pond in a garden

As I type this I’m packing my stuff. Tomorrow I’m moving to an actual house. Not a room, a HOUSE with a bathtub and a fireplace and a garden with a pond (with FISH) and a kitchen where I’ll cook for the first time since I moved to the uk. I just have to buy the beds and some cool furniture and that’s it. Maybe death will no longer look like the best choice from now on


In July every year we have an event called “ Secret Gardens ” Last year we visited some of the best decorated backyards in the neighborhood and this guy had turned the complete backyard into a pond and gardens. The backyard was about 150 feet wide by 50 feet deep and a pond covered 85% of his lot. This 3 level pond was just beautiful and equipped with a filter hidden behind some bushes. The deep end about 4 feet was at the base of the falls, so I guess he left the fish there for the winter. At least this guy had no lawn to cut !