Vegan pumpkin burger with mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce, pomegranate, and garlic mayo. Perfect for fall! 

Recipe here: http://veganheaven.org/recipe/vegan-pumpkin-burger/

im so mad.. the other day i bought myself water , pomegranates and a fruit salad and my brother ate both n didnt even finish them .. then took my water … nobody is safe

diabhal-sceal  asked:

waiting for the pomegranate sestina like 🤔

Dear Mr. Goat Man, 

Here at Pomegranate Press, we have also been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the aforementioned Sestina. And we can assure you that Miss Pomegranate has researched the poetic form and is prepared to give it a go. Just not quite yet. 

She appreciates your interest and will endeavor to appease your curiosity as soon as she possibly can. 

Miss Pomegranate wishes you a lovely, fruit-filled day. 


The Arils Staff


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