polygamy works

Shameless drinking game

Drink every time Fiona yells someone’s name.
Take two shots anytime Lip says something condescending
Hydrate when Liam does something something cute
Drink something clear when Debbie fucks up
Hydrate SvetRoniKev gives words of wisdom or shows polygamy working well
Carl is sensitive
Take a shot of something clear when Ian knits his brow or has that look on his face.
Shotgun when someone is wearing a piece of Mickey’s clothing.

  • Everyone: Mrs. Mina Harker is an angel from heaven
  • Dracula: damn this paragon woman always thwarting me
  • Dracula: how dare
  • Dracula: I despise her so much
  • Dracula: and by despise I mean we're getting married
  • Dracula: I’m hate-marrying her dumb perfect face
  • Dracula: sweet hate-marriage revenge
  • Dracula: that’ll show her