rawcuriosity  asked:

Do you take any medicine that actually helps your inflammation/pain? I don't have rheumatoid arthritis like you do. I have something called relapsing polychondritis, along with fibro and hashimoto's. I've been on Lyrics for several months and the pills may as well be Flinstone vitamins for all the good they do.

That sucks friend :( I take a variety of fucked up meds that I hate, some help more than others. The shitty thing about autoimmune (as Im sure you know) is that any meds that really help will have to fight your immune system as well and can quite often make you very sick.

I take Methotrexate, it’s a really nasty drug, one of the worst and it’s a chemo drug. But when I take it my skin clears and my joints are a bit better. I generally measure the success of my meds  by how much prednisone and/or pain meds I need, so after my Mtx shot I can take a bit less.

then theres the biologics, which I keep having fucked up reactions too, but the last one was actually helping, while damn near killing me….so I dunno I can’t say I have had a bunch of super good experiences with meds really helping cause by and large it’s not been like that, it’s a ton of trying shit that makes me ill without helping…

But our conditions are pretty different, so I’m not sure what things are like for fibro folks. Sucks your lyrica does nothing I wonder if the dosage needs to be adjusted? Either way I hope you find something that helps! I also hope you can figure it out with your dr that they understand you aren’t getting any relief and you NEED SOME DAMN RELIEF cause we all deserve it <3

(Also, I mean I don’t really know what I’d do without weed but that’s probably another whole post cause not everyone can take it or access it)