirt.  I think he hit your ribs pretty hard.  They could be broken!” she exclaims, gesturing at his ribs.

“Wow, you’ve got a real bossy side to you, you know that?” Drake sneers, annoyance quickly spreading across his face. She’s so close, he can feel her breath on his face and it suddenly feels like the room is spinning. Damn her for having this effect on him!  He takes a deep breath and steps back.  

“You think I’m being bossy?” Cabren scoffs, not backing down.  “Drake, I’m taking that shirt off you myself.”

“Hey…” Drake starts to protest, but before he can finish, Cabren grabs the hem of his shirt, pulls it over his head and tosses it to the ground.

Drake stands still as Cabren slowly walks around him, touching his ribs and his back.  His muscles ripple as she runs her fingers over his body. His heart beats faster with every touch of her hand.  Breathe, just breathe, he tells himself.

“So, doctor, do you see anything alarming?” He asks sarcasticaly.

“You’re going to have a few spectacular bruises…” she replies softly as her eyes drink in the hard lines of his body…his muscled shoulders, the definition in his biceps, the chiseled abs she longs to run her fingers down. She smiles up at him as he turns to face her.

Drake laughs. “Yeah, Tariq hits harder than you’d think. He almost impressed me.”

The smile fades from Cabren’s face.  “What is it?” he asks quietly.  

“It’s all my fault” she whispers, her voice cracking, she turns her back to him with tears glistening in her eyes.  

Drake’s strong hands grab her shoulders and turn her back around to face him. “No, I got hurt because of Tariq.  Nothing that happened tonight was your fault.  Don’t ever let yourself think like that, okay Middleton?”  Cabren nods her head quietly.

Drake runs his fingers through his hair and stares at her.   “You can be so…never mind” he mutters.  “Hey, weren’t you supposed to be tending to my wounds?” he asks, hoping to change the subject.

“Oh right!” Cabren replies, her voice returning to its familiar, sunny tone. “I think one of the servants fill this bucket with ice every night. You know, just in case I need to chill some champagne…” she chuckles, seemingly relieved that he changed the subject.

“Or ice down a friend’s bruises” he adds, as he pours himself a glass of whiskey from the liquor cabinet in her room

“Exactly” Cabren agrees as she moves towards the ice bucket, wrapping the ice in a small towel from her nightstand.    

Cabren presses the ice gently to his ribs.  He’s surprised at how gentle her touch is and finds himself wanting to see more of her gentle side.  He suddenly feels a flash of jealousy knowing that Liam probably gets to see that side of her.  He knows it is wrong to ask for that, but he suddenly finds himself needing to tell her how he feels.

“I know I don’t act very grateful for anything most of the time, but I do…care about you.” Drake says staring at the ground, afraid to meet her eyes.

Cabren’s heart catches in her throat.  He said it.  He finally said it.  But care does not necessarily mean love.  He cares about me…but in what way? she ponders. “I care about you too.” She replies, her cheeks blushing.

“You…you do?” Drake’s head snaps up in disbelief. His heart begins to pound in his chest so loudly that he can hear it in his ears.  Did she really just say that? His eyes search hers, looking for reassurance that he wasn’t hearing things.

“Yes” Cabren answers softly, staring at him.  

The yearning look in her eyes was one he had not seen before.  He finds himself hypnotized by her gaze and everything in the room seems to fade away. He desperately wants to close the distance between them, take her in his arms and kiss her until she’s breathless…but he finds himself unable to move, trapped by his loyalty to his best friend. Realizing this conversation is headed into dangerous territory, he looks away quickly and runs his hand through his hair.  “You shouldn’t say things like that, Middleton.”

He takes a gulp of his whiskey and continues. “You’re here for Prince Liam.  All of the suitors are. And, well, so is the entire court. All the nobles, all of the royals, all of the servants, even.  Everything and everyone in this place exists to orbit around Liam.  You could almost hate him for it, if he weren’t so damned likeable.  It’s dangerous for people like you and me to forget that.”  Drake sighs and takes another drink of his whiskey.

“What are you getting at, Drake?” Cabren presses him.

“Hell, Middleton. Don’t make me say it.”  Drake finishes off his glass of whiskey and sets it down on the nightstand.

“If we’d met somewhere else…anywhere else.  At a club in New York, or in an airport, or at a party…”  Drake says wistfully.  “If you hadn’t been our waitress that night, and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…do you think all of this…do you think it could’ve been different between us?” Drake looks at her with sadness in his eyes.

What if?  She had that exact same question over the past week. What if they had met under different circumstances?  What would their life be like together? Being with Drake just felt right and it was easy to imagine her life with him.  

She had visualized them living together in New York, going for long walks in Central Park, cuddling on the couch watching tv…but the one that stood our most vividly was her visualizing their first Christmas together.  Christmas was her favorite holiday and Cabren loved everything about it…the lights, the music, decorating the Christmas tree.  Growing up with just her mom, money was always tight, but her mom made every effort to make Christmas special for her.  Every Christmas Eve, Cabren and her mom watched her favorite Christmas movie, “Rudolph and the Red Nosed Reindeer”…all while snuggling together under a blanket on the couch. After the movie, they would make cookies for Santa and leave them out on a special plate that her mom made for her when she was a baby. They would complete their night with her mother reading her “The Night Before Christmas” before she fell asleep.

Knowing how Drake hated celebrating his birthday, she imagined that he probably felt the same way about Christmas.  However, she had decided after she lost her mother, she would definitely keep the movie tradition alive that she had come to love.  Of course, Drake would complain about it with some snarky comments, but he would ultimately do it because he knew how much it meant to her.  

Thinking back to that daydream made her smile, but her smile faded quickly and something inside her began to hurt, knowing that her daydream could never come true.  She swallowed hard and answered with her voice shaky. “Drake…it would’ve been different.  Sure, you would’ve been gruff and I wouldn’t have let you get away with anything…But all the rest?  Yeah, it would’ve been different.” She looked up at him, with a tear slowly sliding down her cheek.

“Cabren…” Drake says hoarsely, as he walks towards her.  His hand cups her cheek and he wipes away the solitary tear.

Feeling the warmth of his hand on her cheek, Cabren closes her eyes.  His hands were rough and strong, yet so gentle in his comfort of her.  Then as quickly as he touched her, her cheek was met with cold air as he jerks his hand away from her, snapping her eyes open.  “What am I doing?” Drake mutters, his eyes suddenly returning to their dark, steely expression.  “I have to go.”

Drake turns and heads towards the door. No longer able to control herself, Cabren wraps her arms around his chest, pressing her cheek against his back.  Drake stops and brings his hands up to hers.  “Middleton…you shouldn’t” he says quietly…feeling his resolve beginning to weaken.

“Don’t you get tired of being so careful all the time?” Cabren asks nervously, tightening her arms around him.  

“Constantly” he replies as he turns around and pulls her to him.  His mouth comes crashing down on hers, kissing her with a hunger and passion she’s never felt before.  His hands tangle in her hair and she meets his kiss eagerly, pressing her body into his. Feeling her hips against his, Drake groans and grabs her hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck.  He bites at the soft skin on her neck and while his other arm wraps around her waist pulling her tighter, desperately needing to be closer to her.

“Drake…” she moans as his mouth kisses its way back up her neck and descends on hers again.  His kisses becoming more urgent, as his tongue explores her mouth, full of need and desire.  And suddenly, he pulls back and pushes her away as if he had been slapped.

“I’ve got to get out of here.  Now. Before I do something we might both regret.”  Drake says, breathing hard.

Cabren steps toward him defiantly, just inches away from his face. “Why don’t you just admit it?” she challenges him, her face flushed and her stunning, emerald green eyes staring intently into his, waiting for his reply.  Those eyes…sometimes he felt they could see directly into his soul.

Drake smirks. “Admit what?” He asks nonchalantly, his face expressionless as he stares back at her.

“Admit that you have feelings for me beyond friendship!  Admit that there is something between us.” Cabren persists, her eyes still staring intently into his.  God, he could get lost in those eyes…

“There is nothing between us.” Drake says flatly, staring back at her.

“I don’t believe you.” Cabren snorts, refusing to look away.  “You’re lying to yourself and now you’re lying to me.  What are you so afraid of?”  She asks mockingly.

She curses herself for feeling so vulnerable, but she must know the truth.  Is she imagining that there is actually something between them? She couldn’t be imagining it with the way he just kissed her.  All those lingering looks, hands “accidentally” brushing together, their legs touching in the pastry shop as they sat close to one another…and now that kiss…was she the only one that felt “it?”

She wasn’t exactly sure what “it” was, but it felt like a jolt of electricity going through her, making her stomach flutter and her toes tingle each time he touched her.  Was this what it was like to be in love?  She thought she was in love once back in high school with a guy named Luke in her chemistry class.  They had dated her entire senior year, but broke up when they both headed off to different colleges.  Afterwards, she had a serious relationship in college with a very controlling boyfriend.  Everything was perfect for the first 5-6 months, but then his true personality was revealed.  She ended up leaving that relationship and moving to New York to start fresh.  However, no one ever affected her the way He did.  Although Drake was rude and annoying with his quips and snarky remarks when she first arrived, she had begun to see past the façade the more time she spent with him. He had begun to let his guard down and shared things about his life with her.  The more time she spent with him, the more she felt herself drawn to him…and it scared her.  The pull she felt to him reminded her of a moth attracted to a flame…and things never end up well for the moth.  Eventually the moth is burned and she was afraid the same fate awaited her.

“Afraid?” He questions brusquely, his brown eyes growing even darker and his jaw flinching in anger. “You have no idea - “

“Yes, Drake, afraid!” She interrupts in frustration.  “Afraid to let down the walls you build up to keep others at a distance…to keep me at a distance! You shut out everyone that isn’t Liam and yet here I am, still trying to get you see how much I care about you!” Cabren throws her hands up in exasperation.  

Shocked by her declaration, Drake rakes his hand through his hair and turns away from her.  His stomach begins to churn and the room starts to spin.  Was it the whiskey?  No, it couldn’t be the whiskey.  He only had a few shots earlier and could drink way more than that before being drunk. Dammit!  Why does she has this effect on him? He leans his arm against the fireplace mantle to steady himself before answering.  

“Cabren, don’t… I can’t…you’re not here for me.” He stammers as he turns to face her, his voice growing louder.  “You’re here for Liam…or have you forgotten that?”

“Yes, Drake - I’m well aware that I’m here for Liam!” She hisses as the fire in her eyes grows. He wonders if she realizes that her eyes change to a deeper shade of green when she’s mad.  

“Bertrand and Maxwell remind me of that every day!  But what about my feelings, Drake?  Am I just supposed to choke down all of that and marry into a lifestyle that I don’t want with someone that I’m not in love with? What about what I want?  Everyone is so concerned with Liam’s feelings…do my feelings not matter?” Her voice wavers as tears begin to fall silently down her cheeks.      

“Yes, your feelings matter, but you have no clue what you’re asking me to do!”  Drake exclaims.  “Liam is head over heels in love with you.  It would kill him to know that I betrayed him by falling in love with his chosen bride.  I just can’t do that to him!  What do you want from me Middleton?” he asks, his voice cracking.

“I want you to let down this fortress you’ve built around your heart and let me in!  I want to be with you!  I’m not in love with Liam. I love you!”  Cabren shouts, her fists clenched in frustration.  

There.  She said it.  Those three little words that he never dreamed he would hear.  His heart leapt hearing her say it with such passion and there was no doubt in his mind that she meant it.  He wanted desperately to take her in his arms and show her much he loved her.  He wanted to climb up on the roof and proclaim his love for her to everyone in Cordonia.  But as much as he wanted her to be his, he couldn’t hurt Liam.

He picks up his shirt and pulls it slowly over his head. “I can’t love you, Cabren.  I’m sorry.” He says, turning to look at her, the pain apparent in his face.

“Drake, wait…please don’t go.” Cabren pleads, as she starts towards him.  Drake stops and turns toward her, opening his mouth as if he was going to say something…but decides against it.  

And with the click of the closing door, he was gone.

Cabren sank to the floor on her knees as the tears began to flow freely down her cheeks, the anguish washing over her in a giant wave.  She clutched her stomach as sobs began to wrack her body.

Images of the events from the past two months began to flood her mind as she tried to make sense of everything.  What was she doing here?  She didn’t belong here.  Drake had told her that all along.  Now that she had confessed her feelings to him and knowing that he did not feel the same was just too much.  She was so tired…tired of being told what to wear, what to say, what to eat….tired of curtsying and kissing up to people that don’t mean anything to her…and most importantly, tired of playing this game to win a crown she didn’t want and marry someone she didn’t love.  

It felt like the walls were closing in around her and she was being suffocated.  The burden of it all was slowly killing her and every time she saw Drake, she died a little more knowing she couldn’t be with him.  She realizes that she couldn’t go on pretending anymore and she has to get out of there…and fast.

As she changes into her favorite jeans, t-shirt and boots, she remembers a gate at the back fence of the manor that she could slip through without being seen.  This is where she would make her escape.  She knew the pier wasn’t far away and she could take the quiet, dirt road that ran behind the manor to the pier without being seen.  From there, she would find the airport on the mainland and go back to New York.  She threw her phone in the trash can by her bed so that Maxwell or Liam couldn’t call her and try to talk her out of leaving.  

With one last look around her room, she puts what money she has left in her jeans pocket and quietly leaves the manor.

She moves quickly and quietly on the grounds until she reaches the back gate.  She wants desperately to turn around and see Drake running after her, telling her not to leave and to stay for him, but she knows that he will not be running after her.  He has made his decision.  She walks through the gate, forcing herself to not look back.  

As she starts down the dirt road towards the pier, she realizes for the first time in her life, she feels completely and utterly alone.  

Reunion(Key Scenario)

Ok so this was a request for when a girl comes back from being abroad and is reunited with Kibum her childhood friend, they are all in love and then BAM there’s some sexy time! It’s longer than most scenarios I’ve done but I hope you guys enjoy it :)

-Admin K

You awoke as the sound of your alarm filled the room and you felt like a giant immoveable snorlax as you groaned, hoping it would just miraculously stop without any need to move and turn it off.

You felt awful. This felt like a hangover if not worse but unfortunately the disease that haunted you was simply jet lag.

You had arrived at Incheon airport the previous day, being offered a well-paid business job that you couldn’t refuse. Considering how young you were, you were a well-established business woman. Your name was quite well known at this point and job offers were flying at you. But once you heard about an offer from Korea, you knew exactly where you were going.

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anonymous asked:

Your exo or infinite (you can choose which band) boyfriend reaction to you having a fever (gif + text)

Hiiii. I’m opting for EXO on this one since Infinite is filling the request at the moment (not that I’m complaining!) so twelve lads are up for a task!. :-) x

But always remember:


[on his way home from the pharmacy]

[unpacks your medicine]

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Game on 1/?

Pietro was laying on the couch rubbing his face. Stubble aggravating his skin no wonder his last girlfriend got so annoyed with it.

“Hey Pete, you all right there. You look like you lost a fight to a grizzly.” Walking over to hop over the couch legs landing over his waist.

“Nothing Printessa, the model broke up with me. Said I like my friends more than her.” Pietro casually flicking his wrists up in the air.

“Of course you like me more. I’m awesome.” Leaning forward placing a peck on his nose giggling the whole time. Plaid shirt bouncing open at the top button. Revealing the soft globes that Pietro used to try and steal a peak at. Maybe he still did on occasion. You had the best set in the house. Your legs weren’t half bad either.

“Printessa why do you like women?” Pietro staring at you as you cocked your head to the side. Placing a finger to your lips tapping as you pondered.

“Well they tend to be nicer. Care more about how I feel when we have sex. Boob’s” At that last statement Pietro and you nodded at the same time.

“Fucking with a guy though tends to better. Rough sex with a women, at least for me, not as fun.”

“Wait, you’ve had sex with a man?” The revelation inspiring hope in his chest along with a good dose of impish intent.

“Of course Pete I’m Bisexual, not lesbian.” Laughing in his confusion.

“You said no every time I flirted with you. Then said you were into women?!?” His hand coming up to cup your cheek.

“Well yeah at the time I was into women. My girlfriend dumped me though, said something about a blue bastard. It was really weird though every time she saw sonic she glared.” Absent mindedly turning into Pietro. Your back to his front,  rolling your hips into his crotch.

“She said I should go grope him if I wanted dick so badly.” Your eye’s taking on a rogish quality as you eye fucked Pietro. His breathing quickening in time to your strokes.

“You want to fuck Printessa?” He practically moaned out head lolling back onto the couch.

“Nope.” Bouncing up you turned leaning over. Breast spilling into full view of the speedster.

“Talk to you late P.” Pietro grinding his teeth as his erection felt way too restricted in his pants.

Watching your ass jounce in your cutoffs. He had to close his eyes, clenching his fist to get his urges under control.

You were both single. Game on.

Delivery Boy // Michael Clifford Imagine

Requested // nope

You sat on your bed, face timing your best friend as you usually did every Friday night. The two of you did your own things like homework, cleaning your room, or just scrolling threw your phone but the company you had was nice.

You were talking to your friend about a fight that was blowing up on twitter when your stomach growled, cutting you off.

“Well someone’s hungry,” your friend laughed, looking up at you.

“I thinking about ordering some pizza,” You sighed, opening up a new tab to order online.

“You know, you’re so lucky. I wish my parents went out of town more often, maybe then i’d come out of my room,” the two of you laughed as she complained.

“Pepperoni or cheese?” you smiled, already knowing the answer.

“Pepperoni obviously… oh! and tell them in the special directions to send their cutest delivery boy,” you looked at the screen to see your friend winking at you and you actually pondered on the decision. You wouldn’t really care about embarrassing yourself but you just didn’t want to seem like a creepy old lady when in reality you were just your average teenage girl.

“Alright,” you sighed, but a smile still played on your lips as your best friend let out a squeal and clapped her hands.

“I gotta run before my parents get home and realize I haven’t even started my homework, but text me what happens,” she said before hanging up on you. You informed her that you would text her right after he left, even though it would probably just be your regular old guy working at a pizza shop.

Not even fifteen minutes later a knock outside had you jumping up from your bed. When you swung open the front door the last thing you expected was to see a tall boy with bright red hair peeking out under his hat.

“I’m guessing you ordered the pepperoni pizza?” the boy asked, eyeing you.

You blushed a little, nodding your head as you realized someone must have read your special directions considering an extremely attractive boy was standing in front of you.

You pulled out your twenty dollar bill and passed it over to the delivery boy. You watched as he went to go pull change out the pocket of his visibly tight jeans, “Just keep it.”

He looked up at you, cracking a smile as he nodded his head, realizing his tip was around nine dollars, which was new considering no one ever gave him more than two. You were about to thank him and shut the door considering the pizza in your hands smelled delicious but you were cut off before you could even talk, “Soooo, was I good looking enough for you?”

You looked up at the guy in front of you with wide eyes, not realizing he would bring up your order, “I uh- I- my friend-“

The boy laughed, shaking his head, “I get it.”

Trying not to embarrass yourself, you took in a deep breath and looked at him, “No, my friend told me I should. She thought it would be funny, but if you must know than yes. They did good.”

A slight blush mixed on the pale boy’s face, “Good.”

“Good.” you smirked.

“So, i’ll see you around some time,” he gave a slight wave, and started walking down your driveway.

“Hey, what’s your name?” you shouted.

You saw a small smirk on his face as your porch light reflected onto his face, “Just ask for Michael.” You watched as he got into his car and drove off. You would definitely be ordering pizza a lot more often.