Zodiac - “Circle of Animals”

Recently I’ve been thinking about zodiac signs because the meaning of Zodiac always bugged me because the signs it represents doesn’t match what it means

Zodiac means “Circle of Animals” representing the animal constellations along the circle of the equator in the sky at night

But in western Astrology, our modern constellations are not all Animals, we have some human figures (Gemini, Virgo) as well as inanimate tools (Aquarius, Libra) as well as some mythological or chimerical creations (Saggitarius, Capricorn)

and I was wondering, if we did assign actual real life animals to those signs, what would they possibly be? and why?

So I went back to the roots of it all, Sumerian and then Babylonian star catalogues to try and find an answer, after all, the modern signs were only based off of these older signs, they have become changed in the process, usually during Greek and Roman times and then later sort of “solidified” in modern times (And then also with a sprinkling of mythological tales common in those star regions to see the association between the animal and the meaning of the modern signs)

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