pond in late summer

I found this composition in the backcountry of the Snowy Range a few years ago, but I had to return this summer with better skies. This unnamed peak almost glows in the predawn light of late summer, and this particular pond reflects the scene perfectly. There’s literally hundreds of lakes in this small mountain range which leaves a lot more exploring to do!

Snowy Range, Wyoming - August 2015

Shot notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 90mm Caltar lens
8 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter


Cyperus alternifolius is in the family Cyperaceae. Commonly known as umbrella papyrus, it is native to areas of the east coast of Africa, Madagascar, and some western Indian Ocean islands. Umbrella papyrus is cultivated widely as an ornamental plant, along with other species in this genus of over 700 members. It is known for its extreme ease of cultivation due to its tolerance of a variety of growing conditions, but does best in full sun in highly inundated areas such as ponds. Umbrella papyrus blooms during the late summer, producing a dense head of grass-like inflorescences. The flowers are arranged in spikelets, with each individual flower subtended by a small bract.


Late summer. Early evening. A dip in the pond is a bit more refreshing this time of year

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