DIY Pixie Pom Old Skools

Pom poms are all the rage right now. You’ve seen them everywhere from purses and keychains to jewelry, and it was only a matter of time until we added these little cuties to our Vans. Embrace this playful trend with our easy-to-follow DIY below!

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barelytherenotallhere  asked:

Bug head writing prompt "I could kiss you!" One of them figures out something for the other and the latter gets so excited or happy they either kiss the person or exclaim that they want to...

A rather delayed answer to your adorable request before I post something regarding last night’s episode later tonight, so stay tuned! I hope you like it!!! Thanks so much for requesting!! 

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It was dead silent in the students’ lounge that Tuesday in free period.  Being one of the rare days that the sun was showering the small town of Riverdale with its rich, warm rays, every student was out in the backyard, soaking up the much needed vitamin D. That of course didn’t apply for Jughead Jones whose mainly attitude and way of life was far beyond from sunshines and rainbows.

He threw his bag at the couch at the center of the room carelessly and mentally let a happy sigh of relief that the only sound around him was him thinking. He pushed some coins into the venting machine paying for a very small, much to his dislike, pack of chips and some Skittles, the boy always up for an unhealthy snack, peaking out of the window mindlessly as he waited for the machine to deliver the goodies. Amongst the sea of high schoolers, he could see Archie along with Reggie and Moose and other jocks engrossed in a low-key baseball match in all their Bulldogs’ glory of heavy laughter and dude jokes and Veronica sporting some oversized, designer sunglasses while sunbathing on the grass along with other cheerleaders while Cheryl Blossom was some benches away with Josie and the Pussycats, the girls watching something on an iPad and swaying lightly to some beat. Jughead didn’t feel even the slightest of need to join them.

With snacks in hand, the boy threw himself on the couch and got comfortable, resting his legs on the coffee table in front of him and crossing them at the ankles, his mind briefly wandering to the bubbly blonde his eyes didn’t quite catch outside, enjoying the nice day. He hoped she wasn’t with her face buried in some book at the library or squishing her mind for ideas in the Blue & Gold; she studied and worked too much for her own good. Thinking that maybe he hadn’t notice her presence outside – something much more than doubtful because he was always aware of her presence without even looking up – but making a mental note to check up on her in a while, Jughead opened his laptop on his lap and double clicked on the document that held his precious novel, feeling his fingers itching to put on paper the words that danced all day in his mind.

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anonymous asked:

you probaby get this a lot (sorry) but what are your fav 1960s and 1970s movies? :D thanks in advance!!

ok fuck this i’m finally gonna do a collective masterpost now once and for all :D

so here it goes…

🌼 actually from the 60s or 70s: pom pom girls (1976), cheech and chong’s up in smoke (1978), american graffiti (1973) and the sequel called more american graffiti (1979), a hard day’s night (1964), there’s a girl in my soup (1970) and cactus flower (1969; both with goldie hawn), saturday night fever (1977), i wanna hold your hand (1978), roller boogie (1979), that funny feeling (1965), if a man answers (1962), send me no flowers (1964), psychout for murder (1969), easy rider (1969), valley of the dolls (1967), beyond the valley of the dolls (1970), foxy brown (1974), what a way to go (1964), the man who fell to earth (1976), the cracked actor documentary about bowie (1975), the leonard cohen documentary called bird on a wire (it only came out a few years ago but was entirely filmed in 1972 on his tour), day for night (originally la nuit américaine, directed by truffaut from 1973), the fearless vampire killers (1967), eye of the devil (1966), breakfast at tiffany’s (1961), come september (1961), grease (1978), the graduate (1967)

🌻 set in the 60s or 70s: almost famous (always the extended version aka the ‘untitled cut’ of the movie which is about 40 mins longer and even more amazing!), sunset strip, lords of dogtown, detroit rock city, velvet goldmine, the runaways, dazed and confused, boogie nights, lovelace, american hustle, slums of beverly hills, kill the king (alternative title is shangri-la suite), fear and loathing in las vegas, taking woodstock, northern soul, the look of love, the dreamers, now and then

then i have a few “special” favorites which are either german movies or german co-productions i have only watched in german myself, but maybe you can find them subtitled or watch them for the aesthetics haha: das wilde leben (english title: eight miles high) about the life of uschi obermaier, sonnenallee (set in 70s east-berlin), die legende von paul und paula (cult movie from 1973), alice in den städten (from 1974, directed by wim wenders), starfighter - sie wollten den himmel erobern (yeah it was on RTL but the movie itself was pretty good and it’s set in the mid-60s to mid-70s and they captured the times and its aesthetics and the music really well in my opinion), ich ein groupie (rock groupie movie from 1970 with ingrid steeger), eis am stiel 1-8 (english title: lemon popsicle) which is a movie series consisting of 8 comedy films with the same actors and they’re all set in the late 50s-early 60s and were filmed in the late 70s and throughout the 80s but ugh they’re my fave summer films i watch them all the time lol

that’s about it, that’s literally all my favorite movie recommendations from or set in the 60s/70s 🌼🌻

High School AU (Yoo Kihyun)

*This idea was floating around in my head
*And man it sounds juicy but idk lol
*(SPOILER ALERT this ain’t turn out how I wanted :( I’ll try again)
*So it’s freshman year of high school and you joined the yearbook committee
*Your literally one of the only freshman who joined
*Except Yoo Kihyun (ayyyyeee #PlotConvenience) and some other kid named Minhyuk who was annoying to you at first
*So freshman year starts off easy
*But holy shit you’ve gotta go to school events to get pictures AND you have to design the yearbook pages AND THE COVER AND THE THEME AND YOUR COUNTING VOTES FOR SR. FAVES
*It’s a lot tbh
*But luckily you’ve got a whole team of people who are there to help you out
*Except on Friday Night Football
*Not one person volunteered to go on the sidelines and take pics
*Everyone’s “too busy” or being in the sidelines is “too dangerous”
*But the truth is everyone just wants to be in the bleachers hanging with friends instead of doing stuff for the yearbook
*So guess who gets roped into doing it?
*The freshmen of course!
*So you Kihyun and Minhyuk are now on the sidelines, with your sideline passes and your all shook
*Because why the fuck are all these football players so big? And why are the cheerleaders and pom girls all here on the sidelines? A news crew is here too?
*It’s hectic
*You and Kihyun are just gripping you cameras for dear life unsure of what to do
*And Minhyuk is like “k I’m gonna go snap some pics of the mascot”
*He’s so bold and confident it seems
*And you and Kihyun are a bit more shy
*But then the game starts and there is zero time to be shy because you guys are running all around trying to get a shot of every group you can
*After like and hour and a half you’re beat
*So you’re looking at your pics while you take a break off to the side and you realize they’re mostly blurry and out of focus
*You’re literally like FML all this for nothing and you really wanna go home because there is so much going on and your stressed :(
*So your about to call your mom and you look over and see Kihyun crouching down by the endzone clearly trying to get some aesthetic shot of the sky or something
*And he’s so focused he doesn’t realize that the game is still going
*And that number 85 is CHARGING TOWARDS HIM
*SO on a whim you drop your camera and run over there
*Just like you in some kinda KDrama you shove him over and fall on top of him
*And literally the whole school can see
*Plus Minhyuk is definitely taking a picture of this
*And you get up as fast as you can because this can’t be a flattering angle and you’re sweaty and probably smell like a locker room at this point
*85 scored btw
*Kihyun is like “um what the hell? You almost crushed my camera?”
*Then your like “85 was running and he would have hit you and he was running so fast he couldn’t stop… probably”
*Kihyun is like “oh thx ig”
*He kinda doesn’t buy it but he sees 85 is had ran way past the endzone so it’s plausible
*Anyway that’s your first encounter with Yoo Kihyun
*And it sucked
*But you try not to think of it and hope no one actually cared that you were on top of him during the game
*So you go home
*It’s the weirdest thing too because you literally only know his name and he probably doesn’t know yours so HOW ARE PEOPLE EVEN COMING UP WITH THIS IDEA
*Then you remember that you two were actually on top of one another at the game last Friday
*And your friends are like so…👀👀👀
*And they’re like “help him with what?” 👀👀👀
*And it gets worse when they show you the pics some people got
*Because from a higher angle it looks intentional and more sensual I guess
*Really it’s a mess and when you go to yearbook class Minhyuk has taken the liberty of printing the HD pictures he got and putting them on your desks
*He’s smiling
*And your shook and embarrassed
*One of the upperclassmen literally asked you if he was hard and how big he felt because she like younger men !
*You’re just !!!!!!!
*You toss the picture in the trash and try to trash the one on Kihyun’s desk, but he comes in and you are too shy to make eye contact when he asks you why you’re at his desk
*So you just go sit down
*Then he’s furious when he sees the pic
*His rage is only stopped by the teacher calling role and assigning a yearbook page for everyone
*You get the cheerleader page and Kihyun gets the football page
*And then you guys all head to the computer room by your class to start making pages
*And as soon as you guys exit the classroom you hear a large SMACK sound
*And Minhyuk is like OOOUUCH
*Minhyuk is just laughing and saying sorry, but he’s clearly not sorry
*And you’re just …
*Then you get into the computer lab and somehow you end up sitting next to him
*And he’s working in his football page
*You’re doing cheer
*But you don’t have many pictures and most are blurry
*And Kihyun has amazing pics but his page layout is trash
*So you decide maybe you can make a deal
*You can help him with layouts if he helps you with pictures
*And after class you suggest it
*And he’s surprisingly all for it
*He gives you his number so you guys can discuss in further detail
*Weeks pass and your deal actually never makes a start
*You just have Kihyun’s number chilling in your phone
*Every freshman girls dream tbh
*Finally towards the end of the year he is like “hey you still down to help me out with my pages? I wanna make them good before we submit them”
*And you were like “sure if you show me how to properly work a camera and get cool shots like you”
*He’s happy with your compliment it’s written all over his face
*And your happy that he’s taking to you because all year you’ve been so awkward and your only friend has been a Senior and Minhyuk and they’re great
*But like
*You also wanna befriend Kihyun
*So you guys pick a weekend
*Meet up at a Starbucks
*And you start teaching Kihyun all the technical stuff about making a good layout
*You’re both looking at your laptop
*You’re sitting pretty close together
*Kihyun has a nice scent he smells like a fresh shower
*IDK he looks like he smells pretty fresh
*Anyway he’s got those Harry Potter style glasses on
*Plus black hair that looks kinda wet
*Is it moose? Is it post-shower hair?
*Is it kinda hot?
*So after going over tips for like an hour Kihyun stops you and buys you a coffee
*And you’re like feel all shy inside because that was super nice
*So he’s like “K let’s go outside. I’ll show you how to shoot”
*You’re packing up your things and he’s helping you and your fingers touch and y'all pull away so damn quick
*It’s like you got burned or something
*Then Kihyun is leading you across the street and showing how he would capture the Starbucks you were just in
*And as he’s talking your just like 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
*He’s really cute and passionate about photography
*And he’s cute
*Dude Kihyun is really cute k
*So anyways he hands you the camera and says “try it”
*You’re obviously fucked because you haven’t been listening to anything he said
*Plus he camera is some fancy Nikon and you haven’t the slightest clue how to work it
*“Is it on?”
*He chuckled at you
*Bitch it was the best chuckle you’ve heard in your life
*So you snap a pic if Starbucks
*It’s basic as shit and kinda off center
*The focus is a bit strange too
*But Kihyun isn’t an ass so he tells you “it’s a start”
*And your DYING inside like WHO CAN’T SNAP ONE PIC
*But Kihyun keeps teaching you and while you’re finally focusing correctly it’s not professional looking like his
*Still it’s much better than before
*After all that Kihyun offers to walk you home
*You’re like sure
*You’re sweating
*But he takes you home and y'all don’t even speak
*When you get home you friends are like what’s the tea ???👀👀👀
*Ain’t no tea
*But Kihyun is definitely cute and you have a slight crush
*The schools ship might sail
*Still on that Yearbook grind
*But Kihyun does all the pics for you and you do all his pages for him
*It’s fair enough tbh
*On the weekends y'all get together to work on more yearbook stuff and Minhyuk 3rd wheels since he quit to join the broadcast team
*He just likes to hang with y'all tbh
*And ship y'all
*Then say it was his iconic picture that started it all
*When honestly you two got close Sophomore year by doing each other’s work and collaborating on the weekends when you could
*Junior year though you guys just stayed together because you like to be around one another
*It was about yearbook all the time anymore
*It was about friendship
*Of course you’re crushing on Kihyun really bad now though
*His hair is dark brown now
*He got a bit taller
*He works out now
*He has contacts
*He keeps his hair slicked back and dresses and smells sO NICE
*You gotta play it cool
*But every weekend it’s getting harder
*He’s so relaxed around you
*He looks super cool just leaning back in a chair at your dining room table
*And when he talks his voice is kinda low
*You swear he’s doing it on purpose
*But no he’s just being all casual and shit
*It’s too much
*One day he’s looking through pics on his camera and he just stops
*Looks at you
*And smiles
*Your heart 💕💔
*And then he says
*“Thanks for buying me a new SD card yesterday. These pictures came out great”
*Not that you were waiting for him to say something sweet to you 😑
*And this keeps happening
*He’ll give you the most endearing look and say something stupid
*You have ranch in your hair
*I got you a napkin
*Nice shirt
*Are those new pants
*You think dogs have emotions like us?
*And eventually you stop even thinking about him confessing and move on
*And every boyfriend you get is chased away by Kihyun
*They all say your just too close with Kihyun and they can’t take it
*So you give up on dating
*And move on to SR. Year
*Prom season sneaks up on you and your single af
*All your friends are shopping while you just watch and nod at them like “yes, you need a bigger size, don’t squeeze”
*And after a while they’re like “hey why aren’t you trying on anything?”
*You’re like “I got no date”
*You’re friends actually laugh
*“WYM no date? UuuUmMm Yoo Kihyun”
*“We’re just friends”
*“Sounds fake but okay”
*“Kihyun isn’t into me”
*{Spoiler he is}
*You ain’t hearing it
*You decide to be headass and find a new date
*Some jock named Rick
*Rick isn’t a complete ass, but he’s too cocky
*Really your favorite part about starting to date him was to hear Kihyun roast him
*Fast forward to Prom day
*You’re at Kihyn’s place laying on his bed listening to some OSTs
*And he’s doing that thing again
*Ya know when he looks at you like he loves you with all his life then says something irrelevant
*But this time he walks out of the room and comes back with a binder full of pictures
*And he tosses it on the bed and he’s like “look”
*So up open it up and see all of his amazing shots
*He’s so talented
*You also see a ton of candid shots of you
*“Why so many…me’s?”
*“Cuz you’re beautiful. Duh.”
*Suddenly you get to a page of just you and him and you’re blushing
*Also your getting hella soft because freshman year pics are there
*Anyways, Kihyun just lets you look and then says
*“If Rick is a dick let me know. You can’t be with a guy who doesn’t appreciate you like me”
*“You appreciate me?”
*Then he gives that lovely look again and he grabs your face gently
*“I wish it was me, but I’m…”
*You’re waiting for him to say something anything, but he doesn’t so you literally just call his name and he jumps
*Guess what he says?
*“Sorry I was lost in your eyes” kdkskkdkfjdksks
*And you wanna snap him in half
*Honestly you thought this was it
*But no
*You swat his hand away from you face and storm off
*You actually wanna cry because this was his last chance to confess and take you to prom, but NOOO
*You leave his house and he follows you outside all confused
*B you just snap
*“Leave me alone! You play around too much! You know exactly what you do to me!”
*Kihyun actually almost passed out when he heard you
*He races after you and he’s like
*“What do you mean by ‘what I do to you?’”
*“No you mean something!”
*Your just gonna go to your car and he grabs your wrist (slow motion replay KDrama style)
*The he’s like
*“Don’t go with Rick”
*You’re like
*Well fuck
*You can’t stand up Rick
*He’s a decent dude
*So you reluctantly say that you will be going to prom with Rick and go get dressed
*Homie, prom is lit ASF
*You and your girls are actually having so much fun that you low-key forget about your dates
*Until slow dance time
*And Rick is gone
*Probably shitfaced in the bathroom
*All your friends go back to their dates and your reminded that you totally lost your chance to be with Kihyun
*And you’re pouting about it
*You’re sitting by the punch bowl all sulky looking gorgeous
*Hoping for someone to come save you
*But nothing
*8 more slow songs pop off and you’re like JFC I wanna leave
*But lucky from you prom is actually ending and people are heading out, it’s getting late
*Rick turned up he was escorted out for being drunk on school premises
*So you’re dateless again
*You’re making your way out and then you see this sexy guy running into the place
*Black suit
*Dark hair slicked back
*He smashes into you
*It’s Kihyun
*And he’s got you by the waist suddenly and he’s looking at you in the eyes smiling
*Holy !!
*He smells fresh
*And he’s looking at you like you invented the whole universe
*And you’re in awe because he looks like a God or something
*And he just says, “You wanna dance?”
*And even though everyone is exiting you pull him to the dance floor
*And you slow dance
*And you are SUPER CLOSE
*He has your waist
*You have your arms around his shoulders
*Your swaying with no music
*But Kihyun is a doll so he just sings to you
*Like your knees are weak
*And he’s probably helping you stand up because wow
*It’s literally just you two until he’s done singing and the staff is like GTFO
*So he walks you to your car
*Your holding hands
*You mull it over for a week and of course you want to date Kihyun
*So you dump Rick ASAP
*Head to Kihyun’s house
*Nag him about his dirty room
*And how he almost ruined your prom by not going with you in the first place
*And then you notice he’s looking at your lips and your all sensitive
*But doesn’t care and just says
*“I don’t think I love you”
*You KnOw what’s COMING NEXT BIH
*“I KNOW I love you”
*Oh and he leans in to kiss you and you close the space
*And then all of a sudden your Frenching on his messy bed
*Your on top and it reminds you of the first time you interacted
*So you stop kissing to inform him that everything has come full circle
*And he laughs and asks if he should call Minhyuk to take a pic because next time he plans to top 😜😜
*You smack him because wth you guys aren’t even OFFICIAL yet
*And how can you get used to you hot BFF being you BF ??
*Mysteries I tell ya
*You guys are now OFFICIALLY the schools fav couple
*You win Sr. Faves and everything
*And that picture of you two us LEGENDARY
*And you guys go around being obnoxiously adorable
*And you take pictures so often
*Y'all’s Instagrams are POPPING
*And if Kihyun isn’t the best boyfriend ever
*He’s super sweet yet sassy
*(My phone tried to correct that as daddy)
*If he sees that you’re overwhelmed he’ll literally force to go relax with him or force you to let him help you out
*You know what makes Kihyun really red and embarrassed?
*He calls you embarrassing pet names as revenge
*He is always cheering you on and he’s still your best friend
*And one day you two are chilling and you throw him that look that he always gives you
*And he’s like “what?”
*“I dunno…I think I love you.” All casually
*And he just laughs and kisses you
*“I think you love me too.”


HE IS COMIIIIIIIIIIING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t worry, he is okay) 

Penguins are hard to avoid xD

Je vous souhaite à tous un joyeux réveillon de Noël !!!!! Amusez vous bien !!!! 

I wish you a merry Christmas !!! Have fun ! Hoping our little Santa Claus will be in time !

Pom-pom girl Rudolph

bcg3  asked:

👏🏻Ok so, get this: Were-Corgis. Instead of turning into wolves you turn into a corgi! Terrifying!!

There is very few things I love in this world more than the “were-pupper” motif. Big muscly guys transforming into poms and poodles. Girl gangs of toy and working breeds with glossy fur. Give me it all. YAAAAAS

BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: She’s so cute he needs to literally lie down, also Jimin might’ve just bulldozed him into the ground while she was looking, but that’s beside the point.

Origianl Scan: ©

The first time he saw her it felt like he’d been bulldozed and run straight into the ground. Quite literally too. But Jeon Jeongguk is going to assume he deserved that. He really shouldn’t have been checking out the cheerleaders in the middle of football practice.

“Oh my god he’s dead!” He can hear Tae’s voice in the distance panicking and the soft thump that follows is probably him dropping their water all over the muddy ground.

The collective groans and screeches of horror confirm that.

I really need to pick better times for my wandering eye…

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