polymer clay heart


~*Paopu Fruit Earrings Tutorial*~


  • Blank post backings
  • Yellow & green polymer clay
  • Toothpick
  • A thin tool to make lines (I used my blade

1. Make a “pancake” with yellow clay, about half an inch in diameter. 

2. Start shaping the star by pinching the sides.

3. Use the toothpick to give more shape to the star.

4. Use your thin tool to make lines on the star, extra little details.Start in the middle and work your way out to each point.

5. Make a small leaf with green clay. 

Make two stars and bake according to the directions of your clay.

Now just glue to your post backings and glaze for a shiny finish.


Enjoy your earrings! =) 


The Blackheart - Handmade Handpainted Anatomical Heart Pendant - RESERVED by Blackbird Parlor on ETSY

Villains!’ I shrieked. ‘Dissemble no more! I admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, here! It is the beating of his hideous heart!” 

― Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart 

This pendant was created from red clay, given afterwards a wash of black, and afterwards a sealer to give it a bit more of a polished look. It holds a bit of weight, but only enough, for example, to make the wearer remark, “Hey, that’s a bit of weight.”

It is just over an inch in length. Though it has been sealed for water resistance, it is not waterproof, so please care for it accordingly.

This one is reserved, but I will be making more so please tell me if you’re interested in one. Because they will all be handmade, however, they will all be slightly different from the one here, and from each other.