poncho power

The force gave Luke Skywalker the ability to be the leading exporter of Power Moves in the universe

Beast titty milk? Power move

Ghost projection fighting Kylo? Power move

sadness island where no one can find him? Dramatic gay power move

Unnecessarily running around in the damn rain as Rey follows him? Excessive gay power move x2

Ponchos? Huuuge power move

Healer Yamaguchi

Inspired by @maychorian‘s dream.

When Yamaguchi uses his healing powers it emits a soft glow that only Yams can see. He started wearing a poncho to try to limit the amount of accidental heals so he can save his power. Though of course he will still help someone who needs his magic.

         Extremely Rare and Historical Moment Captured

                     Poncho Villa and Emiliano Zapata

Pictured here together in 1914. From what I know Zapata had no presidential aspirations as you can see he refused to sit in the president’s chair. “Villa is in that chair” and he most likely or by some accounts factually harbored presidential aspirations but like I said not documented or quoted but by accounts of those closest to him. But if they were true or not nothing would become of it. He was assassinated in 1923. Either way what a awesome and telling picture!

I’ve already posted about Kudzumon here: she’s the little flower chick who hasn’t grown wings yet and glides using her poncho. She’s not very powerful but her special attack, Gastric Juices, is pretty corrosive.

In my Adventure AU, she was partnered with a child from the first generation of Chosen (I don’t take tri. into account).

((oh man, I get so excited when I see people speculate what happened during the war between those two. I hope you don’t mind me spring-boarding off into some thoughts of my own on this subject.))

If the humans did win using save scumming it probably was even more grueling for only one human, the one who held control of the Save File. So not only would they have to make sure they did not die but also oversee that every soldier on the field does not fall. Someone like that had to have been the one to lead the army, and probably saddled themselves with most of the fighting as to not take any risks. 

(this person)

((Also if they were aware of the affects gaining LOVE can do to ones psyche they probably also had to make sure that no one got to LV. 20. Perhaps at the cost of they themselves reaching the “absolute”.))

So every time a mistake was made, reload the save file. Don’t give the monsters a chance.

Even if in one of the earlier iterations of the war did have Asgore defeat poncho human unless they were willing to have their soul absorbed they would have likely entered a “game over” and reloaded

“You tell Asgore he’s killed you X times before, he nods sadly/grievously/pitifully”

This means that Asgore has already fought against humans who had the ability to come back to fight again, with the ability to “Save.”
The fallen children are suggested to have had the ability to save by Toriel’s feelings of deja-vu, but in the end their determination ran out, they gave up.
The humans from the war however, were victorious.

Also any monster’s who may have absorbed a human soul would have to share control 50/50. And like how Chara and Asriel were rendered helpless when they could not agree how to act while being attacked, a monster would not be able to do much anything if the human half was fighting against them. ((Or worse, the split in control could cause the monster to go on a mindless rampage.))
In the Omega Flowey fight we see that six souls could revolt and overpower him, once they all were rallied together. So that would put a monster who absorbs more than one human souls at a greater disadvantage shrinking their percentage of control.

((Asgore is such a soft hearted guy, he’d probably buckle under the weight of six souls, let alone wrestle control from Reada if he ever did absorb their soul in some timeline.))

So it seems like, since we only learn about the control split from Asriel, and not from the Waterfall wall text that first tells us about monster’s taking human souls, that even the monster’s themselves didn’t actively go about absorbing human souls, and the ones who did, either didn’t or couldn’t (perhaps due to being hunted down) share that information with others.