polynesian design

A continuous aquarium. This is built into a house near Manalapan, Florida. Known as the Bali Hai house due to its Polynesian design theme. This house sold for $15,500,000 in 2010.

The hongi, better associated with our Maori and Hawaiian cousins, is an embrace where the exchanging of the ‘Ha’ (Breath of Life) occurs. It can also be interpreted as the sharing of both souls. Whether it be between siblings, cousin, or a man and a women the ‘Ha’ is truly a spiritual mana embrace between beings. This represents a girl taking on the honor of becoming a taupou. A hongi, sharing of 'ha’ between present and future self. #UrbanNesian

Designing a tattoo for myself:

“Imma draw myself and my daughter in the style of Maui’s (back)tattoo.. no wait that doesn’t work out that well. It looks like the Starbucks logo.”

“Okay, maybe a traditional Polynesian design? So many symbols… No-one would know what it represents right away..”

“Omg I found an official image of baby Moana in the tattoo-style from the movie! MAKE WAY~”

Aaaand this is the result.

If these thighs could talk. They’d tell you about my ancestry, the blood they’ve wept for tradition. If these thighs could talk, they’d map out out a bloodline, a sacred alliance to lead my people, a Kingdom. If these thighs could talk, they’d tell you these markings are not an ornament but a privilege, a contract to serve my people. If these thighs could talk. // UrbanNesian


An update and some good news! I’m being featured alongside some of my peers and classmates in a Vis Dev art book. We released the Kickstarter for it just a few days ago, and a lot of my art for the Pele/Hawaiian story will be featured in it (including some stuff I won’t even be posting online!) 

For Backers that pledge a certain amount, there will also be original art included in their package. For original art I’m doing a FireGolem/Minion series which will be watercolors like the ones you see here (also doing a FireMinion ukulele band, so if anyone wants to collect them and have the entire band, e-mail Caleb Prochnow after backing the project and request that you specifically receive a minion art/sketch.) There will be a limited amount of them offered.


Now back to work. : )


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