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I really like your klance meta post! And to add, the "Is the princess with you? Like, 'with you' with you, or..." comes across more like he's asking if KEITH is in a relationship and not if Allura's in a relationship. I think if he was more concerned about his options with Allura he'd say "Are you with the princess? Like, 'with her' with her, or..."

aaa that’s true! though it’s a little hard to differentiate the meaning because you can gleam both sides of the coin from that kind of question.

Lance could be asking if Allura’s still available, or asking if Keith’s still available. can’t be certain!

seriously though! why should it matter to Lance if Allura’s taken when he’s off flirting with other girls too?

the only other option i can see being a possibility is Lance is polyamoras, however he did say this, 

which implies Lance is interested in looking for “the one”


(i still highkey headcanon him as poly though? polyLance is the shit)

Headcannon - Squirrel Girl & Dr. Doom

You wanna be really mindfucked?

So Doom has a little thing going with Morgana le Fay…

…Morgan le Fay is from Arthurian Legend…

…and Arthur was a Squirrel at one point…therefore…

…Morgan le Fay’s magic cannot ward against squirrels…and she taught Doom’s magic which is why Squirrel Girl can beat him.

Squirrels are his Kryptonite.

(discussed on Polyle’s stream).

So typically I wouldn’t do this sort of thing since I’m strictly SFW
But my pal Polyle did a ‘popper’ recently and I really enjoyed it. His art is fantastic in it and the work he put into it is just incredible.

Since his promo post displays NSFW imagery, I decided to make one of my own to promo him.

So if you’re into that sort of naughty business, head on over to his promo post about it to find the link to download it. It’s only 3 bucks for 60 some pages and it’s pretty dang good. If you’re into that sorta thing. It also features guest art by some really talented artists. One of them being Kyder. (And you guys know how much I love Kyder.)

If you don’t like NSFW, just ignore this. Or like it because I drew a pic.