eridan and nepeta engage in platonic roleplay tea-parties, pretending to be a victorian lady wed to a prudish rich lord, and her young noble suitor calling upon her while the master of the house is out

From me and Kaede’s au, polystuck! but this was requested by nym who is awesome and remembers details about other people’s aus! 8) not sure if i’ll color or not.

late last night i got the idea ‘what if karkat and terezi were poly’ and as soon as i thought it i knew it wasn’t going to leave me for a long time and it turned into 'what if everyone was poly’ so here is a description of polyculestuck, the most self-indulgent thing in the history of ever

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does anyone know anything about making Tumblr's tag indexing not blow giant monkey balls?

Polystuck’s been live for like a week, and none of its tags are getting indexed, at all. From the dash I can’t find any of the posts by any of the tags, regardless of whether I’m searching all of tumblr, or just that blog. You can search by tags from within the blog (ie: http://poly-stuck.tumblr.com/tagged/safe), but that defeats the purpose of tagging with the intent of discovery.

Basically this means that people can only find Polystuck through reblogs or manual links. Nobody searching under any of the exhaustive tags that we have been using can find us. And honestly, if the tags aren’t being indexed, they why the fuck should we bother in the first place?

I can’t even email Tumblr about it because oh no missing-e that doesn’t affect this issue at all.