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Item: Dragon Scale Lace Shawl
Colour: Purple Pink Gradient
Length: 58 in (147 cm) wingspan, 27 in (69 cm) tall spine.
Material: Acrylic and Polyester
Yarn weight: DK
Condition: New
Price: $50 USD

The colours might be a little different from real life compared to photographs. It’s hard to see, but this shawl has a thread of red metallic yarn that makes it glint in the light.

All proceeds go to funding my postgraduate education in Neurodevelopmental Science!

Home Made Art

Are your walls looking a little empty? Art can be pricey so why not make your own. Here’s a few ideas you can try at home!

These canvases have been created using push pins. Simple idea but very effective.


This love heart was created using corks. Very cute.

Draw your design on each canvas and using a scalpel blade carefully cut out. Making each slightly different is more appealing. Just like these.

This heart was created using pieces of paper cut into triangles and joined together. This is a great idea for teenage rooms, renters or dorm rooms. You can simply blu tac the paper onto the wall for easy removal.

These canvases have been created using gold paper and a hole punch!

Head to your local hardware or paint store and pick up an assortment of paint chips/ paint samples. Using a butterfly hole punch, punch out the paper and arrange your design. Frame it and you’re done!

Scrabble pieces make great art. Either randomly displayed or spelling out your favourite quotes, words or names. Put them in a neat frame and display.

Using nails, wood and string this art creation is actually quite cool.

A great use of lace doilies. This would look cute for the inside of a tray or notebook covers.

Cover a wreath frame in string lights and paper doilies. Great for Christmas or all year round.

Framed branches. A very simple and quick way to jazz up an empty wall. You could even try spray painting them. 

Fringe Yarn Art. Created using a combination of polyester and cotton yarn. A very pretty wall hanging.

Another gorgeous example of coloured paper/ paint chip samples and hole punches. Choose your colours to suit your space. 

So there you have it. A few DIY art creations that won’t blow the budget to have your empty walls looking pretty! 

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com


Look who hit the store! Now you can get your Bulbasaur Buddy, Cute Charmander, and Squishy Squirtle at my Etsy shop! These adorable Pokepals are big enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and is about 4.5-5 inches tall! They’re all made with yarn, polyester stuffing, safety eyes, and of course lots of love! They’re made to order!

You have an option to buy one at a time, or you can Prof. Oak Super Starter Bundle! This could make a great gift to all those Pokemon Trainers, that wants to fill in their Poke Dex!

“Gotta Catch Em ALL!”

Squirtle Amigurumi Pattern

Here’s this weeks pattern! Only a day late, I’m off to a good start haha. I always picked the fire-type starter (they’re always so cute!) so Squirtle was always my enemy, but a pretty cute enemy so you always end up liking him anyway. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do his tail, and I kept making his shell too big (it’s quite small now), but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

I hope you guys like him too! If you don’t crochet yourself, you can buy this little guy at my Etsy.

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