+ pondemonium

Sam was sitting in a bar after a long day and a crappy case, which had far too many mysteries there were still unsolved, even after he’d managed to find out what the monster causing the gory deaths was. At least he’d killed it now, so the mysteries didn’t really matter. Sam was just curious to find out what the end of the story was.

Drinking his alcohol, he looked up when a red-haired girl appeared in front of him with a rag, wiping the table he was sat at. She looked tired, and Sam could relate right now.

“Busy day?” he asked her, smiling warmly at her, so he didn’t come across as some creep. But then again, a giant sitting at a table alone with alcohol probably screamed a whole load of ‘creep’. Now he wished he hadn’t said anything.

[ always looking better over your shoulder ] welcome starter

The Doctor had a large list of inventions that went ding when there was stuff, and the newest noted was a thin metal pole strung around with several colored wires, a small, ocassionaly bleeping light on top, and a rubber, hollow cable running from the base, set at the end with what looked to be a curved mouth organ.

It would be almost correct to call it such, but, more specifically, it was the device’s orally powered battery – or, again, not entirely oral, but by breath.

And thus, by the time the Timelord skidded to a halt in front of the road sign, led lamp gasping out its last few flickers before it lost complete track of the trail, his little neon bud wasn’t the only one panting.
And he wasn’t not doing it metaphorically.

Rasping, he leaned up against the nearest wall, and squinted up at the letters on the elevated directory, vision a little hazy with lack of oxygen.
Two lungs would have been nice.
He had those.
Double human amount.
… Four?

He gave a short cough, cleared his throat, and, sadly, still hypoglemic, had to give up on his reading attempts and tap an unbewaring stranger on the shoulder instead. “ Sor – … Where – ”
He lamely pointed up at the namepost, and then his eyes did a little limp roll.