Jack takes over ROR and Pommer’s interview

↳ “so ryan o’rielly obviously this is going to be your first winter classic experience, when did you start growing your beard, knowing we were going to be playing outside, to keep yourself warm?…what do you think about the aerodynamics, think that’s going to cause any problems?”
          ↳ watch for other great one liners like: “that’s nice.

For challenge #1 of @simblrsimplyforfun, I collaborated with @kirstenmaealtman, @candydandysims, @pixiesandbuttercups, and @simtuition to do a bit of a ladies day using our sims. I mashed up the challenge with a story that I am currently writing on my simblr (#pushing thirty). Each of these simmers was an absolute pleasure to work with - they were all very kind! :) 

Feel free to check out the photos and short story below the cut. I may have stalked their simblrs a bit trying to find details about their sims that I could embed in the story and photos. Enjoy! :D

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