Polyword Multitag Searching

EDIT: Apparently Tumblr Search already has multiple tag searching so nevermindthen.

I was thinking about being able to search Tumblr posts for more than one tag at a time and I developed a system to do it with the existing URL notation but with different symbols

Ok so first there are three functions? operators? Operators sound nice and fancy

AND as denoted by +
OR as _
NOT as -

So how it works:
1. Operations are inserted between tags
2. The order of operations is +, _, -; this means that everything after a - is negated (i.e. excluded in search) and that tags connected by + will be treated as a whole in the presence of any _

For example:
Let’s say I want to search posts with the tags [Misha and Jensen] or [Jared] but not (i.e. excluding) [Gabriel and Michael] nor [Metatron]
The appropriate notation would be tumblr.com/tagged/misha+jensen_jared-gabriel+michael_metatron
So in a proper search there should only be at the most one -, while + and _ can be used as many times as desired

Now some tags have more than one word so I propose that we link all words within a tag with %, which I think is used by Google queries (? not sure)

Therefore searching for Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles but not Jared Padalecki would be
(Making % first in the order of operations)

So yeah! I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s a pretty good system. I’d use it.

pentapod-monster replied to your post: why is the poly community full of…

guh, i know what you mean. some people seem to think poly means “let’s shame mono people now, instead of the reverse that usually happens!”.

I’ve been doing some bumbling around, primarily because wow I would really like to find some other aroace folks who’ve fallen into poly and can’t get up, but all I’m finding is LOL MONOGAMOUS PEOPLE HOW STUPID AND BACKWARDS and that’s really not okay. 

It’s frustrating. :|