pomme no tabi

this is really late but
i saw a bunch of utaite at comiket!

short notes on each of them just…because

itou kashitarou: super genki as always! and really tall wow
amatsuki: i didnt recognise him at first since he had brown hair www and he was rly popular. the act family line was like 45 people long
ask: he was actually there! i think. he was tall and had red megane
mafumafu: basically a tired ikemen ww and he had a giant mafu teru plush uguu I want one
kradness: Very Tall and Very Blonde
kogeinu: i didnt expect him to be here either since he doenst show his face! he is round, very round like a chow chow uwa cute
ishigantou: I just passed by really quickly but he was 1. very happy and 2. chubby!
DC: all remember is he had black hair instead of gold hair and also god eat some food man
kettaro: suffering from heat and fangirls
Mi-chan: suffering from heat and fangirls
yuuto: was wearing a fedora I think
kony: same as always kony
soraru: tall and very low green shirt like whoa and a fedora I think
saine: cute! also wearing makeup laughs even though it was hot and she had that tweet
komine: cute and really cute
ayaponzu: cute
baru: cute
kyounosuke: ikemen cute

sorry all the girls are just cute I didnt buy anything from them just passed by really quickly

Last night, I made takoyaki. I am now legally certified to teach you how to make it.
(not really ssh)

Things you need:
- takoyaki pan
- octopus, raw, diced into 1.2 cm (½ inch) cubes
- green onion, finely diced
- tenkasu
- bamboo skewers
- takoyaki sauce

- aonori
- bonito fish flakes
- mayonnaise

First, give the pan a nice oiling like you would for any baked good, and pour a layer of batter (the batter is store bought powder and you follow the instructions on the package, end result should be pancake batter thickness) on the pan, which should be at 250°C, assuming that its an electric pan. If you’re using a cast iron pan on a stove, crank it up to medium high. Keep pouring until all the circles are filled and there is a thin layer on the spaces between the circles.

Then, sprinkle finely-chopped negi (green onion) and tenkasu on top. There are a variety of things you can put, but this is what my family does. This one stall in Taiwan made giant takoyaki with entire boiled quail eggs inside. If you’re queasy about eating octopus, sausage or anything else will work.

Anyway, you wait about three minutes until the spaces between the circles get kind of transparent - a sign that the batter will unstick from the pan.

At this point you can use the skewers to cut lines between the rows of circles, so that each circle has its own square of batter.

Here comes the hard part! Use the skewer to flip each takoyaki by 180 degrees, while attempting to stuff the side batter into the hole as well. Don’t worry. It won’t be pretty. And if there isn’t enough batter to fill the hole, it’s fine. It’ll turn out a bit less like a ball and more like a UFO.

The pan looks like a battlefield. Now you use the skewer periodically over the next few minutes to flip them over and cook the lighter side, seal up a spot, and fix some bumps here and there. This is the part where you watch tv or talk to whoever’s within a five foot radius while idly flipping your food.

Keep flipping and flipping, and they turn out like this. Crispy golden brown on at least 40% of the surface is a good sign.

Gingerly stab your creations and put them on your plate, at which time you can then drizzle all sorts of things on them! The standard toppings are takoyaki sauce, aonori (seaweed powder or small flakes), bonito fish flakes, and mayonnaise. Some people also put curry powder or spicy powder.

If they’re all done or near done, and you can’t eat them fast enough, turn off the heater and they’ll keep themselves warm until you take them out.

To eat, I recommend waiting for a minute, then stabbing the octopus with the skewer and gingerly eating the batter on the side until the octopus falls out. Then shovel the octopus in your mouth and slowly eat the rest of the batter so you don’t get burnt like I do every time.

Instead of filling them with octopus+negi+tenkasu, you can also put in cheese (I recommend mozzarella bits) or chocolate inside. It tastes really good.

Any leftovers can be bagged, frozen, and eaten later! You’ll probably want to first microwave them for thirty seconds and then toast for a bit before eating.

I’m leaving Japan with my little cousin at a bit past 12:30 in the afternoon August 15th, headed to California.

The flight is approximately 10 hours.

Japan Standard Time is 16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

meaning that I’ll arrive at home sometime around 7:00 AM,

August 15.

starting that day all over again.

The Kagerou Daze loops on August 15, starting at around 12:30 in the afternoon. It occurs when two people die on August 15, at which time they enter the heat haze. After repeating August 15 until certain conditions are met, one of the two is allowed to escape the heat haze, now burdened with an eye ability.

Today, too, the rotten 18-year-old prayed.


I went a shopping spree in the underground mall the other day and bought a bunch of hella cheap shirts because thats what vacations are for, and by “shopping spree” I mean “arbitrarily made purchases”

Also I’m concerned by the fact that every single pose is the same because i really did not mean to do that

The cats look like they’re wearing ties, or at least bandanas, which delights me to no end.

I’ve always wanted one if those shirts with random English words because they really speak to my soul y'know? also because superlatives are the best (do you see what I did there hohoho)

I’m really in love with the shark shirt because not only is there a giant shark mouth placed directly over my uterus for shark week, but the hood has hungry little eyes.

Also theres this store called Miki thats like the poorly made forever 21 of taiwan i guess, and in this mall there are 5 Mikis. idk why. these are basically all from separate Mikis

kougyokku  asked:

matcha ice cream, french macaron ;););););) i would send more but all the good ones were asked orz

matcha ice cream ー how do you sleep? ex. curled up / sprawled out? blankets on / off? be descriptive (●´ω`●)

“be descriptive” omg

it varies a lot??? usually i’m curled up on the side,  facing whatever way i need to face so that my bangs dont look Ultra Stupid, I sleep on my stomach when i’m on my period because it’s shitty, I sleep flat on my back with my arms out to the side recently because my bed is a hard bamboo mat and it hurts somewhat to curl up.

french macaron ー post a picture of yourself ♡

so I know this pic isn’t spectacularly attractive or anything but I was riding a bicycle on a bicycle tour in eastern taiwan and was like HEY LET’S ENDANGER MY LIFE so i took a selfie and this is it. this selfie was taken at 10 mph

I cannot believe

I went to a Japanese restaurant with my family for dinner and my dad ordered celebratory sake since my brothers graduation is tomorrow, and the waitress asked my brother for his ID but not me, so I just assumed she was just not going to give me a glass.

And then she gave me a glass.

Me, his short little sister, who is 18 and is said to look 15