Unas pruebas con poly fx, no es tan sencillo como parece

Cinema 4D MoGraph PolyFX baking solution!
Sometimes obvious stuff in C4D doesn’t work(!). You want to save some animation because of Team Rendering or likewise. But you can’t find the solution. I often use NitroBake but it doesn’t work everytime.
For instance the Mograph PolyFX can’t be baked with Mograph Cache.
But if you follow these instructions you can bake the PolyFX, driven by any Mograph effector.

Make you object editable.
Disconnect your object and turn off Preserve Groups.
Add the Point Cache tag. You’ll find it under character tags.
Store State and Calculate
Now the PolyFX is baked and you can turn off everything else and you can send it to team render without any problem



Fractal Maker - Script for 3DS Max

The PolyFX script developer Bodyul Vladislav introduce a new neet little script, mainly for motion design it can actually be used in many different ways… What will you come up with. Don’t hesitate to share some tips.



My Cinema 4D Tutorial: MoGraph and Polyfx in R14

Here’s a quick tutorial I created to help users figure out capricorn8’s original tutorial on the Cinema 4D MoGraph Polyfx.  There were a lot of people frustrated that the options he was demonstrating are not available to them, probably because of differences in software versions.  Donning my propeller-cap (and the help of the intronets), I figured out the problems.  Check the original tutorial by capricorn8 here.  Click the big thumbnail above to see my tutorial.

I only recently picked up Cinema 4D and am excited to learn more!