polymer clay jewelry

DIY Polymer Clay Donuts

If you’ve always wanted to try crafting with polymer clay, these polymer clay donuts are easy to make.

Find the tutorial for the DIY Polymer Clay Donuts from Hungry Heart here.

**Anything That Touches Unbaked Polymer Clay Cannot Be Used On or For Food Ever Again** In the past I’ve posted numerous links to articles about this. Be safe and use polymer clay designated tools.

Other Polymer Clay Food DIYs

DIY Polymer Clay Strawberries here.

DIY Polymer Clay Miniature Meringue Pie here.

DIY Polymer Clay Macarons and DIY Layered Cake Slice Ring from Ice Pandora here.

DIY Polymer Clay Miniature Apples here.

DIY Polymer Clay Friendship Food Necklace Tutorials and Printables from Studio DIY here.


New items being listed in the shop! A few older items are getting their prices marked down currently as well. Making new pendants currently that will be up later this week :3 Need something ASAP? I’ll be heading to the post office tomorrow morning!



1:12 Dollhouse scale miniature fish and chips ring, made from polymer clay.

I’ve made pendants out of 1:12 plates of food, and I’ve had people ask for more rings. This time around I thought I’d change it up and add a ring to my shop. :)

Find it here.


BRACElet yourselves! The first piece to octopi your wrist is now listed!



Some Portal themed jewelry I’ll be taking with me to Omni Expo in May. I need to branch out a bit from just food at conventions, and this was the first set of items I thought of. :)

I’m not posting these up on Etsy, but if you really want one of them, just message me and I’ll see what I can do.

An ombre jellyfish inspired by the depths of the ocean. :) Completely handmade out of polymer clay and available here on my Etsy store: