polytechnic uprising


November 14th-17th: Students at the National Technical University of Athens, also known as the Athens Polytechnic hold a protest against the Junta regime that ends in bloodshed by the military police. The gifs above are to illustrate the size of the protests, though it’s hard to show panning shots that show whole blocks filled with protesters.

In 1973, between 14th and 17th of November an uprising took place within the precinct of The National Technical University of Athens (Polytechnio) and the neighboring streets of Exarchia. At the beginning, the students of Polytechnio held several meetings in the main building in an attempt to make a decision on how to protest against the dictatorial government which had postponed the student’s election until next year. But in fact, what started as a meeting ended up in an uprising against the dictatorship (the Junta of the Colonels) and its foreign supporters (USA and NATO), as the students of all Athenian universities resolved to be confined in the main building of Polytechnio. At the same time, they constructed a radio station and started calling upon Athenians to reinforce their movement.