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Blue Tongue Skink Commission I did recently. The base is made to look like the pattern of his hide! Very handsome skink and I’m thrilled I got to make a mini version of him!!

Do you have a skink? I’d love to see a picture!

OPEN for commissions, message me on my etsy :  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CustomExotics

I do ship worldwide. 

Hey y'all

I hate to do this, but I’m kind of in a bind right now. I only have about $19USD in my savings account right now because my parents (who I live with) needed to pay the electric bill before getting hit with a late fee.

I really genuinely hate doing this, but I need money. We’ve been strapped for cash for a couple months now and it’s been taking a toll on my already shaky mental health. I live in rural northern Maine, a poor, jobless part of the country. Winter is quickly approaching and it’s getting cold. With the wind chill, it was literally zero degrees the other day. On top of our normal bills, our 8 year old electric furnace suddenly died (motor failed, I believe). That was our main heat source. We also have (had) a pellet stove in the basement, but that’s been busted since spring and Dad can’t seem to find what’s wrong with it. Shit’s hard right now.

SO, it would really, really, really, help me and my family out if you could check out my Etsy Shop. I make jewelry and sculptures, and I’m planning on adding Christmas ornaments soon. EVEN IF YOU CAN’T/DON’T WANT TO BUY ANYTHING, JUST LOOKING AT AND FAVORITING MY SHOP AND MY LISTINGS ACTUALLY HELPS A LOT. Etsy’s algorithm makes it so the more views you get, the higher your listings turn up in the search. AGAIN, BUYING HELPS A LOT, BUT JUST LOOKING HONESTLY HELPS, TOO.

Don’t see anything there you like? I’m also opening up unlisted commissions! I can make a small polymer clay sculpture or charm of a pet, favorite animal, oc, or mythical figure. Charms start at $15USD, and figures start at $23USD. It’ll take me between 1 and 3 days usually, but MAY take up to 5 days depending on complexity. Price may also vary depending on complexity. I’ll ship the very next day after getting your approval, and I can ship anywhere (shipping price depending on your location and whether you order and charm or sculpture). I’ll need pictures of your animal, or an extremely detailed description, pictures preferred.

I prefer to use PayPal, but I can make a private Etsy listing for you if you’d rather use a debit/credit/gift card.

If you’re not into any of those options, I can also edit and give constructive criticism of writing. Fanfiction, school papers, important emails, whatever. Price varies depending on length of writing.


Thank you for reading and reblogging. I greatly appreciate it.

My Tantu Totem Necklace, inspired by the tv animated show “Vixen” and Amaya Jiwe (Vixen Prime) on Legends of Tomorrow :).

I handmade the necklace out polymer clay, nail polish, and paint. I plan on making an updated version soon.

Something new! LIMITED TIME AND LIMITED OFFER! Reblogs super super appreciated <3 

Link to etsy : https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CustomExotics 

I’m going to see how this goes and we will go from there. Today on my etsy I have 4 slots open for 4 ball python, flat priced commissions.
If you’ve ever wanted a ball python from me now is the time to get it. Any morph, regardless of pattern for $40 + shipping.

Normally I charge on a tier pattern list, low-medium-high. The price range for my ball python is $40-$70 dollars with higher more complex patterned animals being in the $70 range. For this limited time with these 4 slots you can get any morph ball python for $40 plus shipping.

Its a offer of a 2.5 - 3 inch flat style (like pictured) perfect for a pendant or just display. I CANNOT guarantee arrival by christmas but if you have an animal you always wanted a piece of or have a friend you know would love one then this is the offer for you!

This is ONLY for these four slots, once they are gone all other commissions and available ball pythons will fall under normal pricing.

Any shares of this are greatly appreciated. With christmas coming up I wanted to try to offer something to give back to you who have supported me and my work. If this goes well I will consider doing something like this more regularly with different animal options.


Who’s a good doggo?

Not me, that’s for sure :( Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I’ve been a liiiiiittle busy as of late so haven’t had much time to post on here. But, here’s a lil dog figure I recently finished - so please enjoy and hopefully I’ll have more things to show y’all soon!


Three little kittens who lost their mittens by free_dragonfly

Albino Ball Python figurine/pendant is now up on etsy looking for his forever home! Measuring 3 x 2.5inches he is available to adopt for $65 plus $15 shipping withing North Amercian. I do ship overseas but please message me for info on that.

You can find him here : https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/569072923/handmade-polymer-clay-albino-ball-python

I am also open for commissions! If you would like to discuss a commission with me you’re best bet would be message me on Etsy, my tumblr messages bug out a lot.

This cute little mouse and its cheese are inseparable. They come as a pair and are attached to a keychain. They are now available for purchase on my Etsy shop. Get your little mouse friend and cheese today!
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