kani and polyphon. (von rabenlieder)

this is what my weekend consisted of. the old man is bernhard ‘kani’ kanold, a local rock veteran.

he’s a really, really amazing guy with a peculiar taste in fashion ( his shoes are the best ) and of course lots of musical talents.

but the boy, oh the boy. he’s gonna be big, i really do hope so!


The unique Polyphon Clock (1897) of Fortnum and Mason, London. This mechanical musical instrument has been in the same location since new. Recently the clock was fully restored. The clock is one of only 2 magnificent examples of this model ever made. The other one still exists also, in a German castle still to this day. The music on this disc is the ‘Shepherd’s Dance’ from 3 Dance from the incidental music to the play Henry VIII composed by Edward German in 1892. #mechanicalmusic #musical #box #clock #timepiece #victorian #antique #London #history #musicalbox #polyphon

monomute asked:

in what ways are you like skull kid?

Dunno, I just always kinda identified with him as a kid, ever since Ocarina of Time (and then I was really happy when he appeared again as a main character in Majora’s Mask). I was drawn to him with some kind of childish wonder when I was little because he was alone like I often was, being an only child that moved houses often. Also the whole idea that when a child gets lost in the woods they turn into Stalkids like him interested me a lot, because I spent a lot of time exploring the forest near my house, alone. I always wondered if I would become one myself.

polyphon reblogged your photo: yes, please. i’ll have this.

The x cost becomes 0, so technically fireball could be cast, but would do 0 damage.

dang well maybe Fireball wasn’t the best example

but yea pair up a free sorcery with a sorcery you cast, and ideally I’ll have a Kiln Fiend or Wee Dragonauts out, and they become inflated with power for that turn

i’m drooling from the ideas

monomute asked:

yes you have high expectations... XD seriously thats like... super above average. Score for you though!

He didn’t know how to use it though he sucked.