pondering the abyss

The Universe

“And now, on the show with us, we have a very important guest, a certain attractive scientist. Hey, Carlos!”

“Hey, Cecil.”

“Now, listeners, Carlos has some interesting news today about the ever present lights blinking in the sky above the Arby’s. His science has uncovered something interesting about these lights. Carlos, can you tell them what you told me?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. So, I was Cecil just last night by the Arby’s.”

“Oh yes, I remember that! It was our first date in a while, I think. We dont get out enough.”

“I completely agree, Cecil. So we were just sitting on the hood of my car, gazing up at the unforgiving dark void, and I saw the blinking lights. And of course, everyone had thought that they were normal. Or, at least, generally accepted it as another weird thing in Night Vale. But I just couldn’t understand what is was. I just stared into the abyss pondering the size of the universe. The universe is very big.”

“The universe IS very large.”


“But not to me. To me, the universe is Carlos-sized.”

“I love you too, Cecil. But that is a very scientifically inaccurate statement.”

anonymous asked:

How do the Horsemen, Samael, and Azrael feel about stargazing with their s/o? Could you maybe do a touching little scenario for us, pretty please! Thanks; your the greatest!!!!

Death: When you mentioned to the old horseman that you’d love to go stargazing with him, he honestly didn’t know what to think. The stars hold very little intrigue over Death. But he’s not so certain he has the mental willpower to actually deny you such an innocent and admittedly charming request. 

He rides you out into the Forge lands, claiming that the night sky there is supposedly the clearest in the known universe. You lay out the blanket whilst Death seems content to just watch, then you flop down onto it and pat the space next to you. 

“You’ll love it,” you wink at the horseman, “trust me.” With a roll of his eyes and a concealed smirk, Death sits cross legged on the blanket, eyeing you as you grin and settle yourself into a comfortable, reclined position. You spend hours out there, which surprised the eldest, who honestly thought you’d grow bored. But he’s pleasantly surprised by how animatedly you talk about the stars. Death simply listens, happy to let you fill the silence and happy when you don’t feel like talking. 

Y/n was right,’ he ponders quietly, ‘Gazing into the abyss is far more appealing when in good company.’ 

War: He doesn’t necessarily see the point in laying outside staring at a bunch of twinkling lights, but you were relentless, so eventually, he agreed to accompany you. 

You were frankly astounded at how much clearer the Earthen sky looked after a century without pollution, murmuring ‘woah’ every few minutes as you set out an enormous, tartan blanket for you both to sit on. At first, War sits awkwardly beside you, looking at you for clues as to how he ought to be behaving. When you laugh and tell him to relax, he rumbles, finally settling on his elbows and following your hand as you begin to point out the constellations you know.

He notices straight away when you fall asleep next to him because your words started slurring and you kept trailing off then starting up again. He waits until you’ve fallen asleep for good before standing and gathering you easily into his arms. Casting one last glance up at the night sky, War quietly trundles you home.

Strife: He’d heard about how romantic stargazing can be so he was ecstatic about the suggestion, thinking that it would be the perfect time to smooth talk you. Which probably explained why he wasn’t paying any attention to a thing you were saying. 

Laughing, you smack Strife’s shoulder as he lays beside you, having just caught him staring at you again. “Star gazing Strife,” you chuckle, “Not human gazing.” He grins sheepishly, rolling onto his back and looking up. Unfortunately, asking Strife to sit still and do nothing for hours on end was probably expecting too much of the energetic horseman. So, soon enough, he once more rolled back onto his side and began asking you about who you preferred out of he and his siblings. 

You heave out a sigh, deciding not to indulge him and stand up. He follows you home, pestering you all the way. 

Fury: She’s elated, more about how she can teach you how to navigate your globe using the stars than the actual act of laying on a blanket in the cold. 

She rode you out to the middle of nowhere, literally. She wanted no outside stimuli to ruin her human’s experience. The sense of adventure rushes through you at the thought of being miles from civilisation with only the company of your best friend beside you and the stars above. You and Fury talk animatedly about each of the constellations, even discussing star signs and which one she could be. You’re immensely pleased to see that the horseman has a permanent smile etched onto her face.

She asks you about space travel, marvelling at how you’re the only species she knows of that has achieved such an incredible feat. She wants to know everything you think is out there. The conversation runs far deeper than the stars. What do you believe in? What did you think happened after death before you met the man himself? The sun just begins to peak over the horizon by the time you start to call it a night. 

Azrael: He graciously accepts your invitation, subtly delighted that you asked him along. The angel has long been something of a romantic when it comes to the stars. He chats with you animatedly all the way to the spot you’d picked out prior to asking him, apparently the science of stars and space is lost on most angels, but Azrael found the subject as fascinating as it is mysterious. 

He of course provides the most luxurious throw to lay over the hard ground, so soft it feels like you’re laying on air. It’s rather amusing to watch the tall angel settle himself into a laying position, he even tries to copy you, but you suppose with wings like his, laying on one’s back is bound to be tricky. Even so, he manages. 

You happily indulge him in his love for conversation as he seems rather inclined to talk all night. You suppose that his fellow angels don’t share his interest in human nebulas and the like. Halfway through the night, Azrael falls silent, and when you turn to see why, you notice that he’s gazing at you with a somber expression. “Thank you, for this,” he whispers quietly, so quiet you almost don’t realise that it was him who spoke, not the wind. 

Samael: You struggle to get him to agree to come with you, only managing to persuade him by saying that he looks like he deserves some relaxation. Of course, he agrees with you on that. 

You didn’t really have a blanket big enough for him, but he seems affronted that you would think he needed something so flimsy to sit on. Instead, when you’ve found an adequate place to begin stargazing, Samael lifts you onto his shoulder as he sits back on his haunches. The great demon releases a hot sigh into the cold night air as he turns his head skyward. To be honest, for the first half hour or so, you’re more intrigued by the way he looks in the cold blue light of the moon. You’re so used to seeing him surrounded by hot, red fire and harsh light. To see him draped in such soft colour is a marvel you can’t get enough of. 

Samael is also focused on you, rather than the stars. Although he’s far more subtle about it. Every time your gaze does drift upwards and you make some offhand comment about how humans are made from stardust, Samael’s bright yellow eyes flick over to where you sit on his shoulder. You pass the entire night like that, each taking turns to study one another, until the demon feels you beginning to droop against his neck. 

Libra Moon.

Libra may represent the Scales, but it does not mean they represent balance. In fact, Libra represents the tipping and unbalance of the Scales through their indecisive nature. This is the same for Libra Moon. They can never decide how they feel, because everything is a long string of “What if?”. However, once a Libra Moon has pondered into the abyss for long enough, out comes a happy and helpful heart. They enjoy small romantic gestures and often have a cinema-esque film real in their head of cute dates and their futures.

They often prefer the company of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces. They like to be around people they can confide it and discuss their emotions with. Obviously, they are not limited to these signs.

The key rule of a Libra Moon is to never invalidate how they feel because this will only create a negative spiral inside their beautiful Labyrinth-like minds.

Photo // @jimmy_chin
It’s hard to beat the buttery light in Yosemite at the end of the day. This is a photo of good friend @alexhonnold pondering the abyss during a shoot we did together recently. I shot Alex freesoloing on Half Dome for the May 2012 issue of @natgeo magazine. He has gone on to do some incredible things since then including starting his own non profit that seeks sustainable ways to improve lives world wide. It was nice to be back in the valley w him. This was a quiet moment at the end of a long day of shooting. More to come from this shoot in the following days…. #honnoldfoundation @thephotosociety by natgeo