pond was a nightmare

Zoey woke up to the roaring sounds of the city. She immediately realized that is wrong. She was not supposed to be there. Before the pain, she was sitting by the pond that Jeremy had shown her.

Jeremy. Pond. Twinbrook. Her family.

For the first time in these goddamn nightmares, she remembered her whole life. When it happened before, she could only think of little pieces. She would be able to tell what she did before going to bed or what she had for dinner, but never things such as her parents’ names, birthdays or usual habits. Now she remembered it all.

It’s a sign.

Earlier, Jeremy talked about alternate universes. Zoey felt like she just experienced a transition to one of them, and that it is complete now.

That realization made her heartbeat stop for a moment. Zoey’s body froze and then started shaking. She didn’t hold back the tears anymore. She didn’t have to pretend to be strong.

What do I do now? I have no money, I’m left in the streets of a big city I have never heard of…I’ll need a miracle.