polychrome the rainbow's daughter

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My lock screen is a recent drawing of mine inspired by one of my favorite Larry photos.

My home screen is an illustration from The Wizard of Oz by John R. Neill of Polychrome, The Rainbow’s Daughter. His art was one of my first inspirations.

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The picture I posted on Sunday got me inspired to try replicating the illustration style of the Oz stories a little closer, and of course whom else would I choose to draw but EOS? The picture’s mostly inspired by the artwork for the character Polychrome, the daughter of the Rainbow. John R. Neill always portrayed her with the most beautiful floaty lines and elegant touches, and I had to try emulating that.

Plus I had a great deal of fun drawing the morning glories and sunflowers she’s holding. X3

I figured that since I had Polychrome the Rainbow’s Daughter and her six brothers as Colors of the Rainbow, why not have a contrasting team of sisters as Shades of a Raincloud? So, I made up these ghost people based off of various ghost descriptions, led by their one and only brother, Monochrome, the Raincloud’s Son.