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Hey amy! I just lost my dog, so i've had a bad week. Got any cute headcanons about Dami and his numerous pets?

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume that Damian names his favorite bats from the cave, and since Damian’s record on pet names is all over the place– some of them (Goliath, Titus) are dignified, while others (Batcow, Spotty the rat from B&R 13) are definitely not– I imagine the bat names get pretty interesting.
  • Damian: Antigone, Bonaparte, Ulysses, Jezebel, Scheherazade
  • Also Damian: Rita, Earl, Capitalism, Lemon, Bagel Bite
  • Alfred the cat has spyware in his collar. So far it’s been a useful and multipurpose investment, good for eavesdropping on both one’s family and unsuspecting criminals loitering in the parts of the city where a stray cat would go unnoticed. Conveniently, that is most of the city.
  • Titus sleeps at the end of Damian’s bed, for the death nightmares. It helps to have someone to hug.
  • There are also geese on the Manor grounds– they come in and out of the pond on the east side of the property– and Damian has been feeding them Cool Ranch Doritos for the past month as part of an experimental plot. That’s Tim’s brand of chips; if everything goes according to plan, the next time Tim takes a picnic lunch, he’ll be swarmed by expectant geese. It’s going to be hilarious.
Peter Parker X Reader - Fairytale

This is so long I’m so sorry!!! Anyway, Tom Holland Peter Parker X Reader, enjoy!!!!

Word Count: 2603

Summary: After a princess filled movie night, you tell Peter your princess dreams. Being the person he is, he decides to try and make that dream a reality.

“I wonder what it’s like.” You pulled your legs up onto the couch, sitting on top of them.

“What what’s like?” Your best friend, Peter Parker, sat on the floor in front of the couch, a bowl of popcorn in his lap.

“Being a princess. For real.” You grabbed the TV remote and clicked the off button, turning the previously colorful screen black. “Can’t you just imagine it, Pete?”

“Oh yeah, that princess life would be awesome.”

“Oh, you know what I meant,” you said with a laugh, swinging a pillow in his direction. He dodged it with a smile, tossing a handful of popcorn in your direction to fight back. “I just think it’d be refreshing.”

“To rule an entire kingdom?”

“No, to just be somewhere new. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear a beautiful gown?” Peter opened his mouth to speak, but you swung the pillow at him again. “You know what I meant!”

“Alright, alright, truce!” Peter laughed, pulling the pillow from your grasp. “I think that’s enough princess movies for tonight.”

“Just one more,” you insisted, clicking the TV back on. “I think… Beauty and the Beast should close out our movie night.”

“Fine. I’ll put it in.” Peter stood to find the disk and put it in. “Am I Adam or Belle this time?”

“Adam. I’m Belle, obviously.”

“Oh, right. You’re in a princess mood.” Peter pressed play and took his spot on the floor again, bowl of popcorn secure in his lap. He could hear you take in a breath as you prepared to sing the first song of the movie.

“Little town…”

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Here’s that fic I wrote that I don’t like.  It’s untitled, but it’s inspired by the song Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks.

Even though the sun hasn’t quite reached halfway to its zenith, the day is already hot enough that Dean is eyeing the pond on the far side of the park with serious consideration.  The fact that it’s brown and muddy, and the surrounding land is torn up by ducks and geese and stinks of bird shit is only slightly off putting.  Which means he’s either suffering from heat stroke, because gross, or it’s time to head over to the lemonade stand for some cold liquid refreshment.

“Hey, babe?”  He calls over his shoulder.


“I’m going to get a lemonade.  Want one?”

“Get me one with raspberries?”

Dean smiles.  “You bet.  Back in a few.”

Before he leaves the shade under the awning, he presses a kiss to a warm cheek.  He gets a distracted smile in response, but doesn’t stick around for more.  He’s caught in the siren song coming from the stand at the other end of the Farmer’s Market that sells fresh squeezed lemonade.  His mouth is already watering at the thought.

It’s even hotter outside the shade, and he can feel the sun’s heat sinking into his shoulders and arms, making him glad he remembered sunscreen this week.  He’ll probably still end up with a slew of new freckles, though.  At least there’s a slight breeze cooling his skin where it’s bared by his shorts and tank top.  He plucks at his shirt, encouraging a little air circulation under the sweat-damp material.  

The line at the lemonade stand isn’t too long, at least.  He steps up behind the others waiting their turn, and hums under his breath, letting his mind wander over the latest notes he’d received from his editor.  It’s a little frustrating that he’s going to have to cut a scene he’d been planning for so long, but also a relief that Charlie agrees with his decision.  As usual he’d gotten caught up in writer’s block due to being stubborn about the direction of the story, but after talking it out with her, his mind is already racing ahead to the next five scenes.

He’s almost to the front of the line when a voice he hasn’t heard in years breaks him from his musings.


“Lisa?”  Dean grins as he turns to greet her.  “Holy shit, hi!”

It’s as natural as breathing to accept the hug she offers him with outstretched arms.  Although there’s the slightest twinge of oddness when he realizes she’s not quite as tiny as he remembers her to be.

The hug is tight, but short and she steps back to look up at him, her dark eyes alight with happiness.  “Wow.  Dean Winchester.  I wasn’t sure sure it was you at first.  How long has it been?”

He purses his lips as he digs through old memories.  The last one he can vaguely recall is a lazy Sunday spent fishing on a summer day just like this one.  “Man… I think it was the summer after graduation?  So seventeen… eighteen years?”

Lisa rolls her eyes with a groan.  “Oh god, has it really been that long?  Now I feel old.”

He chuckles at her distress.  “Well if it makes you feel better, you look great.”

And she does.  A quick glance reveals that she’s still fit and trim.  Her hair is still glossy and thick, and her skin smooth.  Only the faint laugh lines around her eyes and the sharper edge of her cheekbones show her age at all.  When he was a kid, his eyes would have lingered on her body or her mouth, but while he still finds her beautiful, she no longer makes his heart race the way it did when he was in high school.

Her cheeks flush under the compliment.  “Well thank you.  You’re looking good too.”  She circles her fingers in the direction of his eyes.  “The glasses are cute.”

Striking a dignified pose, he reaches up and pushes them up higher on the bridge of his nose.  “I’ve been told they make me look distinguished.”

Lisa laughs, light and melodious.  “I guess that’s better than ‘nerdy’.”

He waves a dismissive hand.  “I’d take that as a compliment these days.”

She blinks at him, and he can tell she’s surprised.  But before she can respond, the last person in line ahead of him leaves with their lemonade, and the young man running the stand calls for the next customer.

“You want something?” Dean asks Lisa, hooking a thumb towards the menu hanging next to the stall.  She nods, then immediately tries to talk him out of paying, but he won’t hear it.  “It’s just a lemonade, Lis’.”  The old nickname rolls of his tongue.  “It’s not like I’m buying a fancy dinner.”

After a moment she relents, and Dean orders two large lemonades and a large raspberry lemonade.  When Lisa lifts a questioning brow at the third order, he grins.  “That one is for the ol’ ball and chain.”

Her eyebrows go up.  “You’re married?”

“Yeah, going on ten years now.”  He accepts the first drink from the kid making them, and passes it over to Lisa.  She looks so flabbergasted that he laughs.  “What?  Didn’t think anyone would want me?”

She accepts the cup, but gives him a stern look.  “It’s not that.  I’m just surprised you finally settled down.”

With a wince and a nod, he accepts her explanation.  “Fair point.”  He accepts the other two drinks, and steps away from the stand to give the next customer room to order.  “Want to meet ‘em?  We have a booth over that way-” he gestures with his own drink, “-selling honey.”

She smiles brightly.  “I’d love to.”

He tilts his head in a motion to follow him and sets off across the market, weaving through the empty spots in the crowds.  Despite the heat, he’s not in a hurry.  The ice in his lemonade chills it enough that he’s worried about brain freeze if he sucks it down too fast, and now he’s able to actually enjoy the day.  As well as the company.

“So you sell honey now?” Lisa asks in between sips of her own drink.

“Yeah, we have a bunch of hives.  Although that’s just fun money.  I pay the bills with my books.”

Lisa almost misses a step, and she looks up at him with wide eyes.  “Your books?  Are you saying you’re a writer?”

“Published and everything.”  Okay, so he may be bragging a little bit, but he is kinda famous now.  

“What do you write?”

“Horror mostly.”  He grins down at her.  “It’s cathartic to turn all the noise in my head into bloody death and destruction on the pages.”

She pales slightly.  “Really?”

“Most of my stories have a happy ending.”  Not his first few books.  It took finding his his own happy ending - and beyond - to learn how to write them for his characters.  

“Huh.  Maybe I’ll have to check them out.”

He can tell from her tone that she’s not really interested.  It’s a little bit of a bummer, but he knows the horror genre isn’t for everyone.  Especially for someone as optimistic as Lisa.  So he decides to change the subject.  “What about you?  What’s been going on in your life and what brings you back to Lawrence?”

She visibly brightens.  “I’m moving back here to be closer to my family.  Plus I’m opening a yoga studio.”

“Oh yeah?  That’s pretty awesome.”  The crowds part and he can see the honey stand not too far away.  There’s a young couple sorting through the jars, pointing out different flavors to each other as they try to decide which one they want.  Dean always suggests the blackberry.  It’s his favorite.

“I’m excited for it,” she says.  Then her voice turns shy.  “I also… have a son.”

That grabs Dean’s attention, and he turns his head so he can focus on her again.  “Wow, really?  Tell me about him.”

“His name is Ben, and he’s thirteen.”  Lisa goes on to tell him about how Ben is a little flirt with the girls, and loves classic rock.  She laughs and points out how it’s funny that her son is turning out so much like the bad boy type that she’s always been into.  “His dad’s not around,” she says with a shrug and a grin, “So apparently I’m the bad influence.”

Dean scoffs.  “Sounds to me like you’re the best influence.”

She laughs.  “Thanks, I guess.”

They’re stopped just outside the stand now, and the couple picking through the honey has made their decision and are walking away with their purchase.  Dean leads Lisa into the empty space they leave behind.  He meets curious blue eyes over the table still half full of honey jars.  Ten years, and those eyes still make his pulse race as if he’s looking at his crush instead of his spouse.  “Hey, babe, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

With a nod, Castiel stashes the money he just made in the cash box and gently closes the lid.  As if it’s a delicate piece of crystal and not a clunky metal box.  Dean’s eyes follow the movements of his long, delicate fingers before turning to Lisa to gauge her reaction to his husband.  

She looks slightly confused, her smile not quite as full as it was before, and he bites his bottom lip to suppress a grin.  It used to be hard to come out to people.  But now, he enjoys the shock factor.  It’s almost as good as hearing fans talk about how scared shitless they are when they read his books.  And Lisa hadn’t been a part of his life for several years by the time he came to terms with his bisexuality, so she had no clue about the secret he’d been keeping from the world when they were in high school.

Castiel comes around the table and stands next to Dean.  He accepts the raspberry lemonade Dean hands him with a grateful smile, and then turns his attention to Lisa.  “Hello.”

“Lisa, this is my husband Castiel.”  Dean snakes an arm around Castiel’s waist and pulls him close.  The back of his shirt is even more damp than Dean’s despite the fact that he’s stayed in the shade the whole time they’ve been at the Market.  “Cas, this is Lisa.  We were a thing way back in highschool.”

Lisa looks back and forth between them for a moment, disbelief clear in her eyes.  But it fades quickly when she realizes Dean is serious.  “Hello, Cas.  It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s good to meet you as well,” Castiel says, all formality, because heaven forbid he shed his private schooled, silver-spoon-in-the-mouth, upbringing.  Not that Dean minds.  He thinks it’s sexy.  “Dean has talked about you, and I’m happy to put a face with the name.”

“Oh no!” Lisa laughs.  “That doesn’t sound good.”

Castiel’s smile is gentle, but his eyes shine with good humor.  “I’ve only heard good things, I promise.”

Lisa laughs again and expresses her disbelief, but Castiel is insistent.  Eventually their conversation turns to the honey sold at the stand, and Dean stands back and watches them interact while sipping his lemonade.  

It’s odd, seeing his past and his present standing side by side, talking about the pollination habits of bees.  Lisa had been his everything when they were kids.  Eighteen had seemed so grown up at the time, but looking back on it now from the comfort of his mid-thirties, he can only shake his head at how young they’d truly been.  It’s no wonder their relationship hadn’t worked out.  Despite wanting the apple pie dream of a marriage, kids, and little house with the white picket fence, Dean had the heart of a wanderer and hesitated to promise to plant roots.  Not to mention the fact that he still had a lot of growing up to do, although he hadn’t realized it at the time.  Lisa was ready to settle down, and kept turning Dean down when he asked her to hop in the car and go adventuring with him.  When they both realized that things between them weren’t going to go past a promise ring, they’d drifted apart.  

Dean had prayed every night for a long time that she’d change her mind.  But when he came back to Lawrence after a year on the road, he’d learned that she’d moved away.  With no way to find her he’d finally given up hope that they’d get back together and give life together a go.  And he’d gone back out on the road, looking for the happiness he longed for.

Eight years, thousands more miles on the Impala, and a couple published books later, Dean met Castiel.  He’d been out trolling for a one night stand, but he’d been hooked by Castiel’s dark messy hair, passionate blue eyes instead.  And he discovered a man to love under the thick layer of sexy.  One night turned into two, which turned into a week, and somehow it spread into the last ten years.  And hopefully their whole lives to come.

They had the marriage part of Dean’s childhood dreams, but instead of a house in a nice neighborhood they had a little farmhouse with a small orchard on the edge of town Dean had grown up in.  They weren’t sure yet if they wanted to expand their family past their siblings and nieces and nephews, but it wasn’t off the table yet.  In the meantime Dean had his books, Castiel had his bees, and most of all, they had each other.  Maybe it wasn’t “apple pie”, but since pecan is his favorite anyway, it worked out perfectly.

At eighteen he hadn’t known this kind of happiness could exist.

He wonders if he could have found it with Lisa.  Perhaps.  He’d definitely loved her.  But with almost two decades between their time together and now, he certainly can’t imagine what his life would have been like if he’d gotten what he’d prayed for back then.  He doesn’t even want to try.

“Well, I’d better get out of here,” Lisa says.  “It’s almost time for me to pick Ben up from baseball practice.”

Dean shakes away his thoughts, and focuses on her.  “You should bring him around some time.  I’d love to meet him.”

“I’d like that.”  And she looks like she genuinely means it.  Which is great.  Dean would love to rekindle their friendship.

Castiel and Lisa exchange goodbyes, and then Castiel leans into Dean’s side while they both watch her disappear into the crowd.  

“She seems very nice,” Castiel murmurs.

“Yeah, she’s cool.”

He feels Castiel’s eyes on the side of his face.  “Just cool?  Wasn’t she the girl you prayed to God you’d get to keep forever?”

Dean chuckles and turns to meet Castiel’s eyes.  His husband’s lips are just barely turned up at the corner, a sure tell that he’s teasing.  “I can’t believe you remember that.  We were both wasted when I told you about her.”

“You were wasted,” Castiel counters.  “My tolerance for alcohol is higher than yours.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t brag.”  Dean leans in and presses a kiss to Castiel’s lips.  

When they pull apart, Dean sighs.  He’s not sure it’s possible for him to ever get tired of Castiel’s kisses.

“I’m pretty thankfully actually,” Dean murmurs.  He traces shapes against Castiel’s chest through the soft fabric of his t-shirt.  His finger brushes over the little golden cross hidden under the shirt’s collar.  Castiel has rarely taken it off since Dean gave it to him on their five year anniversary.  Dean’s firmly settled into being an atheist, but Castiel still has his faith, yet it’s not something that’s ever come between them.  “For not getting an answer to that prayer.”

“Hmm… yes, I’m rather grateful to Him for that myself.”  Castiel pecks him on the lips again, and then pulls away.  His fingers curl in the hem of Dean’s shirt, and he pulls him around the table and back under the shade of their booth.  

They don’t have more than a minute to sip at their drinks together before another customer comes up to the stand.  Castiel sets his lemonade aside so that he can assist them, and Dean watches him fondly.

His relationship with God had always been tenuous, even before he decided he didn’t believe at all.  But right then and there, he sends up a prayer of thanks for all the good things in his life.  You know, just in case someone is listening.  He may not have gotten what he asked for, not exactly.  But he wouldn’t trade what he has now for anything else in the world.

the forest’s symphony | M

Contains: fantasy, angst, a bit of horror, mentions of smut {forest nymph!au}

Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, death

Words: 6,471

Summary: “The forest knows it all, my dear. From your deepest secrets to your darkest desires… and it also knows the kind of fate that you’re hiding in your pocket.”

A/N: BASED ON @jeonsin‘s AMAZING MOODBOARD + thank you again for letting me use your edit for this fic <3

feat the cameo of prince!jungkook

The green was massive, asphyxiating. Trees and bushes surrounded you from every angle, silent gigants that ever so mercileslly trapped your body in a maelstrom of endless pathways covered in dirt; roots tangling just beneath your hurried footsteps, twigs cracking and the wind whispering through the forest’s never ending darkness. Your shaky breaths echoed in the midst of the fungus-encrusted trunks, dissipating into broken prayers as you found your way deeper into inferno.

It was possible to hear them if you truly paid attention – the queen’s knights. Booming in a storm cloud of horses and shiny, gold-bathed armors, the brave men followed you as close as they could, contouring the wood’s claws as the ebony of its shadow dripped over their presences. You thought if, perhaps, they were as terrified as you were, fingers shaking slightly as they attempted to hide their true emotions behind closed and impassive helmets.

The tip of your wet shoe met a rock, and you fell to your knees, hands finding the mud as your fingers dug deeper into the wet ground, strands of grass being squeezed under your palms. A scream was caught in your dry throat as you struggled to get back to your feet –“She went this way!”–, your eyes searching everywhere for a possible path to escape. Your terror-stricken heartbeat seemed to reverberate through every cell of your body, pulsating inside your ears and exploding in your chest; the dizziness of exhaustion slowly finding its way around the ephemeral adrenaline rush.

Suddenly, you saw something. It was very brief, very immediate; but you were sure there was a flashing of light somewhere in between the black branches, an abrupt luminescence that shone through the leaves, giving back its characteristic green tone before they withered back into twilight. Your legs were paralyzed in hesitation, the cold breeze embracing your being. You stood there for a second – parted lips and gasping breaths; strands of hair glued against your sweaty forehead and limbs burning in fatigue. The vague sounds of the horseman still infiltrated your ears, and the stenosis of that infinite maze only made the claustrophobic feeling within you grow stronger. It might have been only an hallucination, as far as you knew, but there was no turning back now.

You took a deep breath, and followed the the phantasmagorical light.

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Scorpio Cute Fictional Couples (requested)
  • Scorpio X Aries: Four & Tris (Divergent)
  • Scorpio X Taurus: Artemis & Kid Flash (YOUNG JUSTICE)
  • Scorpio X Gemini: Sawyer & Kate (LOST)
  • Scorpio X Cancer: Amy Pond & Rory Pond (Doctor Who)
  • Scorpio X Leo: Jace & Clary (Mortal Instruments)
  • Scorpio X Virgo: Selina Kyle & Bruce Wayne (GOTHAM)
  • Scorpio X Libra: Nico Di Angelo & Will Solace (PJO/HOO)
  • Scorpio X Scorpio: Edward Cullen & 100 ugly cats
  • Scorpio X Sagittarius: Gale & Katniss (Hunger Games)
  • Scorpio X Capricorn: Irene & Sherlock (SHERLOCK)
  • Scorpio X Aquarius: Castiel & Dean (Supernatural)
  • Scorpio X Pisces: Sirius Black & Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

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Fic title thingy. Because I have one more. "Men of Ice." Also, you're amazing and I'm very intimidated by your amazingness.

Men of Ice.  

Okay, so I read this and I immediately went “Men of Ice…and Fire.”  

So this would def be a GoT fusion fic.  

You’d have Steve going up to the wall to chase after Bucky, only for the both of them to get frozen in some mystical pond on the other side of the wall and unthawed on accident decades later.  

Peggy could be the wife Steve leaves behind, who through some kind of ice magic, slows down the progression of her aging.  She never gives up on her quest to find Steve. She’s the leader of a tribe of warrior women, who make their homes in the forests of the frozen north, forever searching for Steve Rogers.   

Darcy is the ward of Lord Anthony Stark. (Eh?  Starks in Winterfell, ehhh?).  She doesn’t know her true parentage, and is thus raised as a bastard. She runs away to the capital to become a handmaid to the queen.  She finds out through careful perusal of the library that her true father was none other than Bruce Banner, former court physician, who was banished in disgrace for experimentation, and rumored to have done the worst of the experimenting on himself.  Her mother, Lady Elizabeth of House Ross is since remarried and refuses to meet with Darcy for months.  

When she finally meets her mother, Darcy discovers the plot of the king to eradicate her father’s line from existance. The experiments Banner had done might not have been as bad as the records made them seem, and there is the small matter of the prophecy.  If Darcy were to marry a man of ice, a man out of his time, their children would bring about the fall of the king’s rule.  And bring peace to their lands.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to find a man of ice and out of time.  

Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky emerge from the frozen pond.  Bucky is carted away by the brotherhood of the Hydra, and Steve is left for dead, only to be found by a group of people living north of the wall. He is soon reunited with Peggy, and together with his newfound army, they march on the brotherhood of the Hydra to save Bucky from their clutches.   

Darcy escapes in the dead of night back to House Stark in the north, only to come face to face with the famed Steve Rogers of legend, once thought dead, but alive again.  And seated to his left?  James Barnes, a man with blue eyes like ice, an arm made of metal, freshly thawed from ice and completely out of his time.  

And you know.  Wintershock ensues.  ;)   

This photo accurately describes Matt Smith


I got to go see Finding Dory at our local drive-in on Friday, and I was inspired to create this sculpt project :D

This was also my first time using a resin casting liquid, and I love the results~ It’s so smooth and not tacky/sticky at all!

Linger - Chanyeol angst

Shoutout to @kimtaehyungssmile for the beautiful gif :D
Also sorry this took so DAMN long to do. I have no excuse, I am trash.


Chanyeol was on his own, something he was not unused to. Lately, he had become more and more accustomed to spending the spare time he had alone, away from everybody else. Not only did he find it the perfect time to get a lot of work done, he also had time to do things he loved to do, or work hard on things he was struggling with. It was very rare that he ever gave up the time he had for anybody; his members, his friends…

Not even his girlfriend.

Their relationship had been dwindling, he could admit to that. In the months building up to this moment, their communication had lessened and lessened to the point where they would send each other perhaps a couple of texts a week, never actually spending time together. Chanyeol had been told by his sunbaes that it would be like this, that he would never get to see the woman he had fallen so hard for, but he had never, not once, imagined that it would be like this. It wasn’t like they were together at all - it was more like they were distant friends. For all he knew, you could be seeing countless other men and barely passed him a thought.

To his horror - with a tinge of relief; the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders, after all - he found himself… Accepting it. He accepted that some relationships just don’t work out and he accepted that the woman he had fought tooth and nail for was about to slip through his grasp. In fact, metaphorically speaking, he would loosen his fingers and widen the gap for her if he could.

Maybe that’s why he did what he did. Perhaps that’s why he decided that he wanted to feel loved again.

He didn’t know her name. His vision was blurry, a strange, heavy feeling in his stomach and the harsh taste of alcohol was still present on his tongue that was shoved down another girl’s throat. His actions were frenzied, passion tinged with a hint of anger at his girlfriend’s neglect, and when he woke up the next morning, surroundings completely unfamiliar to him, he ached.

His body ached from the strenuous activity. His head ached because of the ridiculous amount of alcohol he had consumed. His heart ached because he knew, he knew, that he couldn’t go back now - it was over. He had taken the first step into ending this relationship and, despite his unhappiness in it, he couldn’t help but register the sickly feeling in the back of his throat as regret. At least, that’s what he hoped it was, or he was about to blow chunks all over this innocent woman’s lovely duvet cover.

Despite his longing for a quick and easy death to erase him of the pounding headache pressing against his skull, he slid out of the bed quickly, putting on his clothes haphazardly and stumbling his way out of the tastefully furnished apartment. He was almost saddened by his need to leave; the leather sofa in the living room looked delightfully squishy and he desired nothing more than to lie on it for the rest of his life. However, he left quickly and quietly, hoping and praying that he would never see the nameless woman again.

Now all he had to focus on was what he was going to tell his girlfriend.


“Y/N.” he started as soon as you had picked up the phone. You sat up quickly in bed, heart hammering.

“Chanyeol? What time is it? Is everything okay?” You asked, bewildered. He had never called you so late, so you assumed that there was something wrong. “Is it you? One of the boys? Are you at the hospital? Oh my God, Chanyeol, talk to me!”

“No, no,” he said, a weak laugh coming from him. “I just… I need to talk to you.”

“Oh,” you said, sinking back into your pillow. “What’s up? Do you want me to come to you?”

“No, that’s okay, it won’t take long.” He said and you heard a door unlock on his end.

“Have you only just gotten home? Honestly, SM work you so hard, I wish they would give you a break.”

There was a slight pause as Chanyeol froze where he was, standing in the door frame of the dorm.

“Uh, yeah, it’s hard work, but that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about, actually. Are you alone?”

“I am.”

“Good. Uh, Y/N… There’s no easy way to say this…”

“What’s wrong? It’s just me, Chanyeol, it’s okay.

“Y/N… I’m breaking up with you.”

Complete, deafening silence. Chanyeol cringed, almost hearing how fast the cogs in your head were turning. Right about now you would be wondering if he was joking, then you would be scanning through all the times you had been together to see if you had done anything wrong, and then you would become confused if you couldn’t think of anything.

“Why?” you breathed, eyes filling up with tears. After all this time, a whole three years, he was breaking up with you over the phone?

“Y/N, our relationship doesn’t feel like a relationship anymore. We never see each other-”

“Only because you said you wanted space! I only gave what I received!”

“Exactly, and it kind of felt like you didn’t care about me. At all.”

You were completely shocked. Not only was he breaking up with you via phone, he was now telling you that you didn’t care? That you weren’t the one waiting up late every night, hoping for a call or a text? That you weren’t the one that text him first but didn’t do more than that for fear of annoying him?

“What? I love you, Chanyeol, what are you saying?” you cried, tears welling up in your eyes. “You can’t just leave me like this, please!”


“No, Chanyeol! Three years! After three years, you break up with me like this? You can’t even look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me? How do you even kno-”

“I cheated on you.”

Three years, down the drain, just like that. He cheated. Bile raised in your throat and you swallowed thickly, choking back a sob. After three years, this is what he gave you. He cheated on you.

“Okay then. I wish you luck, Park Chanyeol.” you said, hanging up the phone and throwing it onto your bed in front of you, falling back onto the pillows. You allowed the tears to fall down your face, each one falling faster than the one before it. Three years. Gone.

“Goodbye, Y/N.” Chanyeol whispered into the receiver before sliding his phone into his pocket and sighing heavily.


A whole four years had passed since that fateful night. Despite what he repeatedly said, Chanyeol couldn’t seem to move on at all. He was stuck on her and he saw her everywhere; the park, the shops, concert arenas, fan meets. His mind was constantly filled with the sounds of her voice, the smell of her hair and the glimmer in her eyes. He couldn’t get over her. He didn’t want to get over her.

It was a Saturday, and Chanyeol had some free time. Kai and Baekhyun were off for some variety show so the others were allowed some time off to relax or do their own things, so Chanyeol went out for a walk in the park, not forgetting to bring a mask and sunglasses. It was autumn and the entire park was covered in beautiful hues of gold, orange, red and yellow. Every footstep was accompanied with a satisfying crunch and soon, the tall man had lost himself in the wonders of the park; how could somewhere so beautiful be so close? This was the kind of place that he only saw in films or was described in books. The pond and the ducks looked especially adorable and scenic today, too.

Even Y/N, who was clutching onto another man’s arm whilst he caressed her bloated belly looked supernaturally beautiful.

Chanyeol halted, his left foot held a few inches above the ground as his eyes widened, taking in the sight in front of him. There she was, right there, so close yet so unreachable. Her hair was longer, and it was a deep red colour instead of her previous natural brown. She was wearing flats instead of her trademark heels and she was wearing a loosely fitting dress, pulled tight over her stomach. A light lit up her entire face and laughter left her lips in high peals.

His heart thumped in his chest painfully when he saw the man’s lips make contact with hers and the man pulled away to push a strand of hair behind her ear, kissing Y/N again before taking her hand in his and tugging her away from the pond side and leading her off, straight past where Chanyeol was hiding, managing to catch a shred of their conversation that was making them smile so much.

“…not calling my son Jack Sparrow. That is completely absurd.”

“Y/N!” the man whined, making her giggle again and brush some ginger hair out of his eyes, leaning up to kiss him on the nose.

“Jagiya, I love you a lot, but if you keep coming up with bad suggestions, I’ll leave naming the boy to your hyungs and I’ll choose for the girl.”

“No! Not my hyungs, they’ll pick something boring and unimaginative. Remember Jin-hyung’s and Namjoon-hyung’s speeches at our wedding? I could’ve fallen asleep…”

They had walked past Chanyeol at this point, not even noticing that he was there, staring at them with a heavy heart. She had moved on. She was married and heavily pregnant with what sounded like twins - there was no way Chanyeol even lingered in her thoughts like she did in his.

Chanyeol never quite forgave Taehyung for that.

A Love For Dragons

Requests:  I just found your tumblr and fell in love! Can you make an imagine,please? YN is Hermiones older sister( a vet) and Charlie falls for her when they visit the Weasleys. Just cute and romantic,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!


Could you write a Charlie Weasley imagine? With much kissing involved?

“Are you excited, Y/N?” 

“Oh yeah, it will be so much fun to be surrounded by strange people who I have never met before!” Y/N sassed, glaring at her younger sister.

“Most people would be a little weirded out by the fact they are going to meet wizards, than meeting people in general.” Hermione replied, smiling at her older sister.

“Dude, I found out my little sister was a witch at age nineteen. Which was only four years ago. Sorry, but nothing surprises me anymore.”

The Granger girls walked through the gate to the Burrow to see multiple gingers flying via broomsticks as lights flashed and a red leather ball was tossed back and forth.

“Except that.”

“You haven’t seen a lot of magic, have you?” Hermione questioned, smirking.

“Sorry that I’m a muggle,” Y/N frowned, gently shoving her younger sister to the side.

“You should be,” one of the gingers said, landing his broom.

“It’s no fun not using magic,” another ginger continued, landing next to his clone.

“Well, I’ve been doing fine without it,” Y/N responded, smirking at the twins. “I’m Y/N Granger by the way.”

“Fred Weasley.” The first twin said.

“And I’m George.”

“Meaning you’re George and you’re Fred,” Y/N said, pointing to the opposite if who said what name.

“How’d you know?” George questioned, astonished.

“I have identical twins for best friends. Sorry, but none of your little twin-y tricks are going to work on me, boys.”

“Come on,” Hermione laughed, rolling her eyes as she pulled her smirking sister forward. “Let’s go introduce you to everyone else.”

The quartet made their way across the vast lawn, with Y/N easily joking with the twins. As they drew closer to the house, the elder Granger stared at it. The Burrow was several stories with multiple chimneys. It looked colorful and welcoming. Y/N was already in love with it.

“Hey, Hermione!” Another ginger appeared, looking to be near Hermione’s age. “Is this your sister?”

“Yeah, it is,” Hermione replied. “Y/N, this is Ron. Ron, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you.” Ron said.

“You as well.”

“Is Harry here yet?” Hermione asked.

“No,” Fred interrupted the two friends. “We’re going to pick him up on Sunday.”


A loud feminine voice broke through the multiple conversations happening in the yard.

“Yes, Mum?!” Ron called back, turning to face the house. 

A middle-aged red-haired women appeared in the doorway. “Let Hermione’s sister sit down, you four. She must be exhausted from walking for so long.”

“I’m sure she’s fine, Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione tried to say, but Mrs. Weasley ignored her, bustling out the door to gently tug the older sister inside. She pulled Y/N into the kitchen muttering to herself about ‘rude children’ and ‘manners’.

Mrs. Weasley lightly pushed Y/N into a chair and set a bowl of fruits in front of her. “Hello, dear,” she said, sitting down next to her. “I’m Molly Weasley. You must be starving. Have some fruit.”

“Oh, uh, thank you Mrs. Weasley,” Y/N laughed.  “I’m Y/N Granger.”

“It’s lovely to meet you, dear. And, please, call me Molly. We’re both adults. Right? If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you, dear?”

“It’s nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Weas- Molly,” Y/N responded, nibbling on the fresh fruit in front of her. “And I’m 22.”

“Same age as my second oldest, Charlie,” Molly stated. “He’s around here somewhere. He’s rarely home and now that he is, I could swear that boy has been avoiding me.”

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Y/N said, smiling at the older woman slightly, “Why is Charlie never home?”

“Oh, he moved to Romania,” Molly sighed, leaning back in her seat. “He decided to work with dragons after leaving Hogwarts.”

“Really?” Y/N whispered, her eyes lighting up with wonder. She had always loved animals, and dragons. Well, they were dragons. Hermione had mentioned a few magical creatures to her before, such as the hippogriff Hermione had helped save from it’s execution. 

“Oh, yes,” Molly replied, missing the look of amazement that had crossed Y/N’s face. “I fear all of my children have a thing for danger, except Percy, perhaps. Bill’s a curse breaker in Egypt. Fred and George have nearly broken the record for most detentions. Ron decided to befriend a magnet for trouble - but both Harry and Hermione are lovely children, of course. And Ginny - well I’m surprised she didn’t get sorted into Slytherin, what with her cunning. When she was younger, she used to sneak out at night to steal the boys brooms and practice flying.”

Y/N grinned. The more she was around the Weasleys, the more she could tell they all cared for each other very much. They were a very close-knit family, rather like the Grangers; only with double the members. Even with the constant arguments and yelling and adventures they all seemed to have, they still seemed to be a perfect family to the eldest Granger. Y/N had always loved chaos and it seemed The Burrow was the perfect to find it.

“But enough about my crazy children,” Molly stated. “What do you do for a living, Y/N?”

“Oh, I’m a vet.”

“A what?”

“Oh, right. I forgot you wouldn’t know what that meant,” Y/N laughed slightly. “It’s short for veterinarian. I work with animals, to treat and nurse them back to health.”

“Sounds like you and Charlie are very similar,” Molly smiled kindly. “He’s always loved animals.”

“What about me, Mum?”

The fifth ginger of the day entered the kitchen. He was muscular with burns and scars covering most of his body, and looked to be just a few inches taller than Y/N. His eyes were the same shade of brown as his mother’s with the same kindness in them, and with a dash of endless adventure. All in all, he was extremely alluring to Y/N.

“Charlie!” Molly exclaimed, standing from her seat. “Where have you been? You said you would help me with dinner.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Charlie apologized, kissing his annoyed mother on the cheek although his eyes trailed to the very attractive stranger sitting at his kitchen table. “I was spending time with Ginny. I don’t get to spend time with her very much either.”

“Hmm,” Molly pouted, but she seemed to be satisfied with his answer. “Either way, you need to learn to stick to your word.”

“Of course, Mother.” But Charlie was no longer paying attention. He was staring at the stranger, and judging by her delicate blush, she could tell. Molly Weasley could tell as well. It seemed that her second oldest son was falling head-over-heels for a girl, whom he had never even heard speak. 

Smirking, Molly caught the pairs attention. “Well if you are going to be of no use to me, Charlie, you can show Y/N around.”

“Oh, it’s fine Molly,” Y/N interrupted, standing from her seat and bringing the empty bowl to the sink. “I should probably be leaving anyways.”

“Nonsense,” Molly scoffed. “You’re staying for dinner, and Charlie can give you a tour.”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You wouldn’t be,” Charlie said hurriedly, trying to give himself more time to get to know captivating girl.

“Besides,” Molly said, continuing to work on the before mentioned meal, “I’m sure you will have plenty to talk about seeing as you both work with animals.”

“You work with animals?” Charlie inquired, his brown eyes snapping back to the girl. She was slowly becoming more and more magnetic to him.

“Yeah,” Y/N answered. “I’m a vet.”

“A what?”

“There,” Molly exclaimed, pointing her wooden spoon at the two. “You see? You are already getting on well. Now get out! Go explore!”

Y/N opened her mouth to argue, but a whisper in her ear stopped her. “Just give up,” Charlie muttered. “Once she has her mind set on something, there’s no getting around it. Come on, I’ll show you the pond.”

The pair wandered side by side out the door and past yelling gingers to the woods near the gate. They walked in a comfortable silence, both content to admire the surroundings, and to steal glances at each other.

“I never caught your name,” Charlie said as he helped her over a log.

“Y/N,” she answered, smiling up at him.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, once again enraptured in her sparkling eyes. Y/N blushed once again. As they continued to walk, their fingers remained intertwined.

“Your mother said you work with dragons?” 

“Yeah,” Charlie grinned. “I do.”

“That must be amazing,” Y/N stated, with a smile to match his. “Is it hard though? To be away from your family for so long?”

“Oh yeah,” Charlie agreed. “I’m close with all my siblings, even Percy. But, I just, I needed to follow my passion. Is that weird?”

“Absolutely not,” Y/N stated. “I did the same. I live in a little village near the sea, and work as a vet. That means I treat wounded and sick animals. Not to the extent that you do, of course.”

“No,” Charlie chuckled. “I suppose not. What kinds of animals do you get?”

“Um, a lot of farm animals. Again, it’s a little village in the middle of nowhere. Pets as well. I treated a fox once. And last year, around this time, there was this huge black mutt that appeared out of nowhere. Looked deathly sick, nearly starved to death. I nursed him back to health before he disappeared again. Now he tends to come and go. I call him Snuffles.”

They had reached the pond, and were now sitting by the edge watching the fireflies dance around it. Y/N leaned her head against Charlie’s shoulder causing him to grin even wider, and wrap his arm around her.

“Tell me if this is strange,” Charlie whispered, staring at her.


“I think I might already be in love with you.” 

Y/N laughed. She didn’t find it strange at all. She herself seemed to already be in love with the handsome man in front of her. “It’s not.”

“Can I kiss you?”


Their lips met in the stillness near the pond with fireflies casting the only light besides the dark sky. Charlie’s hand raised to cup Y/N’s cheek as she inched closer to him. 

“So you want to give this a shot?” Charlie asked, biting his lip as he looked at the exquisite girl in front of him.


Back at the Burrow, the rest of the party was inhaling a delicious dinner. Arthur Weasley studied his children and guest, mentally counting them up in his head.

“Molly,” he trailed, turning to face his very smug looking wife. “Where’s Charlie?”

“I suspect he’s snogging Y/N, Hermione’s sister, by the pond,” she smirked.

“I thought we talked about your match-making!”

“Oh, hush!”

I hope you all enjoyed!! My family kept interrupting me, but this one seemed to just flow out!

meanwhile, in newfoundland!

Me and my husband were just walking around Long Pond [the non-MUN side] and found a nice bench with little birds. I got a nuthatch and a boreal chickadee to land on me, and there were nice walkers with dogs.

Then we hear a loud smash and i think WHAT KIND OF DOGGO IS LOUD?! and turn to find TWO MOOSE RUNNING DOWN THE TRAIL AT US AT TOP SPEED. And in hindsight, this is goddamn hilarious because the moose were just as surprised as we were, the path was icy, and they did a cartoonish splay all four legs trying to stop, but at the time it was HELLO ADRENALINE GUESS WE’RE GONNA FIGHT TWO MOOSE TO NOT GET TRAMPLED.

The moose run off the side of the trail and I think “hey, what happens if I try a moose call?” so i tried my best moose impersonation and THEY ACTUALLY CALLED BACK but kept running. Apparently they went over to the hospital.

The Kids Aren’t Alright [Chapter Four]

Chapter One

So I just set this all up, just for my computer to crash just as I was about to hit post :’)

Also, yes, I was supposed to post this yesterday, I’m sorry. Enjoy <3

I stare at the piece of paper on my desk in frustration.

I was hoping to get some of the drawing done before school today, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. I’m barely into the rough sketch and there’s a huge chunk of the meadow I’ve completely blanked on. Not to mention, I still can’t remember which side the pond was on.

My mom calls up the stairs for me to get out of bed and get ready for school, even though I get up at six am every day and have been for the past two years, so I put the drawing in my binder and shove it in my backpack, scrambling down the stairs.

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I realized that when I draw Nyak and Dyrk foolin’ around together, it’s always in a very specific setting, but I’ve never actually taken the time to detail the whole setting out as I see it in my mind! So, this is REALLY rough as environments are a little harder and more time consuming for me to do (even when just sketching), but just as an idea of Nyak’s home~

I don’t recall just how many details I’ve given on the boys so far, so here goes some info- Nyak is a half-merm. He lives on land with no full fledged merm tail to commit to a life in the ocean, instead adopting this secluded ocean cliffside cave as his home so he could still be close to the water. He has some modest water-manipulation abilities and of course swift swimming and long breath-holding capabilities, but other than that practices general spell casting, fishes for his food and studies his books. He’s a bit of a hoarder, collecting small glittery trinkets, scrolls and any book he can grab. 

Dyrk of course just lives in the ocean but hangs out most of the time in the watery pond to the side there (which is whats usually seen when I draw them together).

Anyway, more of these assholes boys soon *u*  

Baby It’s Cold Outside: I Really Can’t Stay (Part 4.5 to Questionable Intentions)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Nothing

A/N: As promised, here is the Loki half of  Baby It’s Cold Outside. I had a great time writing this story and can’t wait to see what you guys think.

Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove

(I had to use this gif, I love his hair!)


Loki sat in the black leather armchair, his feet up on the oak coffee table, and one of his ever present novels in hand. Thor stalked by him, pushing his feet off the table before plopping down in the throne-like chair across from his brother. He gazed at him for a moment, the look in his eyes unreadable.

“Loki,” he finally broke the silence.

“Yes?” Loki replied, raising his right eyebrow slightly. He nonchalantly turned the page of his book.

“So, do you think we can have a civil conversation about y/n for once?” Thor questioned. Loki shrugged.

“I’m not sure there’s much to talk about, but I’ll stay calm if you can act like an adult.” Thor sighed and rolled his eyes.

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” he said. Loki snapped his book shut and tossed it onto the coffee table.

“Thor,” he began, “I don’t know what you want me to say at this point.”

“Loki,” Thor mimicked his brother’s tone, “We both know that you have some rather strong feelings for Lady y/n.” Loki opened his mouth in an attempt to protest.

“Brother, don’t try to argue, we both know how you feel about her,” Thor cut him off. “As much as I hate to admit it, I’m worried about you.” Loki laughed bitterly at his brother’s words.

“Thor I don’t interfere with your life and you’ve never exactly taken an interest in mine,” Loki snapped, “Why do you care so much all of a sudden?” Thor grimaced at him.

“You know how easily mortals perish,” Thor began. “I’m not so sure the world could handle it if you had a meltdown; not to mention the decades of pain you’d cause yourself.” Loki looked like he wanted to argue but he knew Thor had a point. Inside his head the two sides of his brain-one rational and the other love stricken-fought for control. In the end, rationality won out. Loki ran his fingers through his hair, contemplating his next words carefully.

“As much as I hate to agree with you, I see your point,” Loki said, a wry smile frozen in his face. “At the same time, part of me wants to move on, to see what else life has to hold. Another part of me hates myself for wanting that, for wanting to forget about Sigyn.” Thor nodded slightly, listening carefully to his brother’s words.

“I know that it would be impossibly hard to lose y/n through death, but I’m not sure if I could forgive myself for letting her go.” Loki spoke softly as he stared, almost as if transfixed, at the coffee table. “What if this is my chance?” he said, bringing his head up sharply to meet his brother’s eyes, “What if this is my chance to find love again?” Loki’s words hung in the air, their severity not lost on the thunder god. Thor gave his brother a pitying glance.

“All these years we have spent on this earth, and it still has not revealed all its secrets to us,” Thor rumbled thoughtfully. Loki tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling, rubbing his temples.

“What shall I do,” the lovesick god groaned.

“Maybe you should see where this all leads,” Thor conceded, “I don’t want to listen to you complain about ‘the one that got away’ for the next thousand years or so.” Thor quipped, attempting to make light of the situation. Loki flashed Thor his signature wolf’s grin, glad he finally had his brother on his side. Ding. The quiet sound of the elevator’s doors opening broke the amicable silence.

“Hello boys” y/n practically shouted as she flounced into the room, a mischievous grin played across her face. Loki couldn’t help smiling back at her.

“Y/n,” Thor rumbled in greeting, “Loki and I were just talking about you.” Loki shot Thor a panicked glance. Shut up! Loki thought, trying to convey his thoughts through his eyes. Thor rolled his eyes in response, I wasn’t going to tell her anything, he seemed to say.

“All good things I hope.” she said as she unwound her scarf and brushed the snow from her hat.

“Always” Loki answered. He studied the contours of her face, still puzzled by his predicament.

“And where are the others? I was hoping we could go sledding or maybe have a snowball fight.” Loki caught y/n’s eye flitting about the room, as if she were attempting to summon the other avengers.

“The Captain and Lady Natasha are off on a mission and I believe Tony is in the lab with Dr. Banner.” Thor replied as he counted down the team members on his fingers.

“What exactly is a snowball fight?” Loki said, his eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“You don’t know what a snowball fight is?” Y/n was yelling again. Loki winced, noting that his brother did as well. It was hard to have the hearing of a god sometimes.

“I wouldn’t ask if I knew darling.” Loki replied condescendingly. He cursed himself for his slip of the tongue. Darling, really? Could you be anymore obvious? he berated himself .

“Thor, get a coat and Stark and Banner and drag them out of their hole. Loki, get your butt outside.” She ordered them around like a drill sergeant. Loki, finding her commanding tone amusing, donned his coat and followed her outside.

She led him to a small park only about a block or so from the tower. A small pond on the far side of the park appeared to be frozen over, and a coat of fresh, white snow blanketed the rolling hills that spanned the park. Y/n, grinning like a child, ran to the top of the largest hill and knelt in the snow. She scooped up a handful of snow, squeezing and packing it between her hands to form a near perfect sphere of snow.

“What are you doing?” Loki asked as he approached her curiously.

“Making snowballs,” y/n replied, “can’t have a snowball fight without snowballs. Wanna help?” Loki looked down at his feet, embarrassed at his inexperience.

“I don’t know how,” the trickster said as he focused back on y/n’s hands.

“I’ll show you,” y/n said brightly. She scooped up a handful of snow, placing it in Loki’s hands before grabbing more for herself. “You just squish it and then shape it.” Loki watched carefully as she molded the shapeless lump of snow into another perfect sphere. He clumsily attempted to replicate her movements to no avail. He looked at the snow in his hands. It looked more like a lemon than a ball. Y/n looked over at him and laughed, the sweet sounds ringing out through the cold air.

“You need help?” she giggled.

“No, I’ve got this” Loki insisted. He scowled as he attempted to reform the snow which was now shaped like an egg.

“Here,” y/n moved toward the god, kneeling at his side. Her warm breath puffed out in little clouds. “you just squish and shape,” she repeated. She wrapped her hands around his in an attempt to help him. Loki hid a pleased grin, maybe it would take him a few more tries to master the snowball. “There you go!” Y/n shouted encouragingly. Loki grinned at placed the rough sphere aside, scooping up another handful of snow. Suddenly, Loki noticed the crunching of feet in snow. He looked up and saw Thor, Bruce, and Tony quickly approaching him. Y/n waved at them lazily before she turned back to the pile of snow in front of her. It looked as though she was constructing a small wall out of snow. As Tony began constructing his own extravagant fort, y/n explained their use in the game.

“I’m assuming it’s you and Loki against Bruce, Thor, and I,” Tony grinned as he completed his fort. Loki scrutinized the scientist, he looked excited for the coming snow battle.

“I want Bruce,” y/n interrupted. Loki gave her a deer-in-the-headlights stare. He hated to admit it, but he was still rather terrified of Bruce. Loki remembered the way his body had whipped around like a rag doll’s back in New York. As he recalled his pain, Loki winced and backed a few steps away from Bruce.

“Who said I was involving myself in this?” Bruce protested. Loki nearly sighed in relief, praise Odin, he thought.

“Loosen up a bit and have some fun for once Banner,” Tony replied. Curse you, Loki’s palms began to sweat.

“I could go green,” Bruce began, his voice tinged with hesitation. Loki could already feel a ball of anxiety forming in the pit of his stomach.

“And that’s why you’re on my side,” y/n barged in, “That way if you do go green the big guy can smash Tony and not me.”

“Wow, thanks, feeling the love over here.” Tony complained, faking a look of indignance.

Y/n just rolled her eyes and carefully explained the rules to both Loki and Thor. It was a basic game of war but no actual fighting or killing involved, Loki was more than a little disappointed by that. Y/n added two more rules to the list: no powers and no tech. Loki and Thor looked at each other and grinned, more than a little excited about their first snowball fight. Soon, the air was filled with a flurry of snowballs. Members of both teams ran in circles, ducking behind forts and laughing like children. They soon switched up the teams, putting Loki and Thor against the others and Tony’s suits of armor. Loki was enjoying his first snowball fight much more than he thought he would. Suddenly, a rather large snowball caught him square in the face. His skin stung from the force of the projectile coupled with the biting cold. Loki, surprised that anyone had even managed to hit him, looked up sharply. His eyes locked with y/n’s, who looked equally shocked. Tony and Bruce took a few steps toward her, ready to jump to her defense at a moment’s notice. The crisp air was silent and filled with an unreadable tension. Thor began to laugh, shattering the silence with his joy.

“You should’ve seen your face brother,” Thor guffawed loudly, “You’ve been bested by a mortal girl.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say bested,” Loki said slyly. “She’s in for it now.” He stalked forward like a cat hunting a mouse. Y/n met his gaze with a smile on her face. Tony took as step forward, moving between y/n and the approaching god.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take a step back reindeer games.” Tony protested.

“Why are you scared?” Loki looked at y/n, the hurt evident on his face.

“Tony, move.” Y/n ordered, refusing to break her gaze with the Norse god. Tony looked at her in surprise, then shock.

“What?” he spluttered.

“I said move,” she said much more confidently this time, “he’s not going to hurt me.”

“You don’t know that,” Tony argued. Loki looked at him sharply, don’t interfere human.

“It’s a public place and there’s 3 of you and only one him. Even if he multiplied himself it would draw a lot of attention.” she reasoned, “Plus, I trust him.”

“Fine, it’s your funeral,” Tony conceded as he moved to the side, allowing Loki free passage. Loki prowled forward, his hands clasped behind his back. Y/n smiled at him sweetly, clearly unaware of what the trickster god was about to do. Quick as a flash, Loki darted forward, grabbed an armful of snow, shoveled it into her hood, and yanked it over her head.

“YOU ASS!” his victim shrieked as snow fell into her coat. Loki, nearly overpowered with a fit a giggles, darted away as y/n attempted to launch an armful of snow at him.

“I hate you so much right now,” she yelled through her giggles, “You better watch your back.” The organized teams dissolved into chaos, the air filled with flying snow. Much too soon, the snowball fight was over and the quintet headed back to the tower. Loki looked up at the sky, admiring the breathtaking shades of orange and crimson. It had been nice to let loose for once. 

Soon, the god found himself gathered around the coffee table with Thor and y/n, a mug of hot chocolate warming each pair of hands. They talked quietly, trying to warm themselves after their afternoon spent out in the cold. But after y/n discovered that neither of the gods had been sledding before, the two gods found themselves out in the cold again, at the top of a high hill. At the end of the hill was the small frozen pond, the water cloudy with small bubbles. Y/n explained the task of sledding to the two brothers: Get on top of the strange board, push yourself down the hill, and hold on. 

The trio spent many hours outside, running up and down the hill, laughing and hollering loudly. The sun began to disappear from the sky, its golden rays giving way to a black night. Loki climbed onto the sled for his last ride, y/n climbing on after him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek into his back. Loki pushed off and the pair raced down the hill. Something about this sled ride seemed different, they seemed to be going faster-much faster in fact- than they had gone before. Realizing what was going to happen, y/n gripped Loki’s waist tighter, dragging her feet in the snow. Loki attempted to do the same, trying to slow the sled, but it was too late. The sled skidded onto the ice, spinning in wild circles. Loki tried to grab y/n’s arms, but it was too late. The disoriented girl slipped through his fingers, spiraling across the ice. Loki was in a panic, he looked at y/n desperately, wanting badly to help her but knowing the ice couldn’t support their combined weight. Then he heard it, a terrible sound that made his heart stop cold; the crack of thin ice as y/n took a few tentative steps forward. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, like a terrible car wreck. The cracks beneath y/n’s feet began to spread as she shot him a panicked look. Thor was shouting on the shore of the lake, unable to help in time. The ice under her feet caved inward like a trap door, dropping her into the dark cold waters below. Loki stood frozen for half a second, watching in horror as y/n thrashed about in the water. He leapt forward and sank his hands into the frigid waters, grabbing y/n around the waist and pulling her out of the water. She flopped onto the ice, spluttering and coughing as she shivered. Y/n opened her eyes, blinking a few times as if to clear her eyes. She stared at him, confused and dazed.

“Loki-,” she gaped. He tried to read the expression in her eyes, could it be disgust? Loki looked down at his hands, they were cobalt blue. He groaned inwardly knowing his bright blue skin and red eyes were probably terrifying the poor girl. Y/n stumbled to her feet, her legs shaking. Loki grasped the sleeve of her coat, careful not to touch her skin as he helped her to shore. He delivered her into Thor’s waiting arms, his usually obnoxious brother quiet for once. Then the trickster was gone, having dissolved into thin air.


Loki materialized in the living room of the tower and stumbled over to the couch, collapsing on it in defeat. He stared at the high ceilings as he tried to hold back his anger and sadness. He had finally found someone he could be with, and after having wrestled with his feelings for so long, he had nothing to show for it. Loki replayed the afternoon in his mind, all the idle touches and glances shared between them had tricked him into thinking y/n had feelings for him. But at the lake… He sighed and squeezed his eyes shut. Her eyes had said it all. The deep look of disgust within them charged him as a monster. Inhuman. Unlovable.

Gods, why did I have to screw this up? Loki tortured himself in his thoughts. He sat for another half hour, his whirling mind filled with what if’s. The soft sounds of the elevator woke him from his stupor of self deprecation. The doors slid open and Thor stormed into the room, seething as he marched in.

“Would you care to explain to me WHAT all that was about?” Thor growled as he approached his brother. Loki turned his head and eyed his brother warily.

“What do you mean?” He groaned.

“What do I mean? Loki, you saved y/n’s life and then left her out in the cold! She could barely put a sentence together she was shivering so hard.” Thor shouted. “What happened to being madly in love with her?” Loki stared at the ceiling, his eyes vacant and empty.

“Did you see the way she looked at me?” He murmured, clearly ignoring his brother. “She looked at me like I was a monster.” Thor looked at him in disbelief.

“That’s what you’re upset about! Are you crazy?” Thor shouted. “She nearly drowned, I’m sure she was more scared for her life than she was of you.”

“Don’t call me crazy,” Loki replied, his voice rising, “you didn’t see the look in her eyes.”

“Stop being so melodramatic,” Thor mocked, “trust me you’re not that important to her.”

Loki sat up abruptly, his jaw tightening.

“Get. Out.” He hissed through his teeth. “Now.”

“You can’t keep running from your problems,” Thor said patronizingly with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t need you to lord over me Thor,” Loki shot back.

“Maybe if you could control your temper, we could solve your little problem, and I wouldn’t need to babysit you.” Thor mocked, his voice full of false sweetness.

“Don’t talk down to me,” Loki growled, “I don’t need your help or your pity.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Thor exclaimed. “You’re not acting like you anymore. Just listen to yourself, you sound like a child!” Loki opened his mouth as if to protest, only to shut it abruptly. He seemed to deflate suddenly.

“You’re right,” the trickster conceded quietly, defeated at his brother’s words. If Thor is right twice in one day then something must be wrong, Loki thought.

“I don’t know if I deserve her,” Loki admitted suddenly. Thor gave him a long look.

“I don’t understand, are you trying to find a reason to leave y/n?” Thor said. Loki fidgeted with the edge of his coat, realizing he hadn’t taken it off.

“Every time I try to take a step forward, it’s like there’s something dragging me back.” Loki began. Then he frowned. “Sigyn. She’s not dragging me back, but as long as she lives on in my memory I can’t bring myself to move forward.”

“I think she would want you to be happy.” Thor replied quietly.

“I know that and I thought I had finally let go, still I can’t help but wonder if it’s an insult to her memory to forget her.” Loki confided.

“I-I don’t know,” for once in his life Thor sounded uncertain.

“Sometimes I wish she hadn’t sacrificed herself for me,” Loki said absentmindedly. He curled up into a ball on the sofa, slipping back into his dark thoughts. “It’s not fair that she can’t be here right now,” his voice faded to a whisper, “It’s just not fair.”


A/N: As always, thanks to G for editing and for providing the story line. Thanks to you guys for reading, if you liked this fic you might also want to check out:

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Bonnie to my Clyde | Woo Jiho

Originally posted by welldonezico

Reader(You) x Zico

Genre: Fluff/angst

You had it up to your ears with Woo Jiho and his bullshit. You were over it, over him and you were going to let him know. You just might kill him and dump his body in the pond on the side of his drive way. You entertained the thought for a few minutes before slamming the car door shut. You marched up the front steps past his security guard and through the front door. “Ms.(Y/N) Zico is in a meeting at the moment.” You snarled at the guard standing in front of Jihos office door, standing in your way. “Meeting my ass” you replied. 

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Peaches Blossom || M

Part 5/? of my Halloween series

►Character: Got7′s Jackson || You

►Summary:  Jackson came back to fulfill his promise, but he didn’t have that much time left.

►Genre: Smut; Tengu!Jackson;

►Word Count: 7, 335

This fuckin long ass one shot makes me lazy to proofread after sending it to my beta, lol my beta is so loyal to me tho. Btw, a tengu is a bird demon according to Japanese folklore, I’m sorry if I got any information wrong but this is just a fiction, okay guys. This is my favorite piece aside from ghoul!Taehyung and wizard!Hoseok. 

 And about this Halloween series. *sigh* I just manage to finish 5 and HALLOWEEN IS OVEERRRR OTL. But I still have wizard!Jimin and wizard!Namjoon in my draft, so maybe I should start different series for them? Another AU series? Idek? Btw, Black Bird is my favorite manga, totally recommended *thumbs up*

© Inspired by a manga by Kanoko Sakurakoji, Black Bird

The man in front of you cowered away, flinching when the bruise on the corner of his lips stings. Your glare still fixed on him, his eyes looking everywhere but you. He only smiled in relief when your mother came with two cups of hot tea and some snacks for him, beaming brightly when he saw the sweets. “Yugyeom-ah how long is it? Five years since I saw you? Aigoo, you have become so handsome now.” You scoffed. The man that your mother was currently doting on had come out of nowhere and hugs you in front of your house. Being yourself, your instincts kicked in making you throw your punches at him, resulting for his split lips. The problem is, you don’t even know him. Five years ago, you were involved in an accident, resulting in you losing some of your memories. Maybe you know him from your past but you didn’t remember him. Your mother excused herself, wanting to leave both of you alone. Once she disappeared the younger man cowers once again from you. “Noona, you’ve become more violent.” Your frown dissolves away. “What kind of a person was I?” You quietly ask him, making him look up at you, confusion filled his wide eyes. “I lost my memories. Five years ago I was involved in an accident and in coma for three months.” Yugyeom froze. Five years ago. That’s when he and his brothers left. Yugyeom shifted. “Actually, we’ve known each other since we were young.” You frowned. “We moved away five years ago and we recently moved back to our old house…” You stopped him, confusion filled your mind. “We?” He grinned at you before nodding. “There’s someone you should meet, maybe your memories will come back after you meet him.” You followed Yugyeom after him annoyingly insisting you to meet his brother. You told your mother that you were going out before exiting the house, trailing behind the excited man. His house was a few blocks away. You felt your jaw dropped when you reached the said building. It was huge, traditional house. Gray brick walls surrounding the house, protecting it from any intruders but you can see the peak of the roof peeking above the high walls and you could feel that the house would be jaw-dropping. Yugyeom motions for you to follow him, he pushes open the wooden gate, revealing the yard that was lined with tall bamboo trees. “Hyung!” Your eyes flicker towards where Yugyeom ran to, only to halt in your step. In front a bush of flowers, there’s a man crouching down; his fair hair caught your attention, shining softly under the sunlight, his lips curved in a small smile. He looks up; his eyes met yours, his smile dissolve as his eyes bear an unreadable expression. Slowly, he stands and turns towards you. His eyes gleam with familiarity, contrary to yours. “Look who is here.” Yugyeom bounced beside the man, grinning from ear to ear, forgetting his busted lips only to wince when the wound stung. “Y/N…” You stuttered, eyes darting towards Yugyeom and him. He took a step towards you, his eyes searching yours, confused. You took a step back, contemplating whether you should run away or not, making him halt in hi steps. “I-I’m sorry but do I know you?” You felt a little ache in your heart when his face fell, realization hits him. “Hyung, she lost her memories.” His eyes were back on you, confusion filled his irises. Nodding curtly, he smiled. “It’s okay. I’m Jackson.” He offered his hand for you to shake. Hesitantly, you took it, feeling his long fingers brush against your delicate one.

Jackson led you inside, his eyes flickered towards you and a small smile lingered on his lips. He can’t stop looking at you; you’re still as beautiful as he could remember. It’s been five years since he last saw you and he had been missing you so much during those time. You never left his mind, you were his motivation everyday, pushing himself beyond his limit so that he would be in the position he is right now. He left you to pursue his dream, to become his clan’s leader. The only way he could be with you is to be a clan leader. Unfortunately, you didn’t remember him. His heart breaks when Yugyeom said that you lost your memories. He watched as you took in the interior of his house, biting back a grin at how your eyes widen in amazement. It was a traditional house with some modern touches to comply with his taste. He motioned for you to enter a room. You followed him. The room is spacious. In the middle of the room, there’s a wooden table with cushions situated on either side of the table. The sliding doors were made of glass and open wide enough to let the soft breeze blow in, overlooking the garden that was lined with several cherry blossom trees. Pink petals scattered on the ground, some even manage to sneak in the room, littering around. There’s also a pond on the other side of the garden, disappearing away from your sight making your curiosity surface. Jackson ushers you in, gesturing for you to sit down as you obeyed, sitting down on the soft cushion. Your eyes drifted back to the garden, feeling the soft wind blowing your hair slightly making a smile unconsciously appear on your lips. Jackson couldn’t stop himself from staring, his heartbeat quicken at the familiar sight. He fisted his fingers, holding back the urge to crush you into his arms, to hug the life out of you. When you look back at him, he was back to earth, smiling back at you. You swallowed. Even though you can’t remember him but your body seems to remember him so well. You heart would flutter every time you meet his eyes, warmness filled your body along with the feeling of security. As if no other things could harm you whenever you’re with him. “I’m so sorry that I don’t remember you.” He shook his head. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” You bite your lower lips causing him to smile again. At least your old habits were still there. Reaching forward he tugged on your chin. “Don’t do that, you’ll bleed.” You look at him, wide eyes. A flash of memories filled your head.

Your tears brimmed eyes fall to the ground, your fingers gripped on the hem of your cardigan and your lips tightly between your teeth. A hand reached forward, tugging on them to pull it free. “Don’t do that, you’ll bleed.”

Your head throbbed making you hiss. Jackson halted, concern filled his eyes. “Are you okay?” You nodded you head, feeling the pain dull away. Even after your reassurance, his eyebrows still knitted in worries.  “Tell me.” He cocked his eyebrow in confusion. “About you. Everything. Us.” His expressions soften. He sucked in a deep breath before heaving it softly. “First off all, I know you can see demons and spirits.” Your heart skipped a beat. How did he know? Does he see them too? “Because I’m one too. I’m a tengu.” Your jaw went slack, you felt like the world had come to a halt. A tengu. A black bird demon. “And you…knew about. We’ve been friends since we were young. At that time, you were crying because there’s a demon picking on you. And I saved you. Since then we were inseparable.” His eyes filled with affection, his soft voice filled with fondness that melts your heart. Pausing, he let you absorb all the information given.  Since you were young, you could see demons, spirits and every supernatural being that were invisible to normal human eyes. They were always picking on you, either tripping you or playing with your hair. They always cling to you. You don’t know why though. They always seem to be attracted to you. You still remember, crouching down at a corner, tears stained your cheek and there’s a boy, holding out his hand at you. It was Jackson? The door slides open, revealing Yugyeom who quickly bows at you before scurrying towards Jackson. “Noona!” You flinched in surprise when a loud voice pierced through your ears before a strong arm enveloped you into a tight hug. You froze when another body crashes you as well. “Y/N’s here! Yayy!” You gasped before trying to push them away. “Guys…” A deep voice called the boys to stop as they recoil away, freeing you before shrinking behind you. You look towards the owner of the voice. A tall man with dark hair bowed down at you with another person standing behind him, smiling gently before waving towards you. “This is Jaebum, my right-hand man. That is Mark and these…” You looked behind you. “Jinyoung and Yongjae.” They waved at you excitedly while you just nodded at them. “Wait!!” Another loud exclaim approached the room when another figure appears beside Mark, panting from his running. “Noona! I’m Bambam!” You scoffed, is that a real name or nickname. It seems like they’ve learned about your situation since they’re introducing themselves. A shuffling sound caught your attention. Jackson had stood up, smiling down at you. “I have some matters to attend to. I’ll come back shortly. Would you be okay staying with these boys for a while?” Smiling reassuringly at him you nodded. “It’s okay, Hyung. We would make sure Noona is entertained while you’re gone.” He nodded before bowing curtly at you, retreating away from the room along with Jaebum, trailing behind him. You watched as his figure disappear, feeling a sudden hollowness filling your chest. “Noona, wanna go somewhere?” You diverted your attention towards Youngjae who was grinning widely at you. Curious you followed the boys, as they lead you out of the room. “Noona’s gonna love this.”


Your jaw slackens in awe as you take in your surroundings. At the moment, you were standing in the middle of a garden situated behind the house. It was huge, pink petals and shrouds filled the garden, arranged around a pond with koi fishes swam around the clear water. There’s a small teahouse built above the pond making it looks as if it was floating. The sunlight leaking through the cracks of leaves making the garden looks divine. The raucous boys’ voice echoed through the enormous ground, pulling your attention away. “Noona come here!” You step towards the tea house, carefully stepping over the stone bridge that leads towards the boys. Once you reach there, you could see different snacks filling the table along with hot tea, served in a ceramic cup. You slid off your shoes before stepping inside, sitting in between Yugyeom and Jinyoung. You look at Yugyeom who was still cowering away from you. You grabbed on his chin making him flinch but you ignored his reaction to examine his bruised lips. “Does it still hurt?” He shook his head. “I’m sorry, who asked you to attack me first.” The other boys laughed at him. “Noona, you would always come here with Hyung.” A sudden silent filled the room, grief filled the boy’s face making you frown. “Oii, I’m not dead yet.” The air lifted when they chuckled at your familiar words. Your mind drifted back to Jackson making your heart skip a beat. “I have a question.” They halted, attention focused on you as you raked through your brain on what you’re gonna ask first. “It’s okay. Slowly, Y/N-ah. We know you have a lot to ask.” Mark smiled warmly at you, instantly relaxing you. “Why…did you guys moved away five years ago?” They all froze. You turned towards Jinyoung as he avoided your gaze. “We had to go back to our village, so that Jackson hyung could be the new clan leader. That’s the only way for him to be able to be with you.” You frowned with confusion as your eyes set on Youngjae who gave you a nervous smile. You were about to fish out more information out of him when Mark beat you to it.

“Y/N-ah, what I was about to tell you, you have to listen carefully.” Mark’s stern eyes making you nervous, the tension filled the air making you fidget before nodding curtly. “You’re a senka. A holy fruit in the demon world. Your blood could give an incredible power to any demon that consumes it. Also for any demon that takes you as their bride, their clan would be prospers for their lifetime. As for the clan leader, he would be granted undefeatable power, making him immune to any attack.” You let the information sink in, suddenly feeling your chest tighten. You could feel your mind weigh down with the new information, too much to take in. “I know this would look like Jackson is taking advantage of you. But he never has. He was really in love with you; he’s been protecting you since he first met you. If he really wants to take advantage of you, he would have done so a long time ago.” You swallowed, your fingers gripped on the edge of your cardigan. ‘He’s right. Even though you can’t remember anything at the moment, you were sure that the feelings were mutual.’ Your head suddenly throbbed; a flash of memory filled your mind.

I’ll come back. I’ll come back and fulfill our promise, to make you my bride.

“Noona! Are you okay?” You widen your eyes to meet Youngjae’s concerned ones. You look around, meeting the boys’ worried faces. You smiled before nodding. “I’m fine.” Your head pounded with pain but you managed to ignore it. “Now that we’re back, Hyung can finally fulfill his promise then he’ll be heal…” Youngjae halted making you frown, the other boys were glaring at him as he shrinks away. “Heal? Why? Is he sick?” They avoided your eyes once again. “Yugyeom, tell me. What’s happening?” Yugyeom’s eyes met yours but Mark stopped him, clicking his tongue in warning. “But hyung, she’s bound to know soon.” Your eyes darted between Yugyeom and Mark who were intensely staring at each other until Mark gives in with a sigh. “The only thing that we can tell you is that, Jackson is really sick. You have to ask him for any further details.”

You frown at the lack of details, wanting to threaten them to tell you more when a voice interrupts you. “What are you guys talking about?” You turn around to be greeted with Jackson’s towering form who was now leaning against the wooden pole. Your lips unconsciously curved into a smile when your eyes meet his. “Nothing much, hyung. Just reminiscing the past of Noona and you.” Laughter echoed in the air as the boys started to tease you. You only glared at them making them laugh harder. Jackson grinned at the sight, feeling warmness envelope his heart. A firm hand patted his shoulder, making Jackson turn towards his close friend, Jaebum. The latter just nodded at him before approaching the tea house to join the crowd, Jackson following suit, sitting on the opposite of you, stopping Yugyeom who wanted to offer his seat. He doesn’t want you to feel pressured or uncomfortable. His eyes gleamed when you are laughing, the sound had been a music to his ears years ago. How he wishes that he didn’t have to leave, but if he didn’t then he can’t marry you. His discussion with Jaebum and his friend from the kitsune’s clan, Wonho earlier had told him about what happened to you five years ago. He knew there’s a white snake demon who wanted to harm you, almost killing you. So your accident wasn’t an accident in the actual fact. He could feel his rage boiling but when he got home to your voice, it melts away all his anger.


The dead leaves and petals crumpled underneath your steps as you walked beside Jackson. You glanced towards him, a question surface in your mind but you hesitate. “Just ask away.” Your eyes widen in surprise, he just smiled, amused. It seems like he knows you so well. “They said you are sick?” You stuttered. Jackson paused making you halt your steps too. He chuckled, his hand reach towards his nape. “Ahh, they can’t really keep a secret don’t they.” You grinned at his words. “Well. If you put it simply, yes I’m sick. I was attacked by a white snake demon who injected her poison into my body. It is slowly, devouring, my whole body, weakening my power.” You felt your heart missed a beat. Does that mean… “Yes, I’m dying.” Your breath hitched, your hand covered your mouth as your wide eyes filled with shock. “Wha… But… Isn’t there any cure?” He simply shook his head, his eyes dropping to the ground. “It’s too powerful, not even your blood could fight it.” Your hands tremble, tears started to brim your eyes, you unknowingly shook your head in denial. You just met your childhood friend again after five years but he was dying. Jackson frowned before taking a step towards you, his fingers hooked underneath your chin making you look up at him. “Hey, I’m not dying soon don’t worry. We have time.”


Bambam and Youngjae had walked you home. You went straight to your room, what just happened earlier felt like a dream to you. The next few days also felt like a dream. You’ve been at Jackson’s house everyday now in an attempt to recover your memories. Even your mother had met him, she was so happy to meet him again. On one day you would have lunch with them where you helped Youngjae to debone his chicken wings, learning that you used to do that to him all the time. The other day you would help Jaebum to feed the koi fishes, acknowledging that you’ve named several of them before but they died and you cried for days in Jackson’s arm. However, you never stayed the night, which Jackson understood completely, not wanting to pressure you into anything. It’s been two weeks since you first met them back. Like a routine, you would always drop by whenever you’re free. Today though, when you push open the wooden gate, you paused. The air felt still, too quiet for an unknown reason. Something’s not right. Quickening your steps, you quickly get in the house, stalking towards Jackson’s room only to find the three younger boys standing stiffly in front of the sliding door. “Yugyeom, what’s wrong?” Approaching the trembling boy, they freeze upon hearing your voice. A loud roar of pain echoed through the hallway making your heart clench. “Jackson…” You ran towards the source of the voice, only manage to gasped at the scene in front of you, your eyes widen with shock. In the room Jaebum and Mark were struggling to hold a trashing Jackson down, blood dripped from his lips, his fair hair had turned black, as dark as the midnight. His red irises met yours, a whisper of your name spilled from his bloodied lips, his forehead contorted in pain. He’s in his true form. His demon form. Puddles of blood smeared across the room making your breath hitch, your heart clenched painfully in your chest as your hand covered your mouth. Yugyeom pulled you back, trying to hide the scene from your eyes but it’s too late. Jinyoung slides the door close, leaving you with Yugyeom, Bambam and Youngjae outside. You were still in your shocked state when another cry of pain filled your ears. “Yu-Yugyeom what’s happening? What’s wrong with Jackson?” Your trembling hands grasped Yugyeom’s who was swallowing back his tears. You shook his arm. “Tell me! What’s wrong with him?” Tears started to pour down your cheek when you felt another pair of arm wrapping around you. “Tell me!” Bambam started to sob behind you, his arm wrapped around your waist. You tried to untangle their arms from your body, reaching towards the sliding door that separated you with Jackson. His pained moan hurts you, you don’t want him to be in pain. “Noona, don’t.” You scream in frustration when Youngjae managed to stop you, pulling you further away from the room.


Staring down at your fingers, you swallowed back a sob, your bloodshot eyes stared down sullenly. Your tears had dried, staining your cheeks. The younger boys had managed to drag you away from Jackson’s chamber, sitting you in an empty room. Silence filled the air as you waited, sitting across the younger boys who were in the same state as you. Their faces blank of any expression, hair ruffled in frustration. The steaming tea had cooled down on the table in front of you, untouched. Wiping your cheek, you heaved a deep breath when the door slid open, revealing a gloomy figure, Jinyoung. He looked tired, his face was sullen when his eyes met yours. Abruptly you stand before wobbling towards him, ignoring how your legs had gone numb from sitting for too long. “How is he? Can I see him?” His lips spread into a forced smile. “He’s fine now. The poison…” He paused, exhaling a shaky breath. “The poison had started to approach his heart but his body is fighting it, making him be in a great pain.” Your expression gone blank, but your heart pounded painfully in your chest. “Is..Is there really no cure?” Jinyoung’s eyes darted towards yours, something hidden beneath his dark irises. You frown. “There is… There is a cure right? Jackson said there’s no cure…” He hesitate, biting the inner flesh of his lips. You grabbed on his arm. “Tell me, there’s a cure right? Please tell me the truth.” He heaved a heavy breath before screwing his eyes shut. “I shouldn’t tell you this but I don’t want him to die too. Yes, there is a cure.” Yugyeom stood up to stop Jinyoung. “Hyung no.” “He’s dying Yugyeom! Can’t you see?” The younger boy recoils away upon Jinyoung’s outbreak. “It’s okay just tell me.” Your words came out as a whisper but still audible. “He has to claim you.” You turn towards Youngjae. “What?” He looked up at you timidly, his eyes darted between you and Yugyeom. “He has to claim you in order to make his power stronger so that he could fight the poison.” Your breath was caught in your lungs, his words dawning on you, your shoulder slumped.

To claim you would make a demon clan prosper, giving the leader an undefeatable power, invulnerable.

Jinyoung lead you towards where Jackson is, sliding the door open to be greeted with a familiar pale hair. He was lying down, tucked underneath a thick blanket with Jaebum sitting next to him. You sat next to Jaebum who gave you a small smile, a pat on your knee before excusing himself out of the room, leaving you alone with Jackson. You stared at him. They had cleaned him, his pale lips and skin makes your heart ache. His eyes flutter open, meeting yours. His hazy eyes focused solely on your face, a smile curved on his lips. The blanket rustles as he tries to get up. You helped him into a sitting position, leaning his back against the wall. Your eyes dropped to his half exposed chest, the dark blue cotton robe he’s wearing is half undone. There’s a faint black pattern drawn across his milky skin. It’s the poison, staining his veins black, embedded underneath his skin. You froze at the sight. Realizing it, he pulled the robe tighter around his body, covering it away from your sight. He reached for your trembling hands on your lap, giving them a weak squeeze. You looked down, turning your hand around to squeeze his hands back, finding that three of his fingertips were wounded, his bloodied nails chipped, the sleeves of his robe hiding his bruised knuckles from your sight. Your heart throbbed, you caught your quivering lips between your teeth. He must have clawed something due to his pain “Hey…” His voice was hoarse, coming out just as a mere whisper. Swallowing, he gave you a weak smile. “I’m sorry that you had to see me like that. It must be scary.” You shook your head, wanting to tell him that you’ve seen scarier things before but couldn’t find your strength to. He chuckled, the light sound ached your heart. You looked up at him. He was staring at you fondly, he looked so weak due to his pale lips and his eyes had lost its warmness. He reached up towards your cheek, wiping away the tears stain with a frown. “You didn’t tell me.” Your soft whisper reached Jackson’s ear. He looks at you questioningly. “You said there’s no cure.” His frown dissolves away, exhaling a small sigh. “They really can’t keep a secret.” This time you didn’t laugh. Your frown only deepens, tears started to sting the back of your eyes but you try to hold it back. “Hey…” Jackson’s fingers hooked underneath your chin, bringing your face up to meet his eyes. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything. I want you to be willing; I want you to do this with your own consent. Not because you have to.”


You thought of what he said. Although you can’t remember anything, you know that you’ve been deeply in love with him before. Even right now, you’ve fallen for him once again. The next day you went to see him again, early in the morning. He looks better but still weak. Even though knowing that, he still insists on having a walk with you in the garden. Your cautious eyes watched his every step, always on alert. He chuckled. “I’m fine. I can walk on my own.” You pouted slightly, noticing that both of you had stopped underneath a peach blossom tree. Jackson looks up, the golden sunlight showered him making him look almost angelic opposing to his true identity. The breeze softly blows the silk haori that he wore on top of a black shirt and sweatpants. “You remember this tree?” His eyes met yours, gleaming with tenderness, smiles curved on his rosy lips. Confused, you looked up at the pink shrouds. “We made a promise here.” His fingers laced with yours, drawing your attention away. He smiled gently at you but you frowned. A promise? You were about to say something to him when Mark rushed towards both of you. “Jackson, your brother came…” Jackson’s body tense. “They know it.” Mark’s careful sentence makes you frown. You looked towards Jackson who also bared the same expression as Mark’s. Turning towards you, he stares at your face. “Why?” Your soft voice flutters his head making him smile at you. “Nothing. Stay here for a while okay?” Shaking your head, you grabbed on his wrist. “I’m coming with you.” He seems to hesitate but you keep your stern eyes on him, not wanting to back away making him sigh before nodding. Locking his fingers with yours, he leads you towards the front yard, with Mark trailing close behind you. Jackson stands in front of you, hiding you away from the sight but you still manage to see Jaebum, a long sheath that you assumed is a sword gripped in one hand, the other boys also in the same position as he is, all looking at one direction, on guard.

Frowning you try to take a peek but Jackson halted in his steps, making you almost hit his back. “Brother! Finally, you’re here. Could you ask your, boys, to let me in? They’re so rude to their new leader.” Jackson’s hand clenched tighter around yours, you reached towards his arm, wrapping your nimble fingers on his elbow in a comforting manner. He glanced down at you before turning back towards his brother. Sneaking a look, you look at the man who was standing a few feet away from the gate, dressed in all black, even his long hair was the same shade but his eyes were different. They were red, and they were looking at you making your heart miss a beat. “Ahh, look who’s here. It’s Y/N!” He took a step forward making the boys taking a step forward too, hands ready at their own sword. The man let out a rumble of laughter, his deep voice sent a shiver to your spine. “I just want to meet my future wife…” “She’s not yours.” Jackson’s voice broke through the garden, making the former halt. “You do know that your title is gonna be revoked, don’t you? I’ll be the new clan leader, I’m the most rightful one, not you!” You flinched when he roared, feeling your hands tremble. Jackson gives your hand a squeeze though his eyes never left his brother. “If you don’t have any important matters here, please leave.” His voice was stern, his eyes unwavering shooting a glare at his brother who did the same, but his lips curled into a sinister smirk. “She would be mine, Jackson. You’re no longer fit to be a leader, you’re dying, my brother.” He laughs darkly, his red irises met yours making you tense. Giving you a wink, he disappeared into the thin air, leaving a trail of black smoke behind before it too dissolves away.


Jackson had sent you home, not alone of course. Youngjae and Mark obediently made sure you make it home safe. The night fell down without you realizing it. You had creeped back into your room after dinner, replaying the scene earlier in your mind. Trashing in your bed, you thought of your time with Jackson. You know that he doesn’t have enough time anymore, and if he didn’t claim you, he would die and you would he handed over to his brother which makes you shudder. You didn’t know what kind of person he is. You still remember when Mark told you about yourself. A senka’s blood is alluring to all demons. Jackson was really strong as he wasn’t even bothered by your blood whenever you hurt yourself. He would calmly bandage you up or sometimes heal you. You never could have imagined if it was his brother. Would he treat you the same way as Jackson did? You grabbed your phone before texting Jackson, alerting him that you’re going to his house. Glancing at the clock, you quickly slipped on your coat before sneaking out. The sound of the television echoed in the house. You entered the living room, drawing both your parents’ attention. “I’m staying the night at Jackson’s.” You expected for them to scold you but they just bid their goodbyes to you. When you step outside, Jaebum was already waiting for you outside. You paused. Usually the younger boys would escort you. He smiled at you, giving you a curt nod. The walk towards the house was quiet, until Jaebum decided to break it. “Have you made your decision?” You look towards him, nibbling on your lower lips, he just exhaled. “Jackson’s brother was never being in favor, the villagers weren’t really fond of him. He always resorted to violence in order to solve his problems, contrasting to Jackson. He was always calm, always put others before him that’s why the council wanted him to be new leader. Since they’re young, they never got along well. Their father thought that his brother was a bad influence on him, thus he sent Jackson to live here, separated from his brother.” You listen to his every words carefully, the image of Jackson’s brother came into your mind. When both of you reached the house, he stopped. “I hope you chose well, Y/N.”

You carefully walked in the garden, your gaze meets Jackson’s form who was standing by the pond, the door to his room slid open to let the chill air of the night blow in. He turned towards you, smiling at you, making you mimic his action. Approaching him, you let the heat from his body seep through your skin, warming your body as your arms wrapped around his torso. Jackson instantly wrapped his around your body too, burying his nose into your head. “What’s wrong?” You shook your head, the sudden urge of wanting to feel him in your arms filled your mind. Both of you stayed like that for a while. Parting your lips, you exhaled slowly. “Jackson, take me.” His body tense underneath your embrace, slowly pulling away to peer down at your face, his eyes searching yours with confusion. “I want to be with you, make me yours.” Your timid voice makes Jackson’s heart flutter; he holds your face between his warm hands, thumbs caressing your cheeks. “Are you sure?” Nodding, you smiled up at him reassuringly. “I’ve never been so sure in my life.” He seems to contemplate your decision, so you stand on your tiptoes before pressing your lips against his. His reaction was instant, his arm wrapped around your waist to pull you flush against his body. Jackson sighed upon feeling your lips against his. He could feel energy starting to flow into his weakened form. Pulling away from your lips hesitantly, he pulled you towards his room, kicking off his shoes making you do the same. Once both of you were inside his room, he turns towards you, his soft gaze fell on your face. You smiled up at him, your heart pounded loudly in your chest, suddenly feeling nervous under his towering form. Sensing your nervousness, he smiled gently at you before leaning down to press a soft kiss on your lips. You sighed upon feeling his lips against yours; your arms wrapped around his torso, his tongue timidly grazing on your lower lips, asking for permission, which you eagerly granted. The wet muscle explores your cavern before sensually massaging yours, eliciting a sigh from you. His arms rested around your waist, feeling your body heat seeping through the sleeves of his haori. He pushed the heavy material of your coat off your shoulders before helping you taking it off. Catching you in surprise, he lifted your body up making a yelp escape your lips, parting away from his kiss. Slowly he lowers you onto the silk futon, still warm from his body heat since he had been laying in it all day long. The fabric rustles underneath you. You look towards him, the shadow casted on his face almost makes him look predatorily but his comforting touches tell you the opposite. His lips pressed against the cusp of your ear, whispering sweet words before descending down the column of your neck, scattering skittish kisses as his hands slipping underneath your top to caress the bare skin of your waist. Your arms circled around his neck, fiddling with the neck of his haori, your head tilted back to give him more space as your lips parted to let out a rapid exhalation, your heartbeat had accelerated. Jackson’s hot breath caressed the small skin of your chest before he leans back his eyes met yours. Gently, he pulled the thick fabric of your sweaters off, tousling your hair. His arms immediately circled around your bare waist, his lips found the hidden skin of your chest. His tongue darted out to wet the spot on the mound of your breast, suckling on the ample flesh into a dull bruise. His fingers skimmed through your skins, leaving goosebumps bristle on its trail as they slipped into the waistband of your sweatpants.

He pushed it down, you shivered when the wind blew through the parted sliding door that leads to the garden, making pink and white petals flew in the room. Jackson watched you, his hands roamed around on your lingerie-clad body, unsure of where to touch first as your chest frantically raised up and down, your breath rushed in and out through your parted rosy lips. An intoxicated hue spread on your cheeks, drunk with the desire that flooded your mind making your eyes went unfocused. Pulling his hands away, Jackson shrugged off the haori he was wearing before pulling the white shirt up, taking it off his body. You gasped when he took off his shirt, revealing his chest that was covered with a faint black pattern that clearly traces his veins. It had covered his chest, dangerously close to his heart making your heart throb at the sight. Slowly you reach forward to spread your palms on his chest. Jackson leans down to press his lips onto your forehead. “I’ll be fine.” He pulled away to give you a smile. The corner of your lips twitched too, mirroring his action. He pressed a chaste kiss on your lips, your eyes flutter close. His hand caressing your torso, slipping to the curve of your back to unclasp your bra, letting the material fall off your shoulders and exposing your perked nipples to the cold air making you shiver. Red hue started to bloom on your cheeks, suddenly feeling so exposed to Jackson. On the opposite of him. You could feel his fingers linger on the front of your panties before slipping them in, his fingers grazing against your opening, collecting your leaking juice. “It’s your first time, correct?” You shyly nodded at his question. Slowly, he slid in his middle finger, making you gasped as your eyes screw shut. Noises that you didn’t recognize spilled out of your lips, making the red hue on your cheek darken. He chuckled at how you were covering your face, biting your lower lips in an attempt to stop your moans. He started to pump his finger in and out of your wet core, feeling you clamp around his finger. You whined but the sound was muffled by how hard you were gnawing your lower lip. Jackson hushed you, his fingers hooked underneath your chin to pull it down, making you release your lower lip. “It’s okay, nobody’s gonna hear you, the boys are on the other side of the house.” You exhaled loudly, feeling light headed due to the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your body. When he added another finger swiftly, your breath caught in your lungs, feeling so full. Swallowing, you try to regulate your breathing, trying to relax so that Jackson could properly prepare you. He pumped his digits a few times before pulling it out of you, slipping your panties off. You reflexively clamp your thighs together. Jackson just smirked before standing up only to push his pants down along with his boxers to bare his erected shaft. Your jaw went slack, suddenly feeling nervous. Now, how is he gonna fit? The hesitation was chased away when he kneeled back on the smooth duvet, his fingers dancing across your legs before lodging himself in between them. You lay down, your back flat against the futon, your nervous fingers frantically grasped on the fabric underneath you.

Jackson could sense your nervousness, leaning down to scatter kisses on your face. “Relax, love. Trust me, I’ll try to make it as less painful as I can.” You exhaled a shaky breath before nodding at him. He parted your thighs wider before hooking your calf around his hip. Slowly he nudged the tip of his shaft in, sliding in slowly, watching your expression for any sign to stop him. You only shut your eyes and your back curved slightly, your fingers gripped on his biceps tightly that your nails formed crescent dents on his skin. Once filling you to the hilt, he paused for a while to let you adjust to his size. He released a deep throaty groan before inhaling a deep breath. His breathing was unsteady and ragged; his fingers fisted the duvet underneath you. “So tight, my love.” Your battered breathing echoed in his ears, enhancing his arousal, his eyes fluttered close to savor the feeling. He’s finally making you his, finally claiming you. He could feel your energy surging through him already, boosting his weakened power. His eyes snapped open when you ask him to move. Placing a kiss on your shoulder, he started to move, setting a slow pace so that you could adjust. After a while, you started to feel pleasure building up in your lower belly, the pain dulled into a pleasurable tingle You unconsciously clamped your muscles around him making Jackson growl. He started to pick up his pace, snapping his hip back and forward, the sound of skin slapping against skin mingled with the sounds of your moans and mewls. His fingers dropped to your thigh, caressing the smooth flesh up and down, amplifying the pleasure that flooded your body, making your fingers tingle and your toes curled. “Jackson…” You’re close, he could feel that you’re reaching your peak due to how you’re clenching around him. “Let it go, it’s okay I got you.” After a few more thrust, you arch your back, a wanton whine of his name ripped through your throat as your orgasm hit you like a wave. Feeling you clenching tightly around him, Jackson reached his ecstasy with a low growl, your name tumbled out of his mouth with a trembling breath. He dropped his forehead onto your shoulder, riding off his orgasm with your arms weakly wrapped around his, Slumping down on your body, he buried his face into the crook of your neck, feeling your sticky skin against his. He rolled over so that he won’t crush you before sliding his limp member out of you. Sighing, you let your droopy eyes flutter close, feeling Jackson wrapped both of you with the thick duvet, the soft breezes blows your hair gently.


You woke up with the sound of the birds chirping happily. When you pry your eyes open, you were greeted with the view of the garden and pond in fronts of Jackson’s room. The pink petals had scattered around the room, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves makes you smile. “Good morning.” The familiar voice makes your smile even more. Turning around, your gaze met a pair of warm brown irises. You turn your body around to fully face him. Jackson propped his head on his hand, his warm gaze watches you with fondness that makes your heart twitch with happiness. You noticed that something about him had changed, he felt more powerful than before, you could practically see him glowing, his eyes gleamed brightly at you. Your eyes dropped to his chest, widening slightly. The black veins had disappeared, leaving the skin smooth and flawless. You gingerly placed your palm on his chest, tracing the curves of his abs with your fingertips. “I told you I would be fine.” Your eyes flickered to his, breaking into a grin. You healed him. Biting on your lower lips, your chest swell with pride, seeing the effect you have on him. Jackson lowered his lips to kiss your forehead, he can’t stop the grin from spreading on his lips as you bury your face into his chest when a sudden thought crossed your mind. “I remember it…” Jackson hummed, his eyebrows creased in confusion. You tilt your head back to look up at his face. “The promise we made under the peach tree, I remember it already.”


Tears started to brim in your eyes but you tried to swallow it back but failed when it started to drop on your cheeks. Jackson hushed you, his calloused fingers cradle both of your cheeks, wiping away the tears that started to stain your face. “I won’t stay there forever. I’ll come back.” You sobbed, your visions started to blur due to the tears. “When?” He pulled you into his arm, tightly embracing you, his hands caressed your hair in order to calm you down. Placing a small kiss on top of your head, he sighed. “I promise, that I’ll come back before this tree starts to blossom, and we’ll eat the peaches together, like we always do.”


Pairing: Cormac McLaggen x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon AU; no wizarding wars

Word Count: 1,828

Rating: light ‘M’ for brief, sexually explicit descriptions

Hermione Granger loses her virginity to Cormac McLaggen in a musty sixth floor broom closet when she’s seventeen years old.

It sort of…sets a precedent.

The strange thing is that she quite thoroughly loathes him.

He’s arrogant in a grating, bombastic way that makes her want to grit her teeth and stamp her feet and slap her hands over ears so she doesn’t have to listen to him drone on and on and on about the nineteen bedrooms in his family’s ancestral Highlands castle, or the time he’d gone fishing with his Uncle Angus and caught what they were both pretty sure was a at least one of Nessie’s second or maybe third cousins, I swear’, or how he’d been with ‘a lot of girls—like, a lot, y’know’ but he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a pair of breasts he likes quite so much as he likes hers and ‘yes, that’s as serious a declaration as it sounds, sweetheart, don’t you worry’

He’s horrible.

He’s wonderfully horrible.

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