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Top six blogs you follow

shit shit shit I have a really hard time with this cause everyone I follow is perfect um… These are in no specific order

  1. ohitscastiel (my amazing botm Lisa everyone go follow right now)
  2. jackharknessed (No stop Rae is perfect)
  3. deansgrace (Car is a beautiful soul)
  4. pondalecki (Nicole’s everything is amazing ugh)
  5. purifiedemon (Jess is also perfect everyone I follow is perfect)
  6. clara-oswin-oswald (ugh Justine is just no she’s so great it’s not fair)

ask me my top 6 anything!

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heavenclarence, pondalecki, timeywimeywinchester


What I like about their blog: First off, forever dying a slow, painful death at the hands of that URL. Lovely Dean/Cas sidebar and perfect posts.
What could be improved: I’m personally not a huge fan of the theme. It feels too big and the colours seem a little dull.
If I follow them: Of course!


What I like about their blog: Everything, this blog is gorgeous.
What could be improved: The posts seem a little too far left, but that’s really picky because it still looks amazing. I also don’t understand the flower crown thing…
If I follow them: Forever.


What I like about their blog: The sidebar is lovely and their posts seem great.
What could be improved: The theme is a little bland. It all looks a bit empty. I’m also not a huge fan of the URL.
If I follow them: No, sorry!

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