pondering duck

Thinking back, it occurs to me that if Darkwing Duck had gone in it’s original direction (the James Bond style spoof), I probably would have had zero interest in the show. Even now, the S.H.U.S.H and F.O.W.L episodes have all been my least favorite of the series.

I was just always here for Masked Vigilante shenanigans. The fact he was a single dad with Gosalyn & best buddy Launchpad were just icing on the cake.

Makes me wonder how I’m going to handle his reboot. If what I’ve read is correct, they’re hinting that Darkwing Duck is a TV show in the Ducktales verse, and we know that he’ll show up the same time as Gizmoduck.

So my guess is that it’ll be “Darkwing Duck was super popular TV Star until a REAL super hero hit the scene and stole all his glory.”

And as our resident ego-maniac out for fame, glory and autographs, Darkwing Duck might try his hand at real crime fighting in order to get his fans back.

Or I could be totally wrong and they’ll do something else.

Either way, I’m going to at least attempt an open mind. XD

Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer - Furniture Guide Masterlist - Unlocking Furniture

Hey Guys! This is a guide for what villager unlocks what items! It’s almost 2/3rds of the way to being completed - stay tuned :)

I’ll mainly be focused on the normal 333 villagers, but also amiibo card unlocks and DLC characters/items as well!

any questions/comments/concerns, send me an ask! ^-^

i’ll be placing everything under the cut, so that it is always up to date & you don’t have a 10 page essay to scroll through, Enjoy!

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