Creepy-Crawly Clay Art with @dogzillalives

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Karen Main (@dogzillalives) can create one of her bewitching, multi-tentacle polymer clay pieces in one day, with another day to paint them. Not bad for an artist who only began working with polymer five years ago just for the fun of it. “I was doing beadwork for a while,” says Karen, who lives in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. “There were cool things online incorporating polymer clay, so I started trying it. It’s easy to work with.” However the glass eyes, which feature so prominently in her work, are a bit more of a challenge. Unable to find them inexpensively, Karen started making her own and strives to keep making them more detailed. As for the slithery tentacles? “I have a lot of love for weird sea creatures,” she explains. Yet, while her sculptures might give some people goose bumps, she has no plans for Halloween. “I’m just normally very quiet and I don’t like to talk to people,” she says. “I sit in my own little world and make monsters.”

Scientists have produced the world's first 100% recyclable biopolymer
This plastic is 100 percent reusable and petroleum-free.
By Bec Crew

A type of plastic that can be reheated for an hour and converted back to its original molecular state has been developed by researchers in the US, and being completely recyclable and reusable, petroleum-free, and able to broken down by living organisms, it could change everything about how we consume and reuse plastic.

Researchers at Colorado State University developed the polymer using a monomer called Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), which is found in superglue removers and cleaning solutions. While the scientific literature has insisted for years that its chemical structure was too stable to convert into a plastic, the team went ahead and tried it anyway.

“‘Don’t even bother with this monomer,’” Chen said, quoting the conventional wisdom. “'You cannot make a polymer out of it because the measured reaction thermodynamics told you so.’ We suspected that some of the previous reports were probably incorrect.”

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