polymer clay bird


This was a rather lovely commission from a few weeks ago, which I haven’t been able to share with you until now as it was top secret. Remember my little message birds with a scroll under their wing? Well I was asked to make this handsome Starling to hold a very special message under his wing… which was, ‘will you marry me?’

It’s so exciting that one of my little birds got the big honour of taking part in such a special proposal.


✨Custom Orders✨
This is a quick note about custom orders and also any orders with regards to the upcoming festive season. I have had quite a few enquiries about custom pieces, which I have been unable to take on due to lack of spare time recently. I will also be moving house between the end of September-October this year (the house is currently still being built) which is rather bad timing for my usual festive ornament making.

So, I have decided to arrange a waiting list starting now, and continuing over the next few months. If you are interested in a custom order from me this year, please email me and I will give you details of timescales dependant on your requirements.

If you have emailed me recently about a custom order, there is no need to send me another message as I should have your details and I will be emailing you at some point today. If however you do not hear from me, please drop me another message as it is possible your email got lost somewhere! 🌿