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I really can't understand the way you explain jonny's signal chain especially when mentioning how the line selectors goes in and out. maybe i'm too dumb but could you explain more clearer please? especially on the In Rainbows tour (2008-2009)

Please use this GuitarGeek diagram of Jonny’s pedalboard in 1997 as reference for Jonny’s signal chain. The older GuitarGeek diagram had many mistakes, but in 2014 we have advised on this newer version to ensure that it’s 100% correct.

His signal order from 2008-2009 is very similar to that in 1997, there are just a few pedals added. In addition, it features an EHX Polychorus between his DOD440 and Digitech Whammy, an Akai Headrush between his BOSS RV3 and Vox AC30, and a couple of extra BOSS LS2 line selectors at the start of his signal chain. The first line selector chooses whether his guitar is passed through his laptop. The second line selector chooses between two inputs: either his guitar or his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1.

The following are photos of Jonny’s pedalboards in 2006: