polynesian triangle

Okay, let me take a sec.

I thought we all established that Calum was not Asian when this band first began to gain momentum while touring with 1D. The boys have been doing what they do for 5 years now, and it is still sad that people question what Calum is. He’s Polynesian, not Asian. This is the difference.

Polynesian people come from islands in the Pacific Ocean. Islands like Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, Tahiti, Hawaii, Easter Islands, and even New Zealand. These islands combined form the Polynesian Triangle. Mali-Koa stated in an interview that she was of Niuean and Maori descent from her mother’s side. Niue and New Zealand both fall into the range of the Polynesian Triangle. Calum’s mother is not only Niuean and Maori, she’s Polynesian. Asian people originate from Asia. The countries in Asia are countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, South and North Korea, and Indonesia. Notice how New Zealand and Niue were not mentioned at all? That’s because Calum is not Asian. He is Polynesian. Know the difference between the two before you begin to assume anything (even though you really shouldn’t be bc I thought this issued was settled). Also stop whitewashing bc Calum Hood is a person of color. I’m out. ✌

“We are taught in our history books today that the inhabitants of the Polynesian triangle were a people of common language, of common ancestry, of great achievements in exploring the earth. Consider the fact that there was no other culture in their time that was ocean-going … deep sea ocean-going. In my opinion, these explorers were the greatest explorers on the earth at the time. If you exclude the total land mass of Aotearoa, there is three hundred times more water than there is land … ten million square miles of ocean. And that is what makes their achievements more amazing. This is geographically the largest "nation” on earth. It’s bigger than Russia. There was adze found in the artifacts on the beaches of Australia that are Polynesian. And also, through the sweet potato, we know that there was contact to the Americas. And just in recent times through the new science of genetics, there is evidence showing that the Native Alaskans, Haida Indians, have Polynesian blood.“ -Nainoa Thompson (Navigator of the Hokulea)