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Hearing the word ‘overalls’ tends to bring back childhood memories of playing freely on the jungle gym at recess time. What made them beloved was the flexibility to move without worrying about falling pants during an extreme game of tag, or lifting shirts while hanging on for dear life from the monkey bars. Although we’ve grown older, and were forced to add elements like formal, business, and business casual into our rotation, we remain thankful for Summer because it has always allowed us to shed layers and get more creative with our casual style. Women are now embracing the retro, romper-like fashion piece again in the freshest way, but let’s get one thing straight; these are not your grade school overalls.

Leave it to the female perspective to successfully embellish and accessorize something as ‘Plain Jane’ as a pair of overalls. This article of clothing has been beautifully refashioned with the help of multiple washes including grey acid, ice blue, and saturated neutrals like ox-blood and olive. Neutrals are considered to be colors that don’t create much of a riff when paired with basic pieces. Another distinguishing change that helps overalls better suit the feminine mystique, are their shortened bottom length and tighter, more form fitting body. Added embellishments like destruction, lacing, and various prints have assisted in ushering the once ‘farmer’s only favorite’ into the new frontier.

Denim has continued to be the go-to material when it comes to casual wear, and Summertime is revered for its short shorts and tank tops, giving women the opportunity to embrace a sun-kissed tan, or simply show some leg. Overalls not only provide a nice alternative to denim shorts, they also add personality to an otherwise simplistic look. This one piece wonder can utilize your basic tees as a backdrop to the entire outfit, allowing excess energy to go into accessorizing. On the other hand, if your desire is to showcase a top with more pizazz like a ruffled, off the shoulder blouse, a plain set of overalls can properly adjust to fit the look without stealing the show. They have easily become one of the most versatile pieces.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes overalls embody are their ability to supply coverage in vulnerable situations. Unlike their stylish but stubborn cousin the romper, you don’t have to worry about going completely nude every time you enter a bathroom stall. All-in-one pieces are kin to bathing suits; the best time to remove them is when you don’t intend on putting them right back on. Since overalls still rely on a base article of clothing, they can effortlessly take on the role of shorts, leaving your top half concealed during those necessary moments.

Fashion is an ever evolving business that sets out to consistently propel to the next level, but what happens when the population refuses to let go of one ingenious idea? The more things change, the more they stay the same. While some fashion statements appear to come across as more of an ad-lib, life altering and innovative ones never go out of style; they simply revamp their appearances and come back stronger than ever. Combining old and new elements always make the most unique outcome, and in the case of overalls, an alluring portrayal of one’s true self.

Photo cred. (from left to right): Rainbow Shops, Topshop, Polyvore, Forever 21


Wow I have not done one of these in a while! But here it is! This was a request for some summer outfit ideas for a smaller person but still looking cute! The first outfit is perfect for a hot summer day with a blue crop top but still some what conservative with the blue patterned kimono. The accessories give the outfit a laid back vibe! The next outfit with the pattern maxi skirt is another good summer outfit! The bralett is super cute with the halter neck and the slit in the skirt makes you feel bold and amazing! The green dress is one of my favorites! The color is to die for and the tan accessories play off of it well! Finally the blue patterned romper is a little more scandalous but I know you can rock it! The simple accessories make the romper the star of the show! 

Check here for outfit details! 

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