polymer plate

things to look into as far as technicalities of batsuits: high density foam/polymer plating underneath cordura/kevlar fabric as opposed to interlocking plate armor (way too easy for pointy things to get caught  or for it to snag) 

honestly flexibility and mobility in compact, durable materials feel far more important than a walking bulletproof shield

Adventures in Polymer Plate Printing!

Polymer plates are typically printed on the letterpress, but today I printed my plate on the litho press. 

Here is an image of my polymer plate inked and taped to the press:

Side view:

I laid down white strips of index paper as “runners” for the scraper bar. I  forgot to include runners on my image. So I needed to create an elevated place to release the scraper bar onto for smooth printing as it passed through the press. 

Here is the print on Rives BFK! I used pin hole registration for the first time. A very precise type of registration but a bit tricky to maneuver. I’m going to  keep practicing at it. As for my recipe for inking this plate (for litho press printing), I used:

- tight ink (not so greasy)

- not too much ink

- light pressure on the press

Love a good night of printing. Don’t like the solvent fumes.