Ludwig von Hohenfeld, Polyhedra sun dial, “Bilderbuch-Sonnenuhr”, 1596. Wood, paper, iron, brass. Germany. The Archimedean body is made up of squares and triangles, each face shows a different sun dial. Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart. Mehr Infos in Deutsch hier.

DIY Cut-out kit for a full scale model: PDF Download / Frans W. Maes 

Choppers of Oldowan culture, made between 2,6 and 1,7 million years before our era. Ethopia. Wiki

The first stone tools of mankind were found in Oldowan, Tanzania, used by ancient hominini. Our ancestors did beat with hard stones on softer ones, in different directions and angles. The lithic flakes were useful too, you could split wood or use it on bones to get to the marrow.