pon pon pon lyrics

Pom Pom Way Way

For @my-dreamreality & @infinitizedstarlight :

Imagine a pocket-sized you jumping on the mousepad of Yoongi’s laptop, pressing the button to play the audio of Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu’s Ponponpon. The man in front of you starts waving the hot pink and glittery pompoms around as he jumps in the air and follows along to the J-Pop singer’s choreography. Instead of his usual skinny jeans and bomber jacket, he’s sporting a hot pink cheerleader outfit, the top only covering his pecks and part of his stomach, leaving his shoulders and belly button exposed. The skirt is so short that it shows off his beautiful better-than-SNSD’s-legs. The rapper’s face is fully covered in makeup, from the dark red lipstick on his lips to the bright blue eyeshadow caking eyelids (done by yours truly of course). You push Yoongi to sing along to the song, and with his deep-set voice, he blandly sings along to the lyrics. The “pon pon’s” sound especially hilarious because of how disinterested Yoongi is in his singing.

As he continues with his dull cover of Ponponpon, you make an “okay” sign with your hand at the door, which is cracked open just the slightest to where you see 95z line giving you three thumbs up. Taehyung has his phone in his left hand, recording whatever he can of the beautiful cheerleader Yoongi. The two snicker silently, mentally high-fiving each other for winning the bet they had with the rapper.