poncho yusei



“yusei why do you have acorns in your poncho”

“they’re for bolto hedgehog”

“you……do realize bolto hedgehog isn’t real, right?”



You see this jacket? I wish Judai wore this jacket for more than just this scene because he looks hot in it. I don’t understand why I have such an obsession about this jacket. But is there a “fandom” for Green Jacket Judai like there is for Poncho Yusei? I must know.

July 12th: When in doubt add spikes - Summary

Fashion day is over and here are the new creations:


@synchro-my-ass - The day has been blessed with poncho Yusei. A truly essential component of any fashion related discussion about YGO! Aaaahhh he looks so good!!! I love how his hand turned out!!

@watertribe-enya - What an amazing outfit!!! I love all the accessories and his hair oh my gosh!!

@lisiechan - Yusei looks really handsome in this outfit wOW!! And your OC is really pretty too!! I like her hair a lot!


@dearlybelovedfeels - Oooooh my gosh!!! You look absolutely stunning!! What an amazing photoset! Your outfit, your hair, your poses - everything is on point!!

@trickstarbrave - Aaaahhh what a beautiful cosplay!!! For how spiky Crow’s hair style is, it looks incredibly soft in those photos!! You look AWESOME!!

Late Entries

July 10th

@trickstarbrave - (Technically not late, the post just didn’t show up in the tag for me… I’m really sorry about that) Ahhhh that is such a beautiful soft drawing of Aki!! The colours are so pretty and her expression is just so calm and beautiful!!

@pot-of-gluttony - (In combination with July 11th) Wow… Just wow… I was not prepared for that… It was so tense and exciting… I was completely captivated by your writing… Honestly I was practically vibrating in my seat! The pacing was done so right!

July 7th

@nikkari-aoe - You have such a poetic writing style ahhh… I love how you connected the prompt to the character, it was such a beautiful read!

The prompt for July 13th is “Radios, Records, Songfics!”:

Let’s face it, we all watch trashy Every Time We Touch AMVs, reblog You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood memes and think of our ships when we listen to music. No shame there.