polymer clay tree


Operation make Baby ‘Groot’ is in full swing here at Tuckshop HQ (my living room!)

There is still time to pre-order one, but they are going fast …..

1) place a Pre-Order via my etsy shop

2) I will make your Baby Groot to order over the next few days and get it off to you as soon as possible x

3) Terms and Conditions; you have to promise to give Baby Groot a loving home and talk and dance with him everyday!

Order here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/201026960/pre-order-i-am-baby-groot


I’m sharing this GTP a little early, i’ll have more pictures up of it soon but I really wanted to share this.

Everyone out there I think has been a little frustrated with their skill level with something at least once in their life, be it drawing, sports, reading, their job etc etc. And a lot of the time its easy to get really upset and want to give up. This is me telling you not to, no matter what, don’t give up because someday you are going to wake up and its going to blow you away how far you’ve come. Keep at it, push yourself.

I made the top piece a year ago, it was the last GTP that I made, the bottom one was the one I made yesterday. It blew me away.

No matter what it is, don’t give up on it, you will amaze yourself!


Wood you beleaf that it’s Friday?! Time to TREEt yourself!