Chibi commissions are opened; and for a reason!

I am moving out with my boyfriend soon, and very much need to save up to buy necessities for our new home. He is working and bringing in some money but we need a lil extra help! This is not urgent as we are waiting until the late fall to actually move out but we still gotta save up as early as possible and as much as possible.

My aimed goal for this month is; $30 - $50. I’m starting with bathroom stuff first, and if I can get this amount I can get some towels, a rug, plunger and some minor stuff for cleaning.

SKETCH - $5 
(extra char is another $5)
Rules : Nothing nsfw except uhh idk vulgar words like shitfartmonkey printed on the chars shirt. Also boobies are ok!! 

Please message me here or on deviantart if you are interested, or have any questions. uvu And please share this if you can!! I would really appreciate it!
Paypal - pommebutton@gmail.com
Everyone who donates get a lil doodle from me as well~

(Hopefully by next month I can offer regular commissions!)