I’ve been wanting to do a full recording of “Not Alone” for a long time. I know it’s a capella and the runs are a little odd at the end, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 

Dedicated to my dearly beloved Ashley, Emily, Megha, Nikki, Panda, Finn, Alyssa, Bea, Rena, Neaf, Brad, Colfer, Murphy, Klairs, Rachel, Chey, Kluet, Faith and everyone who makes me laugh every day.

And to everyone suffering from lonliness or pain or depression: 

This one’s for you.

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odynophobe-deactivated20130427  asked:

Okay, I own a stun gun and I know how to use it. Would it have any effect on a zombie?

NO IDEA. To my knowledge, zombies are not real at this time :D This is what step RESEARCH is for! 

ON THE OTHER HAND, a stun gun will stun the shit out of aggressive human beings. Bring that shit with you. Zombies are not the only enemy in the zombie apocalypse. HUMANS: ALSO TERRIBLE IN TIMES OF FEAR. History told me, it has to be true. 

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So Nikki texted me this morning...

Nikki: Such a Glee morning. BLAH

Alex: Huh?

Nikki: You know how sometimes your brain says stupid things when you first wake up? This morning I was between sleep and consciousness and this thought popped into my head: I wonder if Kurt’s penis can sing? At the time it seemed like a valid question but suddenly it’s hilarious and I’m giggling by myself in the front row waiting for class to start.

Me: omg Nikki ;osaildfjas;lkhdf;osialjdf


Vain Rachel Moment

A lot of the people I follow are friends with each other. They’re all awesome and popular and people love them. They are, as we say, koala tea.

Whenever any of them start to follow me back, I fangirl.

I don’t know if they know it, but it makes me feel very very special. Like I’m playing alone with my coloring book, admiring them all from afar and one of them comes over and asks if I could share my crayons with them.

I turn into a five year old whenever I get happy like that.

I kind of want to make a video before BTW about all my Pirate friends.

Most notably:

  • Jeannine
  • Nikki
  • Panda
  • Aki
  • Steph
  • Em
  • Laura

Because I just love being in this ship with you guys. There are so many people, I just don’t know your real names. If you want to be in it, I’ll gladly put you.

In Celebration Of My 5000th Post A List Of My Favorite Blogs Is In Order:

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