Hello everyone!
A few pre-made Dime Rats, accessories and some Dime Guinea Pigs will be available soon! I still have to take more pictures of them but I will give you this tantalizing preview of them for now. They will be posted on my Etsy Thursday (December 8th) at 10am PST.

My Etsy:www.etsy.com/shop/nEVErmor
~ Dime Rats $8 (each)
~ Dime Guinea Pigs $8  (each)
~ Cage W/ Water Bottle, Hammock (original style), Hanging Chew Toy and Corner Litter Box (w/ litter) $59
~ Cage W/ Water Bottle, Cube Hammock and Corner Litter Box (w/ litter) $63
~ Small Plain White Cage $20
~ Tiny “Wodent” Wheel $12
~ Tiny Silent Spinner $18
~ Bowl W/ Lab Blocks or Pellets $1
~ Wings (basic) $1 (each rat)
~ Rex Fur $1 (each rat)
~ Toy Balls $3 each
~ Magnetized W/ Food $15
~ Magnetized Momma and Babies $20
~ Igloo $15
~ Wooden Hut $15

Shipping/handling will depend on weight/where it is going. For small packages (1 to 9ish Dime Rats) with in the US from $4 to $7, to Canada $10 and everywhere else internationally is $15 (below 8oz). For large packages (cages) in the US $11 and international $25. *I can not guarantee these will arrive in time for Christmas because shipping can be slow this time of year but I will certainly try!*

I will try to reply to questions as soon as I can and thank you so, so much for your patience. Happy Holidays! <3
~ Eve

when i say i’m a chemist i don’t mean i’m a chem undergrad i mean i literally worked a paid research term invesigating and developing titanium-based infinite coordition polymers as part of a larger research team. like. i’m a research scientist

ive had people tell me i’m not a chemist i’m “just a little girl who took some university courses” so i feel a strong need to clarify lmao


If you’ve ever bitten into a chocolate-covered bonbon, you may have noticed that the candy’s chocolate coating is remarkably uniform. Inspired by this observation, a group of engineers have investigated how viscous fluids poured over a curved surface flow and solidify; their findings were published this week. 

Rather than heated chocolate, the group used polymer-filled fluids that cure and harden over time. Interestingly, they found that the final shell is quite uniform and that its thickness does not depend on the pouring technique. Instead, they can predict the final shell thickness based on the radius of the mold and the rheological properties of the fluid–specifically its density, viscosity, and curing time. The reason for this is that the time it takes for the fluid to drain and coat the mold is much shorter than the time it takes for the polymer to cure. As a result, the amount of fluid that sticks to the mold depends on geometry and fluid properties - not how the fluid was poured. 

Amateur confectioners rejoice: pouring uniform chocolate coatings may be easier than you thought!  (Image credit: MIT News, video; research credit: A. Lee et al.)


Kirins by Quequinox Art

“The Kirin (or Qilin) is a mythical creature known in various East Asian cultures. The Kirin looks like a golden deer with scales like a dragon and surrounded by an aura of gold. The Kirin are seen to be sacred, godlike beasts that are said to only appear in times of peace where the land is ruled by noble men or in the golden ages. The Kirin is so gentle that it would not walk on a blade of grass in fear that it be trampled by its feet.”

Quequinox Art sculptures are made from polymer clay over wire and foil, painted in acrylics, and given goat fur for hair. You can find some for sale on etsy, or commission your very own, see quequinoxart.com for details!