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How would the bros handle a heatwave in Insomnia with an s/o that hates the heat? I'm stuck in the middle of a heatwave and I want to die. It's awful.

I’m so sorry you’re suffering, from the heat sweetie! I’m a person who is always cold, so when heatwaves happen I’m like the only person who’s like ‘This is fine.’ Hope this helps to cool you off!  ☆*~゚⌒(‘-‘*)⌒゚~*☆


Good morning Insomnia! We’ve got another scorcher today! With temperatures reaching to 100 degrees, that’s 37 in celsius for our scientist friends. This is going to go down in the record books as one of the hottest weeks of the year. So be sure to keep yourself hydrated and stay cool!



“Noctis, get off me you’re heavy.” You moaned.

“Shhh, comfy.” Noctis replied.

You couldn’t complain, you could have a boyfriend trying to fuse with you by laying directly on top of you, blanketing you with his body and a rather comfy blanket, in the horrid heated of the day without the best A/C money could buy. Yet lucky Noct could afford it.

Insomnia was just a walking heated death trap.

Both Noctis and yourself had originally thought about stepping out to go get some slushies. Yet the chilliness of your shared apartment had fooled you both! Opening the door, the two of you were hit by a wave of heat, and Noctis slammed the door shut with a firm:

“Nope, not doing that.”

Before the Prince all but tossed you to the couch, then moved to the wall mount thermostat lowering it well below chilly. As you had developed goosebumps on your skin, before the Prince joined you on the couch with a blanket for a cuddle fest of epic proportions.

Now you weren’t certain if you’d freeze to death, or should risk the chance of getting up and trying to thaw outside without fear being burnt to a crisp.

“Hey, Noct.”


“Do we have any food in the house?”


“We’re going to have to go out to get dinner.”

“I’ll send, Specs.”

You tapped the black blue locks currently resting on your chest, “We are not going to make, Ignis come out in this!”

Noctis turned those beautiful sapphires to you, “But he could make us slushies.”

Damn he was right.



You must have been the biggest idiot on the face of Eos! You weren’t certain of what stupid idea demanded for you to go out and get popsicles at the convenience store down the street, but you did it!

Now you were a sticky, more than likely smelly mess, and your popsicles were more than likely juice at this point. Stepping into your apartment, you couldn’t think of nothing better than taking a nice shower, and then lay down to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day!

It was too hot to do anything!

Yet as you pushed the door to the apartment open, you could only stare in confusion, as everything within the living room was wrapped in cling wrap and all the electronics were missing! Holy Hell, were you robbed? Where was Prompto!?

“Promp-AH!” You were suddenly rewarded with a stream of water hitting you square in the face. Wiping your face, you stared at your boyfriend, posing away with a big  dopey grin on his face.

A large super soaker slung over his shoulder,“You got 5 minutes to put that stuff in the fridge and get locked and loaded! The entire front room is the battlefield, you’ll find ammo all over. Last one standing is the winner.”

A smirk crossed you face, as you quickly dashed into the kitchen, find yourself 2 super soakers and 4 hand pistols. Throwing the entire bag in the freezer, you dashed back out onto the battlefield.

It was shrieking mess, Prompto had the smart idea to load each gun with ice, so the ammo seemed almost unlimited, and freezing. The two of you bounced over furniture, playfully throwing insults to each other.

“Sorry, that butt was too cute and big to not hit.”

“Surrender, and i’ll only demand 100 kisses, instead of 100 and 1.”

It was almost an hour later, before the two of you were down to your final shots. Standing in the middle of the living room, both of you holding a water pistol to the other, as you tried to keep a straight face.

“So this is it, any last words, Prompto?” You called.

“Only that you’re going down.” Prompto smirked.

You both waited, for the other to make the move. Only for Prompto to shoot first, you dodged, before rushing forward, holding your water pistol to his side.

“Nothing personal Prompto.” You cooed, before unloading your final shot into his already soaking wet shirt.

Prompto gave an over dramatic gasp, as he fell to his back, splayed across the floor, giving a pathetic cough, “Should I have any regrets, it’s only this…”

You leaned forward, awaiting, his dramatic desperate pleas, “And what would that be?”

“Nothing personal!” He turned your own words against you as he pulled a small water pistol from his side, squiting you in the chest.

You gave a gasp, before falling dramatically to the floor, laying half on top of him, “You were a worthy opponent.”

“As were you.”

You both dissolved into giggles, as you laid on the floor, the heat completely forgotten about. Yet now you faced a different problem.

“Hey Pom?”


“How are we going to clean this up?”

“No idea.”



“Don’t touch me!”

Gladiolus groaned, all he wanted to do was cuddle with his beautiful Babe, but Babe was being a butt! “Come on,babe.”

“Ugh, just wait until it cools down.” You moaned, fanning yourself.

Both of you had just came back from your morning jog, the sun had barely rose and it was already beyond hot.

“A little heat never hurt anyone.”

“You passed out!” You barked, only to lay back on the hardwood floor to calm yourself, as the heat just sapped your energy, and it was taking forever for the central air to kick in, before you felt you would melt into the floor.

“For like 5 minutes.” Gladiolus argued back, moving to pull you into himself, only for you to roll away. “Babe!”

“Ugh, Gladdy baby, you know I want nothing more than to cuddle but, just give me like 5 minutes to cool the hell down.” You whined, only to watch him stand up and disappearing out of your view on the living room floor. More than likely to pout, the big baby.

After you revived Gladiolus and forced him back home, despite the man stating he could finish the lap, you both took an ice cold shower, waiting for the A/C to kick in. Neither of you bothering to put on clothes as it was too much effort at this point.

Closing your eyes, you had just begun to feel the coolness of the A/C starting to kick in. Than you could go get your pouting boyfriend, and cuddle away all of his pouts.

“Glad…HOLY SHIVA!” You shrieked, as an icy chill was tossed down your bare back. Hearing clicks, as you rolled over to stare at your boyfriend holding a large mixing bowl, before noticing the huge smirk. Looking around you, you saw a bunch of ice cubes littering the floor.

“Cool enough now, Babe?”



You watched fascinated, even in all this heat, your handsome Ignis didn’t seem the less bit unruffled or displaced. The only difference was that instead of those beautiful form fitting dress shirts, he was now wearing a breathable t-shirt that hugged all the right curves on the man. Down those strong pecs, the short sleeves hugging those strong biceps, so tight against his back…

“My darling, it is almost finished, can you please retrieve the sundae glasses?”

You blinked, almost not hearing the request as you were checking out the man before you. Within his element of the kitchen  it just seemed to add to the allure that was Ignis. It wasn’t like he was even bothered by the heat, could Ignis even sweat?

Yet then again, Ignis always seemed to keep the house at the perfect temperature for you to walk around without the need of sock or houseshoes.

“Here you go, Iggy.” You called, setting the glasses down beside him. Unable to stop your arms from wrapping around the man’s waist, burying yourself into his side. Smiling as he pulled his arm from your hold, to wrap around your shoulders returning the embrace.

“Perhaps I should make you ice cream more often if you’re going to be this affectionate.” Ignis chuckled.

“It’s not the main reason.” You replied, watching him single handedly scoop the ice cream into the two dishes, being certain to give you the larger amount.

“Only the best for you, my love.” He replied, pressing a kiss to your temple, moving you both to the couch, still within each other’s embrace to enjoy your frozen treats.

so many double standards and contradictions in the dance world.

if i don’t wanna do ballet, i’m still a dancer.

if i can’t afford 10 hours a week, i’m still a dancer.

if i don’t compete every other weekend, i’m still a dancer.

if i don’t wear the same things or do my hair to your liking or lace my shoes to your preference, i’m still a dancer.

because ii am a dancer for me, not for you.

How Dennis likes to sleep. He has this massive cage, but he will always lay with at least some of his paws and even his snout sticking out of the cage. This cage could easily hold two poms no problem, he has all the space in the world, and this is how he chose to sleep. 

He gave us a bit of a scare yesterday, walking around limping and I had to snap his patella back into place. (Knees on poms are never good, but he has had little problems with his due to his muscles). Still we will take it easy today, 

(Another pic Tumblr wouldn’t let me post yesterday.)