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Scorpio Cute Fictional Couples (requested)
  • Scorpio X Aries: Four & Tris (Divergent)
  • Scorpio X Taurus: Artemis & Kid Flash (YOUNG JUSTICE)
  • Scorpio X Gemini: Sawyer & Kate (LOST)
  • Scorpio X Cancer: Amy Pond & Rory Pond (Doctor Who)
  • Scorpio X Leo: Jace & Clary (Mortal Instruments)
  • Scorpio X Virgo: Selina Kyle & Bruce Wayne (GOTHAM)
  • Scorpio X Libra: Nico Di Angelo & Will Solace (PJO/HOO)
  • Scorpio X Scorpio: Edward Cullen & 100 ugly cats
  • Scorpio X Sagittarius: Gale & Katniss (Hunger Games)
  • Scorpio X Capricorn: Irene & Sherlock (SHERLOCK)
  • Scorpio X Aquarius: Castiel & Dean (Supernatural)
  • Scorpio X Pisces: Sirius Black & Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

I got to go see Finding Dory at our local drive-in on Friday, and I was inspired to create this sculpt project :D

This was also my first time using a resin casting liquid, and I love the results~ It’s so smooth and not tacky/sticky at all!

This photo accurately describes Matt Smith

behold! the beginnings of a perfect farm layout!

some things that def need to be changed already:

  • crop plots side by side, starting right under the house (to get better sprinkler layout, can’t currently move down without colliding with pond)
  • fruit trees plots side by side , under crop plots
  • tapper trees after that, leave room for animals (so these tree plots might need to be one above the other :/ or maybe i can fit them next to each other on the SE end??
  • place barns aligned with cliff. might need to do something else with the artisan tools, so the animals don’t mess with them while i’m trying to work, maybe fence off the remaining space next to the buildings?
  • might rearrange the flowers by the greenhouse to allow for more seedmakers

now i just need to.. start the game over? my rich save is in the forest area :<

might take forever to reach junimo huts, tho maybe not. i think i managed in two years last time. so just a matter of laying down the roads right straight away, when i start back up again with parsnips

.04: Glow | SG SW 2.2017

4th: Describe your character’s perfect day. 

Caravan Court was glowing.

Their home was always a warm, bright place, but with glow of the evening sunset not yet faded, lighting up the sky like phoenix flame, and the lanterns and mana-strings hung throughout the court adding their warm glow and festival-like air, the estate was alive. The children certainly felt it, running to and fro with happy shrieks, chasing the luminescent firebugs that were beginning to emerge with the setting sun.

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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 135:
IWGP Unification Match:
Kurt Angle (IWGP Third Belt Champion) Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (IWGP Heavyweight Champion)
NJPW Circuit [February 17th, 2008]

Arguably, two of the greatest, most charismatic wrestlers in the world, perhaps the history of professional wrestling. From either side of the pond, both sides would go into this match with strong faith in their representing heroes. However, very soon into this match, doubt begins to grow, as Angle and Nakamura are more than well-matches in competition. In times where Angle shows blatant disrespect, Nakamura answers the call by showing why his name pays the bills. The end of this match is as intense as it gets!