polymer clay accessories


Custom ordered mermaid headdress! Made similar in design to a previous headdress, requested to be as such by the customer. Completely swimmable! Made with iridescent resin-coated abalone, molded polymer clay starfish, painted shells, dangling seaweed, pearl accents, and connected pearl strands.
Headdresses available for comission/custom order- available through my Etsy shop, SeaShore Siren! 


New charms! I’m back at school and have my lovely light tent again, so I can take some really nice pictures. They’re a little washed out, but nothing a little contrast edit won’t fix! I would rather have that than CRAZY distinct shadows. They’re so distracting o3o

So here are two little budgies, or parakeets. I used to own parakeets, so I was bound to make these little guys eventually! Here we have the two traditional color combinations: yellow/green and blue/white. They are super tiny and super precious and I can’t wait to make matching necklaces too!

Parakeet Charms || Mariposa Miniatures

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= DIY: Fairy Kei Donut Earrings !? 

= Stuff I used:

❤ Polymer clay, Sculpey clay softener, 20 gauge wire, 2 ear backings, kitchen foil, pliers to cut and mold wire, the back of a small paintbrush,  flat surface, an oven, tweezers, a dotter, nail file I think that was it he he I am SOOO Bad at listing my supplies he he :D

= I do want to mention that if you want to glaze your donut then you are more than welcome to. Another thing was that if you want to add some resin glue to the back of your ear stud to make it more secure then you can also do that. I hope you had fun and liked this tutorial by the way.


❤First Song I was not able to find link

❤Second Song by Klpecraft - song name “8bit goa” I downloaded free from