pondering bird

The First Day

Not my normal area I know but I have to get it out my system ^_^
I’m not even going to try and get any japanese honorifics in here for fear of making a horrible mess of it lol. I should probably mention that I’ve read the manga but haven’t watched the anime, so I might miss details from filler stuff.

Kakashi Hatake, the sixth Hokage, sat in his office, staring at the wall. The world had very nearly come to an end in a way much more final even than Madara’s planned world-wide genjutsu and, once again, the world had been saved by Naruto, his former student. He had long ago given up on having expectations of Naruto - he would surprise no matter what. As he pondered, a black bird zoomed in through the window and flew straight into a blank scroll that hung on the wall. With a splat, the creature morphed into ink and covered the scroll, soon resolving into letters. Kakashi stood and took the scroll, replacing it with another blank, and sat back at his desk. His eyes showed the smile beneath his mask as he read, glad first and foremost that his shinobi were well, even if he was sure Naruto and Hinata might be unaware Sai included their relationship in his report. He sat back and chuckled. Naruto and HInata, eh? Once again, Naruto had surprised him.

“Just come in if you want to read it properly, Sasuke,” Kakashi said. A figure hopped in through the window, utterly silent.

“I’m impressed, Kakashi. How did you know?” Sasuke Uchiha asked with genuine curiosity: it had been a long time since someone had detected him without him wishing it. Kakashi turned to face him.

“Honestly? It was a hunch.”

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