two sheep counted, but not enough to sleep

((Bruce & a teenage Dick, ambiguous universe, but surprisingly I was thinking of this as a precursor to the Teen Titans animated show.

EDIT: young justice universe fits p well as well… really it fits anywhere?

~1800 words, mention of polyphasic sleep cycles for Dick, which are covered at length at the link, by @toflyandfall.))

It was probably fairly normal for Bruce’s fifteen-year-old son to be up at all hours.

When he started to feel like a bad parent, he tried to remind himself that most teenagers had sleep schedules that were totally up in the air. It made Bruce feel a little better in the face of Alfred’s pointed glances and sharp tone about how Master Dick had insisted on a caffeinated beverage tonight, sir, shall I serve it as you like it?

Those lectures had become less pointed as of late, and Bruce had allowed the warnings to sink to the back of his mind.

Besides—Dick didn’t seem to be crumbling under the pressure.

And yet, some nights he remembered Alfred’s warnings better than others. Generally only when they became a problem—like watching Dick’s head bob up and down when he was trying to stay awake at the breakfast table, or when he came down to the cave at ten at night looking like he’d just woken up half a minute ago.

Or nights like tonight, when Dick had seemed distracted and slow on patrol. At the time, he’d put it out of his head and delegated his partner to smaller tasks—ones that carried less risk if he had slower reflexes than usual.

While he hadn’t considered it in enough depth to truly have thought about it, he knew that if he had, he would have simply ignored the information, or figured out the reason why and discarded it from there. After all, Dick had pulled two full all-nighters this week, and had had two very late nights between them.

And yet, despite the likelihood of teenagers and late nights being normal, Bruce found himself focusing on that last bit of information. 

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so hey if anyone’s interested in trying polyphasic sleep or wants to know more about it, you can totally ask me! I did it for about a year, maybe a year and a half, for a summer and my entire senior year of high school. You can google it to read wikipedia’s view on it and get more info, or ask me about how it worked and stuff. I’m thinking about doing it again, since a friend of mine is going to try it. I mean, personally, I found it really fun and I got a ton of shit done and I felt AWESOME, and it was way better than the sleep schedule I had before, which was sleeping maybe 5 hours a night tops throughout all of high school, but I can’t really tell you about any specific health benefits/risks or anything. There isn’t enough research about sleep to give anything concrete, so it’s kind of ‘try at your own risk’ but I will say it is hella cool.

one of the major pros was it CURED MY INSOMNIA. permanently. it’s gone. it hasn’t come back, and I haven’t slept polyphasically in over 2 years. If you suffer from really bad insomnia like I did for years (does it take you 2+ hours to fall asleep? that shit isn’t good or normal) then I would totally suggest trying it out for a few months because you can gain the ability to fall asleep anywhere in about 5 minutes. Way better than getting dependent on a pill, in my opinion. 

No-poo and polyphasic sleep are both things that I would totally love to try if I could spend like 10 weeks on a desert island with no commitments during the adjustment period, but alas.

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what do you headcanon the boys normal sleeping schedules?? (for the roommate au~)

Hm… That’s actually a really interesting question aha.

Preston is probably decently healthy about his schedule. Unless he’s writing and loses track of time (which, to be fair, is probably a pretty often occurrence), he’s basically your typical 11 PM to 8 AM kind of person. Sometimes if he has morning classes or rehearsal, he’ll be forced to wake up early (and he will hate it).

Max is a little different. Because he’s sort of at the will of his work’s random scheduler, he pretty much just sleeps whenever he can. He kind of sleeps in increments, though. Like, he’ll sleep 4 hours before work, and 4 hours after, and that’s his night. If he’s really exhausted, he’ll catch a thirty minute nap during his lunch break. So I guess you’d call him a polyphasic sleeper? Either way, Preston hates it and is Very Concerned.

Tips for Staying Focused when Revising for Exams

I find it ridiculously difficult to get into the zone for the kind of intense study required for finals preparation, maybe more so than a couple of my friends here (@studytillblurrr @wannabeproductive). So I’ve compiled a couple of tips that really help me stay focused that I haven’t seen on studyblr yet: 

1. Use parental control apps on your own phone: Regardless of the physical location of my phone, I will always find a way to spend the whole day on social media. If you’re like me, the best way to not get distracted is to download a child control app (I use OurPact and it schedules hours where you cannot access ANYTHING: literally everything except the most basic functions disappears, including camera and safari).

2. Write the heading of your next section when you finish: When working through practice questions/making notes, I always write the heading and a line’s worth of text for the following section. the next time you open up your book, it’s less intimidating to start - kind of like lowering the barriers to entry (for econ nerds)! 

3. Break up your to-do list: I study in three/four blocks per day, so I write my to-do list in three or four segments with spacing. This also makes tasks seem more manageable than a scary looking 10+ item list. 

4. Sleep whenever you’re tired, but use a HIIT timer: So this might only be useful for polyphasic sleepers, but what I like to do is set the first timer for 20 minutes, and then do a recurring timer every 5 minutes. I guess this probably will only work for light sleepers, but it’s so good!! I can go back to sleep for “five more minutes” as many times as I like without feeling guilty, and its basically impossible to sleep for more than an hour because the noise becomes annoying.  

so it’s been awhile since I last did a rec but i thought i’d do something different so here’s my transvolley fic rec (rarepairs only, of course)

my own:

Twain and Tesla’s friendship was forged more or less from geeking out as fanboys of one another. Tesla had read Mark Twain before coming to New York City to invent the 20th century, and the only thing Twain knew of Tesla was his AC polyphase system. As Twain wrote, “I have just seen the drawings and description of an electrical machine lately patented by a Mr. Tesla, and sold to the Westinghouse Company, which will revolutionize the whole electric business of the world. It is the most valuable patent since the telephone.”

So when the two met at parties around New York City, the relationship developed like a childhood friendship where one kid has a bunch of cool toys and the other knows a bunch of great jokes. Twain would even visit Tesla’s workshop and offer himself up as a guinea pig for Tesla’s new inventions.

During one such playdate, Tesla revealed his mechanical oscillator that could produce alternating currents. One of the side effects was apparently some pretty substantial vibrations, which Tesla suspected might be therapeutic. Sure enough, this was all Twain needed to hear, and he immediately volunteered to be a test subject.

The 5 Most Badass Teams of Famous People To Ever Join Forces

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Have you heard of polyphasic sleep?

I hadn’t before, but I just looked it up and the theories about how it may be our natural sleeping pattern are actually really interesting. (Polyphasic sleep is when you sleep multiple times in a 24-hour period—usually more than two, in contrast to monophasic sleep (once per day).

We assume we are meant to sleep in a 7/8 hour block every night to maintain good health but it seems like that’s a bit of a myth. Sleep historian Roger Ekirch talked about how early humans may have slept in two four-hour blocks, which were separated by a period of wakefulness in the middle of the night lasting an hour or more. During this time, some might stay in bed, pray, think about their dreams or talk with their spouses before going back to sleep. 

It’s an interesting thought because when we wake up in the middle of the night its common to panic that we won’t get the sleep we need, but if we can recognise that it is a natural part of our sleep cycle we can learn to accept it.

Misconduct, Ch. 8 [Soldier 76/Reader]

You have an extremely inappropriate crush on your commanding officer. Maybe if you work hard enough, you’ll stop having feelings.

[ AO3 Link ]

Author’s Notes: Collaboration with @antiloquist. Follow the blog @ http://miss-conduct.tumblr.com/

Chapter Notes: jesus christ the response to last chapter was the biggest one yet. getting the chance to read all your reviews and concrits and liveblogs was an absolute delight. best holiday EVER. this chapter’s not quite as exciting, i’ll admit, but it features a conversation that needs to be had.

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David Rossi: I never could do that.
Emily Prentiss: Do what?
David Rossi: Take a nap. Never felt natural.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I’m actually wide awake, but for future reference, polyphasic sleep is completely natural, quite common in the animal world, and highly beneficial
—  David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid. Season 7 Episode 21. Criminal Minds quote of the day.

Penn State honors NIKOLA TESLA with this metal bust on our University Park campus.

Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla created the polyphase alternating current system of motors and generators that gave us every essential of radio and laid the foundation for much of today’s technology. 

Jolting GIFs of a Tesla coil playing Disney music


Thanks, @coolnovember, for pointing out Tesla’s Serban roots! 

Weekend Update - the buddy system

Cecily and I are now both a week in (at least) to our adaptation period for the Everyman cycle. Having a partner (whether a significant other, or roommate, or family member) taking the polyphasic adventure with you certainly makes things a little easier. We’re able to support each-other, keep each-other awake between naps (we’re both still sleep-deprived while we adjust), and make sure we don’t oversleep.  

Cecily, especially, seems to enjoy finding and reading blogs and articles on polyphasic sleep, and we’re able to make minor adjustments to our schedules, lifestyles, and activities based on some of the information we’re discovering. 

A big one for me is going to be journaling. I have a small moleskine notebook, that, in addition to this Space, will allow me to instantly record the results of a sleep session. It won’t be a long diary-like entry, but more on the lines of this:

1/8/12 Nap 8-3:30pm - trouble falling asleep, but woke up refreshed using iPhone alarm on a low volume setting. 

I’ll be able to keep multiple entries on a single page, and it’ll be simple, instead of relying on an app, or something.


In ways, I’m great at sleeping. I just have bad timing. I don’t sleep well at night, but I could sleep through morning and well into the afternoon. Even if I force myself out of bed at 7am, I still don’t sleep well at night. My body doesn’t actually tire until around 3am. I’ve been trying for years to fix it.

I did some research on polyphasic sleep schedules. When I was still in school, I slept 5 hours a night (maximum) and took 60-90 minute naps between class and work. A counselor I was seeing told me I needed to cut out the naps, and really put effort into getting to sleep around or before midnight. That was, and still is, unrealistic. I can’t force my body into a sleep schedule that doesn’t feel right. I feel sick to my stomach when I attempt a “regular” sleep schedule, and I feel even worse if I let my body sleep more than 8 hours at a time.

I’m going to try something called a biphasic sleep cycle. It consists of either 6.5 hours of sleep at night and a 20 minute nap in the afternoon, or 6 hours of sleep at night and a 90 minute nap in the afternoon. The hard part is going to be getting myself up after the “major sleep” at night. Apparently this is healthy, because your body still has the chance to enter REM sleep, and the 6 hours is enough for your cells to rebuild themselves, etc. The power naps in the afternoon are to prevent you from being tempted to sleep in. 

I am a little worried, because I’ve been feeling nauseous quite a bit lately, so I’m going to be tempted to stay in bed. I just need to be headstrong about this. Just like anything else.

Here goes nothing!

I think this summer I'm going to try polyphasic sleep cycles.

Usually in the summer I stay up all night anyway. I think I’m going to try it and made vlogs every day to document my experience and make actual scientific observations about how my body reacts and stuff. I also kinda want to really focus on my dreams this summer and have a lot more lucid dreams. Supposedly this is the best way to do that since you’re immediately entering REM when you nap.

What do you guys think? Would that be something you would like to hear about or should I just do it for myself and not post it on here?

So I'm thinking of adopting a polyphasic sleep schedule

Because I cannot keep to the normal monophasic sleep cycle the rest of the world is on. Even when I have a job it just doesn’t work out.

The Everyman sleep cycle requires less sleep and is a lot less harsh during the adjustment period than other polyphasic sleep cycles. It also includes a core nap instead of just being made up of a ton of little naps throughout the day, which I feel would mess with me and my going to bed ritual a lot less. Also, I would probably actually use my bed for that one. I tend to just use a blanket and lay on my bed backwards when I take naps.

I get the blanket thing, what with naps being short and all, but have NO idea where the laying down backwards thing came from. Or when it started, for that matter.

And I can’t do it at night. I always end up waking up at strange hours. Being backwards on my bed must inherently create a naptime effect where I don’t sleep for long periods of time. I don’t know. =P

Point being, I’m officially nocturnal as of this week and every single time I try to get back to not being nocturnal it fails horribly.

So why not screw nature and stay up all night without actually being a frikkin’ vampire, says I.

and so it begins

tonight/tomorrow morning.  i begin to implement my everyman polyphasic sleep schedule.  it’s going to be a crazy, ridiculous ride, and i’m going to need everyone to yell at me when i say things about wanting to quit, okay? just tell me that i need to stick it out for two weeks for partial adaptation. and then smack me if i try to fall asleep off schedule.  cool?  

for more information/to follow my personal logs, be sure to follow me at everymyrrhgoingpolyphasic.tumblr.com!