but imagine if percy hadn’t lost the achilles curse

  • the romans being so terrified of this foreigner with iron skin; those with octavian trying to stab at him everywhere during war games, trying to find his weak spot.
  • octavian noticing how percy rubs his lower back a lot and getting suspicious
  • frank asking percy what it’s like to be invulnerable and percy says, “it’s the most terrifying thing in the world.”
  • gaea taunting percy in his dreams, whispering that she knows his weakness. when percy voices his fears to hazel and frank they assure him gaea’s talking about his fatal flaw, but percy knows she’s not
  • percy beginning to wear armor over his nightclothes
  • annabeth touching his mortal point and he flinches; she realizes how scared he is
  • percy and chrysaor fighting aboard the argo ii, and chrysaor’s sword just grazes the region above his weak spot. percy’s hands shake and he nearly drops his sword
  • one of the arai in tartarus rakes their claws down percy’s spine and he can’t move until found by damasen
  • percy spends the whole trip through tartarus just angry at how weak he is, because what’s the point of being nearly invincible if everyone keeps reducing him to his knees
  • percy trying to charge polybotes under the sea but is tangled in the net; polybotes holds percy under his weapon and lowers it closer and closer to percy’s smaller back as percy thrashes and flails
  • just
  • percy trying to protect everyone and he seems unstoppable but his weakness could kiLL HIM

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“Percy, it’s suicide!”

Percy shook his head before she could finish her sentence. “No, it’s not! It’s doable – ”

“Yeah, if you have a death wish,” muttered Nico from his stool, his back to the wall. Hazel sat next to him, carefully sipping a mug of something hot (probably hot chocolate, knowing her), staying silent but observing them all, attention rapt.

Leo snorted from behind his laptop. “Yeah, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you, Ghost King?”

 Nico gave him a filthy look. Unfortunately, having a hacking mastermind on your team meant losing all your online privacy – ever since Leo had done a preliminary search on them on the Internet and had discovered Nico’s Mythomagic Online avatar, GhostKing39, he’d never let him live it down. Before he could snap back a retort, their attention was captured once more by Percy and Annabeth’s bickering. “It’s worth a try, Annabeth, what do we have to lose?”

“Oh, I don’t know, getting arrested, getting shot –” 

“We risk that on every mission!”

Frank came in, carrying a tray with more steaming mugs. He looked troubled to see his teammates’ arguing. “Oh, no, are they fighting? What’s going on?” 

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really agree you with how rick handled boo. just curious, what are your thoughts on each of the seven's development?

It depends. I thought a lot of the character development in House of Hades was good, but looking back on it, it seems kind’ve cheap to me. Like, there was so much potential for character development, but it wasn’t utilized.
1. Annabeth’s issues that are raised are never addressed. Issues with her mother (INVISIBILITY CAP????), PTSD from Tartarus, being afraid of her own boyfriend, even like being separated from her boyfriend for six months???? They only discuss it once?
2. Percy’s development revolves almost entirely around issues that he doesn’t really have, and the new issues that are pointed out are not resolved. So much of his arc this series was about his fatal flaw and how he wouldn’t be able to do it, which makes no sense, because it ignores all the times when he has overcome his fatal flaw. At the age of twelve, he leaves his mother in the Underworld because he needs to save the world. He separates from Grover and Tyson in the Labyrinth because he recognizes that this is something Grover needs to do. He isn’t happy about it, but he lets Annabeth go search for the Mark of Athena because he realized that she has to do it alone. Percy has already overcome his fatal flaw numerous times, and has never seriously jeopardized anything because of it (ironically, there are other characters who have jeopardized things to avoid losing people). He thinks he deserves to die. While he’s dying from Gorgon’s blood, he thinks he deserves it. While he’s choking on Polybotes’ poison, he also thinks he deserves it. He mentions being afraid to use his own powers in Mark of Athena, which is never resolved. He mentions being afraid to use his powers in Blood of Olympus because the last time he controlled poison he scared himself (and Annabeth). Not a healthy place to be. Also, the memory loss angst was handled poorly.
3. Leo’s spot as the seventh wheel is neatly fixed by giving him a girlfriend. Throwing yourself into a romantic relationship to compensate for feeling like you have no friends is unbelievably unhealthy, and absolutely should not be encouraged, much less implemented in a book where millions of young children are looking up to these characters as role models.
4. Frank’s insecurities are nicely healed when he magically grows half a foot and loses a lot of weight. Like. I can’t even put into words what an awful and disgusting message this is giving off?
5. Hazel. I didn’t have a problem with her character development, at least not that I can recall at the moment, but I was furious that she was removed from the story almost completely.
6. I feel like Jason is a largely static character. Which is okay… but like, he’s also the main character, so I thought his development should have been more dynamic. I wish there’d been more about his memory loss following The Lost Hero. I wish there’d been more about his decision to leave Camp Jupiter. I wish there’d been more about how he felt about Reyna (just because they aren’t dating doesn’t mean they weren’t really good friends?????????? And they still can be???????) and his other friends in the Legion. I wish there’d been more about how he felt about turning against his home, more about how it felt to have his home turn against him, and A LOT more about WHO HE USED TO BE. We know so very little about who he is and what he’s done.
7. I kind of like Piper’s development. I think the moral of love and fear going hand in hand, taking leaps of faith, using people’s ignorance of her to her advantage, and becoming confident in herself was pretty great. I loved the line in The Lost Hero, “You couldn’t miss Piper now,” as opposed to the beginning, where Jason muses that she looks like she’s trying not to draw attention to herself. I just wish there wasn’t so much misogyny involved. There’s nothing wrong with Piper not wanting to wear makeup, or dress fashionably, etc., but the fact that other girls in the series are shamed for being this way is very damaging. The conflict between Piper and Drew is reinforcing the old misogynistic trope that girly girls = brats, and all of Piper’s interactions with her mother reinforce this. Piper’s condescending narrative towards her siblings is misogynistic, boring, and overused. Piper is a fantastic character, but because of these tropes, she essentially faded into an “I’m not like the other girls type of character,” which is so frustrating. The narrative that Piper can be as unfeminine as she wants to be, while also showing women who are as feminine as they want to be and worth equally as much as Piper is, is the kind of narrative that people, especially young girls, need to be hearing. And quite frankly, it would have been wonderful to have a strongly feminine character, because all the leading heroines—Annabeth, Reyna, Hazel, Thalia, hell, even Rachel—are not particularly feminine women. I’m tired of seeing the narrative that you need to reject femininity to be strong.

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Whoa whoa wait. When did he almost let someone kill him?! How do I not remember this?! Please tell me

It was in BoO. Percy and Jason went underwater and met Kymopoleia and Polybotes. Polybotes attacked Percy and trapped him in a shroud of poison. Jason struck a deal with Kymopoleia and she “saved” Percy.

After all of this, Jason and Percy sat down, still underwater, and Percy said this:

And that’s some serious shit right there. He literally said he didn’t fight back because he thought he deserved it. This teenager literally went to hell and back and almost let someone kill him and it never really gets resolved? 

I mean, this was Jason’s response:

And that’s it. Jason doesn’t say anything more so Percy changes the subject. He just admitted that he was suicidal, that he thought he deserved to die and that’s all he got in return. 

I just can’t get over this. There are so many things RR left unresolved but this really takes the cake for me.

The Standard Job, Part III

Sup y'all, grifter!AU is BACK and ready to roll. Inspiration PART I PART II PART IV PART V Ao3

“Who are you on the phone with?” Frank plopped himself next to Hazel, who was busy chatting up a storm on her cell while she was riffling through a box of what appeared to be passports –dozens of little booklets from all over the world, some brand new, others wrinkled and stamped by countless border patrols.

 “Rachel,” she answered cheerfully. “I had a question about turn of the century ink that was used by German immigration offices, and Rachel needed to talk to me about the new holographic strips in Brazilian passports.”

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The change in camera view also calls for a change in our models.  Since you now can get right up close to characters and other assets, we’ve significantly upped the polycount for our intrepid investigators.  This in turn means our riggers and animators have their work cut out for them as they need to re-rig and re-animate all of the characters (sorry guys, we love you so please don’t hate us).  However we believe that the increase in quality is worth it as both the model will ultimately have more sculpted detail and our riggers will better be able to rig the character with the added edge loops.

How Wikipedia describes The Heroes of Olympus characters:


Perseus “Percy” Jackson: The powerful 17-year-old son of Poseidon (Roman form: Neptune), he is one of the Roman praetors. He is one of the most powerful living demigods, being the son of a “Big Three” god, along with Hazel, Nico, Thalia, and Jason. He is described as very handsome, with sea green eyes and black, messy hair. Percy was born on August 18. He has the power to control water and has perfect bearings at sea. He can breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures and horses, including pegasi. He carries a sword called “Riptide” (Ancient Greek:[Anakulusmos] Ανακλυσμός). He fought the Titan Hyperion with the help of Grover and the Titan Kronos. He is the star of Camp Half Blood and was swapped with Jason Grace of Camp Jupiter by Hera (Roman form: Juno). He was the star of Camp Half Blood, and when he was swapped to Camp Jupiter, he was made the Praetor after his adventure of destroying the immortal giant Alcyoneus and bringing back Thanatos. He is a major part of the Second Great Prophecy. He is dating Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.(Even though Athena doesn’t really approve) Annabeth Chase: A 17-year-old daughter of Athena (Roman form: Minerva), she is highly intelligent, wise, and always ready with a plan, a back-up plan and the back-up of the back-up plan. She was born on July 12. After the war against Kronos, the Olympians crowned her “Head Architect of Olympus,” as Percy destroyed Olympus in the process of saving it. Annabeth is known to be part of the Second Great Prophecy and, to this effect, leads the Argo II to Camp Jupiter. She is the girlfriend of Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Annabeth wants to bring peace by following the Mark of Athena and finding the stolen statue (Athena Parthenos), dedicated to her mother. She doesn’t completely trust Jason Grace at first, but eventually comes to common terms with him, as she is best friends with his sister Thalia. She is one of the smartest demigods, and is able to outwit Arachne in order to save the Athena Parthenos. When Annabeth was seven years old, she ran away from her home, only to face monsters and eventually meet Thalia and Luke, two demigods traveling to camp half-blood. The three bonded strongly, and Luke’s passing, along with Thalia being temporarily changed into an pine tree evergreen, affected her greatly. She had a crush on Luke Castellan for some time but now is with Percy.

Leo Valdez: A 15-year-old Greek demigod, he is the son of Hephaestus. He possesses the power over fire, a unique ability among the children of Hephaestus. He created the Argo II, using his skills with fire and machinery. He is part of the Second Great Prophecy and is a descendant of Sammy Valdez, Hazel’s old boyfriend. He has a crush on Calypso. He swore on the River Styx that he will come back to her. Leo has a special connection to Gaia, who appeared to him as a child, and caused his mother’s death. Many of the foes they face refer to him as “The Seventh Wheel” due to the fact he doesn’t seem to fit in with the others - a topic he is aware of. He appears carefree and wisecracking, but, is shown to be quite insecure about his place among the others.

Piper McLean: A 15-year-old Greek demigod, she is a daughter of Aphrodite. She can charmspeak (convince or persuade most people to do what she says). She carries a knife called Katropris, which used to belong to Helen of Troy, and shows her visions of the future. Although she is a tomboy, she is very beautiful and a knockout to boys, even though she tries to playdown her beauty. She is part of the Second Great Prophecy. She is dating Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, though she fears he may be taken from her by Reyna, his close Roman friend.

Nico di Angelo: A Greek demigod, he is the only known son of Hades and the younger brother of the late Bianca di Angelo. Although he was born in Venice, Italy, in 1927, he is physically and developmentally 14. He and his sister were brought to the United States as young children by their mother, the daughter of an Italian diplomat. He still speaks Italian fluently. His mother was killed by Zeus, who was attempting to kill Bianca and Nico before they turned 16 because of the Great Prophecy (later fulfilled by Percy and Luke Castellan). Bianca and Nico spent the next 70 years in the Lotus Hotel before Hades had Alecto took them out and put them in a military school in Bar Harbor, Maine, hoping to have them fulfill the Great Prophecy. Nico’s Roman half-sister is Hazel Levesque, a daughter of Hades’ Roman counterpart Pluto, and is from Camp Jupiter. He has the power of necromancy and is one of the most powerful demigods currently living. In The Titan’s Curse, he develops a grudge against Percy, thinking he purposely killed Bianca. Nico believes Percy was trying to kill him with some skeletons that followed him. In The Battle of the Labyrinth he learns to trust and not to hold grudges (the fatal flaw of most children of Hades) against people. He is the only demigod prior to the Heroes of Olympus series to have attended both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, and was the first Greek to know about Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune. Nico briefly visits Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune, but pretends to not know Percy. After his visit, he attempts to locate and close the Doors of Death. In the process, he is pulled into Tartarus and nearly dies, which allows Gaia’s forces to overwhelm him. He is briefly imprisoned in Epirus, before being transported to Rome by Ephialtes and Otis, who attempt to use him as bait for the other campers. They rescue him, and he later promises Percy to lead the others to Epirus in Greece, while Annabeth and Percy locate the entrance to the Doors of Death in Tartarus. In The House of Hades, he reveals that he, at one time, liked Percy Jackson.

Thalia Grace: Chronologically 24, but physically and psychologically 15, Thalia is Jason’s biological sister, but a daughter of Zeus rather than Jupiter. She was born on December 22. Thalia was almost killed when she was 12 after being revealed to be a child of one of the “Big Three” gods (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades), and made a final stand against a group of hell hounds and the Three Furies on Half-Blood Hill to protect her companions, Annabeth Chase and Luke Castellan (who turned against the Gods in The Lightning Thief). Zeus takes pity upon his daughter and transforms her into a pine tree. After Luke poisons the tree in The Sea of Monsters, Annabeth, Percy, and Clarisse La Rue find and use the Golden Fleece to save the dying pine. The magic works too well, and Thalia is separated from the tree as a human, albeit slightly younger physically than her age would have been if she had aged normally. She later joins the Hunters of Artemis just before her birthday, becoming immortal while developmentally still 15, thereby making sure to escape the Great Prophecy.

Tyson: Tyson is a half-brother of Percy by virtue of their father being Poseidon. In The Son of Neptune, Tyson, along with Percy’s hell hound Mrs. O’ Leary, is revealed to be searching for Percy. It appears that Tyson is the most successful at tracking Percy down and is nearly at Camp Jupiter before Percy leaves for his quest. He continues to track Percy and his friends north, but is always too late to reach them. Shortly after the attack on the Zhang mansion, Percy contacts him via a dream, telling him to locate the harpy Ella and escort her back to Camp Jupiter. Tyson, Ella and Mrs. O’ Leary meet Percy just outside the camp, and it is implied that Tyson and Ella are in love with each other. Ella later chooses to follow Tyson rather than fly to safety, and Tyson aids the Romans in defeating the giant Polybotes’ forces.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Camp Half-Blood’s oracle. She can predict the future, but it is recommended not to touch her when she is having an episode. She has frizzy red hair and always has a blue plastic hairbrush in her front pocket. Jason dreams about her and Grover having a “talk” with Reyna and Octavian. Before she became the oracle, she had a relationship with Percy, but she couldn’t be married or have a boyfriend while being the oracle.
Grover Underwood: Percy’s best friend, who is a satyr. He and Percy have an empathy link, and they need to be careful or if one of them dies, both of them die. He has some skills in woodland magic and carries around a pair of pipes, just in case. He has curly brown hair and brown eye, and a furry hindquarters. His girlfriend is Juniper, who is a dryad, and cares for him very much.


Jason Grace: A 16-year-old Roman son of Jupiter, he was born on July 1 (the Kalends of July, a day sacred to Juno). He can fly, control winds and lightning, and create storms. He is a natural leader and was praetor before Hera took his memory and sent him to Camp Half-Blood. He carries a sword as a weapon (given to him by Juno) as his first weapon, Ilvis, was destroyed. He is part of the Prophecy of Seven. His sister is Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. He is dating Piper McLean and has confirmed in the series that he has no feelings for Reyna, although Piper is still dubious of it. He is portrayed as very handsome, with combed blond hair and electric-blue eyes, just like Thalia. He is a major character in the great prophecy.

Hazel Levesque: A Roman demigod, she is a daughter of Pluto and a voodoo priestess named Marie Levesque. Hazel has the ability to control precious metals and gems, has perfect bearings underground and can open new passages and tunnels underground. Lumps of precious metal and gemstones pop out of the ground around her, but bear a curse to whoever picks them up, and she tries to prevent people from doing so. She is African-American and was born on December 17, 1928. She is originally from New Orleans but, on her 13th birthday in 1941, she moved to Alaska, where she died with her mother a few months later in 1942 while standing up to the earth goddess Gaia. Nico di Angelo, her half brother, finds her in the Underworld 70 years later while looking for his dead sister, Bianca. Nico, feeling that Hazel needs a second chance, brings her back to life. She was 13 when she died and, when she returns, she is still 13 physically. Hazel is a part of the Prophecy of Seven. She is dating Frank Zhang, though Leo Valdez looks eerily like a boy named Sammy Valdez (Leo’s great-grandfather) whom she used to date in New Orleans during her first life. If she had not died, she would have married him.

Fai “Frank” Zhang: A 16-year-old Roman demigod with magical blood, he is a son of Mars and a descendant of Poseidon on his mother’s side. He is descended from Periclymenus, son of Poseidon and Prince of Pylos. He is a Canadian from Vancouver, but has a vast ancestry coming from China, Rome, and Greece. His family’s hometown is Li-Jien, or Legion. His last name, Zhang, means “master of bows.” He possesses the power to shapeshift, an ability inherited from his ancestor Periclymenus. He is a part of the Prophecy of Seven. He is dating Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto. He is jealous of Leo because he believes Leo likes her, and Hazel has feelings for him because he’s similar to Sammy. Frank’s last hope for life relies on a piece of firewood (the Fire of Life, as it is called by Thanatos in The Son of Neptune) that holds him between life and death which he gives to Hazel Levesque to keep safe for him. This piece of wood is similar to Meleager’s log.

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano: A 16-year-old Roman demigod and daughter of the Roman goddess of war, Bellona. She is one of the Roman praetors of Camp Jupiter. Percy Jackson says that she is a fighter. Her older sister is Hylla, Queen of the Amazons. Both Hylla and Reyna meet Percy Jackson in The Sea of Monsters. At first, they hate him for their encounter at Circe’s island, but soon come to make amends. It is hinted that she dated Jason Grace, her first partner in praetorship, and has a crush on Percy Jackson, her previous partner in praetorship. She despises the camp’s augur, Octavian. She has two metal dogs, Argentum and Aurum (Silver and Gold), both of which can tell when a person is lying. She is Puerto Rican, from San Juan, and hates to use her full name or have it be used by others, as she considers it a reminder of a painful childhood she has left behind.

Octavian: Camp Jupiter’s auger. He is very snooty and was doing anything possible to be the next praetor before Percy came to the camp. Instead of actual animals, he slices up stuffed animals, and snatches Percy’s stuffed Panda bear, which Percy wasn’t happy about. He is described as pale and skinny, with stringy blonde hair. Reyna (along with anyone who meets him) absolutely hate him because of how rude and stuck-up he is.

Poseidon, trident in hand, duels the Giant Polybotes during the Gigantomachy.  Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, name-vase of the Painter of the Paris Gigantomachy (circle of the Brygos Painter); ca. 475-450 BCE.  Found in Vulci; now in the Cabinet des Médailles, Paris.

Part IX - What Doesn't Kill You...

Inspiration PART I Ao3

Just when Annabeth was about to damn the torpedoes and make a break for it, Reyna grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing busboy (not Frank, much to Annabeth’s chagrin – he might be a teddy bear, but an imposing one, which at the moment would have made her feel better), and said in a tone that was almost bored, “Relax, Chase, I’m not here to bust you.”

Annabeth resisted the urge to narrow her eyes and scoff. “Well, what are you here for, then?”

At that, Reyna gave her a toothy smile that really should have looked a lot friendlier than it was. “Why, to help with tonight’s big takedown, of course.”

Annabeth snorted, only the tight clutch on her flute belying her nervousness. Most people wouldn’t pick up on something like that, but Reyna wasn’t most people. “Help? You don’t help. You swoop in and arrest… or at least, you try to.”

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Did you remember in the blood of olympus when Polybotes TRIED TO KILL PERCY AND PERCY KINDA ACCEPTED IT AND TRIED SUICIDE, ok, SUICIDE AND NOBODY IN THE FANDOM TALKS ABOUT IT. Like it make me sad that everyone's like Solangelo that, Solangelo this (On a lighter note, Solangelo is awesome, glad that nico had a happy ending. I know that it's implied but, really, we know that they like each other, my babies!). PERCY FREAKING JACKSON TRIED TO DIE, PEOPLE. Please disscusion it with me, HELP! 

I FREAKING REMEMBER MAN. that was probably one of the few scenes I liked in the book, because it was pretty dark and it addresses the pain these demigods are feeling. I feel like the blood of olympus really just skimmed over those kind of areas, like percy controlling poison and all the shit that happened in tartarus. but my memory of that chapter’s a little vague, because I haven’t reread the book, but doesn’t percy try to control polybotes’s poison and fail? 

Yeah, our fandom is a tad bit obsessed with solangelo, which is cool and all, but I think it’s one of the things people didn’t know they wanted out of the book, but got. I think the book overall is just so freaking happy that it’s pretty hard to find the dark parts, but they’re still very appreciated. like piper and annabeth going through their fears together, or jason seeing his mom. 

sorry I’m not discussioning this properly. like I said, I haven’t yet felt like rereading the book, so my facts are a little messed up.