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♫A dancy mix to play video games to♫

★1. She - Atomic ★2. Pon Pon Pon - Remix ★3. Sinnoh Game Corner Remix - GlitchxCity ★4. Down, B, Up, B - Harrison ★5. Jet Set Wario - CMCroom the DJ Hero ★6. Blackout City - Anamanaguchi  ★7. 8 Bit Adventure - AdhesiveWombat  ★8. Sweet Future Funky Stuff - FrankJavCee  ★9. Ichi No Yoru X -  コンシャスTHOUGHTS - 鮎川 まどか  ★10. Bubblegum K.K. - SSB4  ★11. My Skateboard Will Go On - Anamanaguchi  ★12. All Night - Icona Pop  ★13. Splatoon Credits - Splatoon OST


17.04.12 PON! ARASHI Week 3 - ARASHI [English highlight]

Question: Comparing meeting each other for the first time and now, who has the biggest change?

Jun answered Leader
Masaki answered Leader
Sho answered Jun
Leader answered Jun
Nino answered Masaki

Nino’s reason
N: We knew each other for long time, he was not that talkative, he was silent in the past. He is not such a person to fight again kangaroo and lion. That was unimaginable.
S: You two were always together weren’t you, during Jr. time. The two families also get along well isn’t it?
N: Yes.
S: When was the first acquaintance?
N: Concert.
M: Nagano Sun Plaza.
A: I didn’t appear on that concert.
N: You came for interview.
A: Right right right.
N: That was probably the first time we met.
A: We met there, and went home together.
N: Nagano to home is a straight line on Sobu Line.
S: I see.
A: Right.
S: Then when you two went home, Yama P was with you two?
A: We went together.
N: Together. And Kazama.
A: And then YamaP, Kamenashi.
S: Eh~ Sobu Line was such luxurious [to have you all in].
N: Right.
A: Fufufu very luxurious. I went farther than YamaP. When YamaP reached the station, I called YamaP’s mother, telling her that YamaP was about back home.
M: YamaP didn’t have mobile.
A: Yes. Because YamaP was small then.
N: YamaP was like a kouhai close to us, once after a concert it was snowing, when we went home, YamaP was troubled by a man. The man said “What’s wrong with you?!” to YamaP, that was not good, and since I was senpai, I had to help him. Then I went to them, and I slipped on snow. And then YamaP kneeled to ask me if I was OK. Such episodes were countless.

Aoki: These friends who have spent your teen age together, after 20 years, you are going to perform special programme together [ARASHI ni Shiyagare 3-hour Special featuring YamaP and Kame in This is MJ].
S: It would be an impressive episode.

* Just highlight, not verbatim.

important writing update

Chapter 3 is fucking finished!!!JGJFHJJJH!!!!!!HJ!!!

Oh my god I thought I would never see the day. I’ll post tomorrow because it’s past midnight and I always do a last reread in ao3 preview and it’s almost 5000 words so…

I’m too tired to appreciate what this means now for my writing. It’s either terrible or fantastic but I’m very strict about only working on one thing at a time (otherwise I will leave things unfinished because I am like that). So this means I can write other stuff now! Like the 4 other fic ideas I had while writing this! And prompts that people sent me 2 months ago! Wow all the possibilities!!! 

10 cosas que tu perro te diría:

1. Mí vida podría durar de 10 a 15 años. Cualquier separación de ti será dolorosa. Recuerda eso antes de que me adquieras.

2. Dame tiempo para entender lo que quieres de mi.

3. Pon tu confianza en mi, es crucial para mi bienestar.

4. No te enojes conmigo por mucho tiempo, y no me encierres como castigo.

5. Tú tienes tu trabajo, tu entretenimiento, tus amigos. Yo sólo te tengo a ti.

6. Hablame a veces. Aun cuando no entienda tus palabras pero entiendo tu voz cuando me habla.

7. Se cuidadoso en cómo me tratas, no olvidaré.

8. Recuerda antes de golpearme que tengo dientes y podría lastimarte fácilmente pero escojo no morderte porque te amo.

9. Antes de que me regañes por no cooperar, ser obstinado o perezoso, pregúntate si algo está molestándome. Quizá no estoy comiendo correctamente, he estado fuera mucho tiempo o mí corazón está volviéndose viejo y débil.

10. Cuídame cuando me esté volviendo viejo; tú también te volverás viejo. Ve conmigo en los viajes difíciles. Nunca digas “no me atrevo a mirar” o “Dejen que pase en mí ausencia”, todo es más fácil si estás conmigo. Incluso mí muerte.